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Beautiful Empty Teapots & Vases Are Causing Some Financial Problems!

Published Mayo 30, 2016 by jptan2012

teapots2We all should be careful on what we put in our house for display. Sometimes, a simple beautiful display can make huge problems for us.

Several year back, a friend of my sister consulted me because her family is always losing money, and although they are good business people, it seems that money is not enough.

After checking her bazi chart/paht chee chart, I concluded that the problem is not karmic. And so I decided to pay their house a visit. As soon as I enter their house I notice that they have a lot of little teapots on display. They are really nice and some of them looks quite expensive. According to my sister’s friend her mom started collecting those teapots when she retired and started traveling. She apparently met someone in China who told her that teapots are great wealth enhancers! When I checked the teapots they are all empty. I knew then the problem.teapots

Teapots are great indeed great wealth enhancers, however, it must be filled with 8 pieces of coins or crystals! They should not be empty.

I suggested that they put some coins in all their teapots and vases. They did and it solved their financial problems.

Right now, their family is one of the biggest supplier of wines in different restaurants.


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