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Ripped Jeans and Ripped Shirts Attracts Negative Chi!

Published Oktubre 12, 2016 by jptan2012

ripped-shirt2I have written about how bad it is to wear ripped jeans, which actually has become a fad amongst the young these days. As if it is not enough, I notice that there is a fad now of wearing ripped shirts! If anything, ripped shirts are worst than ripped pants!

Wearing ripped shirts is really bad, it will cause destabilization of your wealth, health, and career luck. Furthermore, it attract negative chi. And I don’t say this without precedence. Ripped Jeans.jpg

Quite recently, a cousin who lives in the US has been calling me asking for some help on how to ‘tame’ down his son who used to be a good student and has recently slowly getting lower grades. Furthermore, my nephew also just had an accident wherein his leg has to be cask.

Looking at my nephew’s Bazi Chart / Paht Chee Chart, I really can’t see anything wrong. So I thought it can be due to the Feng Shui of their house, however my cousin assured me that they have never rearranged their house, at least not since the last time I was there, except for some minor new displays. She sent me a picture and video of their house, and true enough I didn’t see anything that would cause the negative changes on his son. Ripped shirt4.jpg

Racking my brains as to what may be causing it, I reviewed the videos and pictures several times, until I notice that my nephew was wearing as ripped jeans. Bingo! It might be the one causing it. So I told my cousin about it, and she admitted that my nephew has been wearing a lot of slightly ripped shirts these days because it seems to the in thing now. My cousin admitted that although she believes in Feng Shui she didn’t really thought that ripped jeans and shirts can do damage. But her husband did mentioned that in hindsight, it was about the time that my nephew started wearing ripped jeans and shirts, because he saw this on the net. ripped-shirt

Told them to strictly prohibit my nephew from wearing ripped jeans and shirts. They said they will and because of that I’m quite positive that it is only a matter of my time before my nephew goes back to his old self.

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Bad Feng Shui Fashion

Published Marso 22, 2012 by jptan2012

I don’t have the right to write about fashion. I don’t have any fashion sense that is why in my marketing consultancy business I never took on any clients that has something to do with fashion.

For me, clothes are not about what is nice, but it’s more of what’s comfortable and what is lucky or unlucky for me. Many times when I recommend something to a friend and/or relative, they’ll tell me that it’s very unfashionable.

Well, I don’t think Feng Shui has to be unfashionable. Feng Shui would be able to tell you what you need to wear or what you shouldn’t be wearing but it’s up to you to make it ‘fashionable’.

So, after confessing that I don’t have the right to write about fashion, allow me to share with you a very common bad Feng Shui fashion that I see a lot especially amongst the younger generation.

What is that fashion? Ripped Jeans!

Maybe it’s not as fashionable now as it used to be, there was a time that it was the coolest thing to wear, however, ripped jeans is one of the worst ‘fashion’ that you can adopt. I know some people would even actually rip their own jeans! The web has a lot of site that teaches you to rip your jeans. But wearing ripped jeans creates bad Feng Shui and may actually steal your good chi or energy.

Wearing ripped jeans will create so much bad Feng Shui for you that it will surely have some effect on your career, health, financial life, or even personal life.

About a couple of years ago, my cousin called to ask for my assistance. His friend’s daughter used to be an honor student but she has since started to get lower grades. She also has become a little rebellious while she used to be the nicest child among their 4 children. They’re afraid that it could be because of the bad Feng Shui since they’ve just recently moved into a new house.

I first did a Bazi analysis of the said daughter, however, it did show that she has the Scholastic Star and that she seem to be a good child and intelligent girl. Next, I did a Feng Shui audit of their house, however, other than minor Feng Shui mistakes the house is actually lucky. In fact, I can’t seem to find any problems that may be causing the change in the daughter. At the time that I went there, the daughter was in school and I didn’t get to meet her.

I was exploring the idea that other than Feng Shui could be causing the problem. However, her parents were insistent that everything has been pretty much the same except her daughter and those they’ve recently moved into a new house. I decided to be honest with them and told them that I can’t help them and can’t seem to pinpoint the problem, unless she’s sleeping on a ‘broken’ bed with ripped bed sheets, and I also said that it doesn’t seem to be the case because when I checked her bed during the Feng Shui audit everything seems to be fine. At this point, the mother had a Feng Shui ‘light bulb’ moment! She asked me whether it applies to wearing ripped jeans. I said yes, and as it turn out, as influenced by her friends, the daughter had started wearing ripped jeans about a year before they notice the problem. They talked to their daughter and they got rid of all the ripped jeans. She graduated at the top of her class and needless to say she became her old self again!

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