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Solving the Case of Misfortuned Bratty Rebellious Children

Published Agosto 1, 2012 by jptan2012

Just before I started ‘SANA AKO SI RICKYLEE’ I got a call from the mother of a good friend. I call her Aunt, and she’s calling me because she wants to consult about the case of her grandsons from her eldest son.

My friend’s family is quite well off, and that the his eldest brother is also well off however, I know from my friend that his eldest brother is having problems with his sons.

C, my friend’s eldest brother, has 3 children, all of them boy. They’re now age 17, 21, and 25. Apparently all of them are problem children. I basically know of the story, but didn’t offer any Feng Shui help because my friend didn’t ask for it because he himself doesn’t want to meddle with the problem of his C, because he is afraid that his brother and sister-in-law might take offense.

Aunt called me up because she wants me to do a Feng Shui audit of the house of C; at that time that Aunt called I know that the second son of C is in the hospital because of a car accident. I immediately agreed to do the Feng Shui audit provided that C and his wife will agree to it. I know that C and his family are born-again Christians and might not agree to do the Feng Shui. Aunt said she has asked permission from C and C’s wife and not only they agreed to have me do the Feng Shui audit but they will make sure that they will be at the house when we do the Feng Shui audit.

When I got to C’s house, I was surprised to see that C and his wife seem to be a little excited about the Feng Shui audit. I was not sure whether they’re trying to be polite, but I soon found out that they were sincere because of the numerous problems that they experienced with their children.

Won’t go into full detail but apparently the eldest, J1, who still lives with them have had several business ventures which was funded by C but they all turned out bad. After failing in business twice, J1 decided to look for a job and not go into business right away. However, this turn out bad also and he was fired by his boss. He then decided to work for C, but even that is turning out to be a problem because the employees are complaining about J1’s attitude, and it has lead to the resignation of several valuable employees. On top of that, C and J1 quarrels a lot because of J1’s work attitude.

J2, the second son of C, who at that time was 21 years old just, had a car accident, because he was driving while under the influence of alcohol. They also said that he has gotten into some bad friends, which influences him a lot!

J3, the youngest son of C, who at the time was 17 years old, is another problem child. He flunks most of his subject and they found out that he cuts school a lot. On top of that, they just caught J3 brings girls to their home and let them stay in his room overnight.

Aunt adds that she thinks that her grandsons are nice kids but was spoiled thus they became bratty. They are also somewhat rebellious and don’t show respect to their parents, although, Aunt said they’re really nice and respectful towards her. I can sense some tension between Aunt and C and his wife. So I interrupted them and told them that I’ll start doing the audit.

To make the long story short, there were a lot of Feng Shui blunders, but the most obvious one that causes the problems with J1, J2, and J3 is that they have a water feature in the form of an indoor pond under their stairs! This is a big no-no in Feng Shui and is considered a terrible Feng Shui blunder! The effects are children in the house will tend to be lazy, brats, temperamental, rebellious and creates a big misfortune for the sons, in their case, all their children are boys.

Water features under the stairs are a big Feng Shui blunder. There is no cure for this except to take out the water feature.

I believe that this is the main reason why J1, J2, and J3 became problem children and this was aggravated by the other Feng Shui blunders in their house. Again, I’m writing this now because I just had lunch with Aunt, my friend, C and his wife last Sunday. They invited me to dinner because they said while it’s still a work in progress, approximately 8 months after the audit and 7 months after they’ve made a renovation they’ve seen some significant good progress with their sons. Like most Chinese, to express their thank they presented me with a gift and a thick red envelope/ang pao. I don’t know the amount inside the red envelope because I have to turn it down, C’s brother is a good friend and I cannot accept any money from them it is simply not right, took the gift though because not doing so will simply disrespectful.

Before I end, I want to mention that water feature under the stairs can come in different forms. While at C’s house it’s in the form of an indoor pond, the truth is any water feature like aquarium, or a toilet, bath, wash basin are all considered as a water feature. Furthermore, the trickier ones are water pipes or drainage that goes under the stairs are also considered as water feature, although it will be harder to determine this because they’re usually ‘hidden’.

The best cure for this is simply to take out the water feature or in the case of the toilet (etc.) the best cure is not to use it. If this is not possible, one has to make sure that the door is always close. Again, for the trickier one like water pipes and/or drainage putting a pagoda near the pipe or drainage is the best alternative cure because taking them out may not be very practical. However, ‘killing’ the pipe or drainage is the best cure. You kill the pipe or drainage by reassigning them or by not using the faucet (etc.) that is connected to the pipe.

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