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Published Disyembre 5, 2012 by jptan2012

Every religion carries with them a sacred symbol that brings with them a special energy or power to create auspicious blessings in the immediate vicinity where they’re located.

For Buddhism, the Eight Auspicious Objects are some of the best symbols that one can put. For example the Mystic Knot and the Victory Banner alone can give some very powerful blessing to ensure success.

Mystic Knot

Mystic Knot

Victory Banner also called as The Banner of Victory

Victory Banner also called as The Banner of Victory

For Taoism, displaying the Holy Gourd or Wulou can bring in financial luck, as well as health luck.

Wu Lou or Holy Gourd

Wu Lou or Holy Gourd

For Feng Shui, Ruyi is a powerful tool to enhance career luck.



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The Mystical Mystic Knot

Published Pebrero 23, 2012 by jptan2012

The Mystic Knot is one of the most popular and powerful Feng Shui tools, and because the Mystic Knot is truly mystical, it gained a resurgence of popularity in the last couple of decades.

I’m not sure as to when the Mystical Knot was first used in Feng Shui, and who was the first Feng Shui consultant or expert who incorporated it in Feng Shui. Unlike other Feng Shui cures or enhancers, not much is really known about the Mystic Knot. While it seems like it’s the infinity symbol (8) done six or eight times, the truth is nobody is really sure whether that’s really the case.

The Mystic Knot is also one of the auspicious objects in the Buddhist Eight Auspicious Objects and represents one of the main Buddhist teachings about endless birth and rebirth until we reach Buddhahood.

The Mystic Knot symbolizes a happy life filled with good fortune. Some Feng Shui experts say that this is a good symbol for long life or longevity. Personally, I don’t know whether it really has that kind of effect. However, base on experience and anecdotal stories from other Feng Shui experts and followers, it is clear that the Mystic Knot has the power to prolong whatever luck you are currently experiencing. The Mystic Knot works as an extension of good Feng Shui chi.

The Mystic Knot also has the ability to temper the effect of a bad Feng Shui but more than that it also serves a protection symbol if placed on the door and or windows.

The truth is the Mystic Knot is quite powerful that some people tend to exaggerate its true Feng Shui capabilities. While, I personally think its wrong, I still understand why some people and Feng Shui enthusiasts would say that a Mystic Knot is a powerful tool to protect marriage luck. Its infinity symbol can easily be interpreted as unending love. However, some of my Feng Shui teachers shared that when they recommended the Mystic Knot to some of their married clients, it didn’t have the expected effect. Some people also claim that the Mystic Knot is a powerful Feng Shui tool to create harmony. Again, this I think is another claim that needs more ‘investigation’ or research.

However, it is clear that the Mystic Knot is a good luck enhancer and cure of some Feng Shui afflictions or bad luck. It is also a good protection symbol if put on windows or doors. Recently, some Feng Shui experts has designed some bags where they put the symbol of Mystic Knot, I think this is an excellent idea because it will serves in the same manner as it does when placed on doors and windows.

Wearing a Mystic Knot pendant is considered auspicious, and like mentioned, it does jump-start or prolong one’s luck.

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