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The Dreadful and Stronger Five Yellow Star of 2016: Other Ways to Curb It’s Effect – Give Until It Hurts! (Part 2)

Published Enero 5, 2016 by jptan2012

My preceding post of the same title talked about how the dreadful #5 Flying Star has become more dreadful and stronger this 2016. I stressed the fact that several groups of people should protect themselves from the ill effects of this star. Towards the end of that post I discussed how being charitable helps in curbing the ill effects of this star, which is also known as the Five Yellow Star or Wu Wang.

In order to stress how bad this star is this year, I’ve decided to include my preceding post here; at least, it’s first part. This is for people who haven’t read that post. If you’ve read that post you can skip the first part of this post that is in yellow and proceed to the one that’s written in a blue text to read the new portion that I added.

If you’ve read my post about the 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Feng Shui Forecast Parts One, Two, and Three, you should know already that the Five Yellow Star (also known as Wu Wang or #5 Flying Star) is a lot stronger this year, because it’s an earth element star that landed on another strong earth element sector, which is the Northeast. Remember, if you’re born in the year of the Ox or Tiger, you are greatly affected by this dreadful star. But more than that, if you’re bedroom or office is in the Northeast section of the building or house, remember that you are also greatly affected by this star. On top of that, if you’re house faces the North East or if you’re entrance is in the Northeast, or if you’re living room and kitchen and dining room is in the North East, you are also greatly affected by this star. This is because the living room, the kitchen, and the dining room are some of the busiest room of the house, this is where you’re group chi interacts. Lastly, if you have a Kua number 2, 6,7, and 8, then you are also affected by this star because one of you’re lucky 4 direction is definitely in the Northeast and by default will be affected by the #5 Flying Star.

This is one of the most dreadful stars and its effect is almost scary. This has the potential to weakened our chi, not only that, this can make us susceptible to different kinds of bad luck like financial / wealth / money misfortune or even relationship problems, and health problems. This is a really scary star and most reliable Feng Shui experts / master / consultants are really wary from this star. And this year, because Feng Shui shows that we are ruled by the #2 Flying Star, which is better known as Illness Star – a star that brings diseases and accidents most especially to the old ones or kids younger than 18 years old, everybody who is mentioned above like the Ox, Tiger, those who are in the Northeast are also easily made susceptible of this star!

To counter this, I highly recommend that you wear a Five Element Pagoda made of gold, because you need metal to suppress the energy of the Wu Wang, and the yang energy of the gold to make the cure even more powerful. Also please put in your room a 5 – Element Pagoda made of metal. Both the pagoda as a tabletop display and the pendant should be furthered empowered by carrying or putting inside the pagoda 3 – 5 of the following holy amulets:

But I know that it is quite difficult to get the 5 – Element Pagoda, and as of this writing, I know only of 2 confirmed sellers, one is Lillian Too’s online store (you can click here if you want to check it out) and another is private seller. I still strongly suggest that you get this cure because most, if not all, Feng Shui experts, especially the senior ones all agree that it is still the Five Element Pagoda that it the most effective and only cure for this star. This year, you just have to further empower it with some amulets.

I know this can be frustrating because this can get quite expensive. In one of my conversation with a reader who in turn has taken up some classes with another Feng Shui teacher, shared with me that her Feng Shui teacher has recommended or has said that one of the most effective cure for this star is to be more charitable! Furthermore, in one of my conversations with a senior Feng Shui master in Singapore and Malaysia, he also recommended for us to be more charitable. Likewise, my own Feng Shui teacher agrees that the act of charity should bring in more protection for those who are afflicted with this star, but also with the other bad stars. Why? Because charity creates good karma, which in turn creates more good chi or energy that then serves as a protection!

Allow me to stress that I think it is quite important that all those who are affected should get the said cures that I mentioned here. However, as added cure to those who can get the cure, and as a cure for those who can’t afford to avail of the cure and still want to curb the effects of the Wu Wang (Five Yellow Star or #5 Flying Star), one very effective cure is to be charitable.

You see no good deed is left unnoticed by the cosmic. All good deed will have some good effects, and the karma of our good deed will come back to us to serve as a protection from the negative energies, such as the one brought about by the Wu Wang.

The question is if we become charitable to curb the ill effects of the annual bad stars, will it still work given our motive is really to have some sort of protection from these stars? The direct answer to that question is in Buddhism all good things earn good karma that converts to good chi. However, as you may all have deduced, sincere good things will definitely earn a ‘thousand – fold’ or even ‘million – fold’ more good karma or good chi as oppose to good deeds that are fake and have hidden agenda.

Don’t get me wrong but as a starter, I think this is perfectly fine. Fake it until you make it. Fake being charitable, until you make it to the point of understanding what being charitable is really all about. Try to be sincere, if you can’t do it the first time, do it and do it until you learn to be sincere. In doing good things or these charitable acts know that you are doing good things and that you are spreading good energies and that in the process you are earning some good karma, which in the end may serve to curb some of the ill effects of the bad stars like the Wu Wang. But you should realize that all those good deeds would become more powerful when you are truly sincere.

So much should we give? Well… GIVE UNTIL IT HURTS! That’s what my reader and friend BM, who hails from Davao said. What does she mean? Well, I think if you only give what is comfortable then that’s not real giving, but when you give until it hurts then that is what real giving is all about. That’s the giving that earns so much more good karma because it’s not founded on having good karma but on the fact that you sincerely want to give because you see the importance of being charitable, of being generous, and of being kind. That in the end, what really made the difference is not the material thing that was given, but it’s the change you slowly make in the process of sincerely giving.

And mind you, she is not just a preacher, she is a doer also. BM practices what she ‘preach’ and she ‘preach’ because she really believes and has experienced these things.

I have shared several stories of BM on this blog, like how their house has really bad Feng Shui, but despite of it, she has a comfortable life because of what I, my Feng Shui teacher and his Taoist priest friend believes to be the result of her very good karma. The goodness that comes from within.

Allow me to share another story here of BM. One time, some nuns from the Order of Missionaries of Charity, an order of nuns founded and established by Mother Teresa (soon to be Saint Teresa of Calcutta). They need some monetary help to continue their work. At that time BM is a little short of cash, she has some receivables that will be coming the following in. The truth is she could have offered to just a issue a post – dated cheque, however, she knows that the Missionaries of Charity might need cash, and so she gave them the last cash / money that she has. According to her, she knows that by giving that money she will have to make some sacrifices but she went ahead with it. As it turns out, after giving the money she was able to make significant sales that paid in cash.

We all have something to learn from BM. At the end, the amulet from within is so much stronger.

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