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Use Coffee Beans to Help Create Fresh Energy

Published Mayo 2, 2014 by jptan2012

coffee-beansToday, allow me to once again share with you a natural way of creating or infusing a fresh energy to a room or section of a house that has a stagnant energy.

First, one has to understand that a room or section of a house has a stagnant energy if the windows and doors are always close or are close most of the time. Because fresh air and natural light which carries natural yang chi are unable to circulate in the said areas. It should be noted also that rooms that are windowless, even if they have artificial lighting would need be refreshed often.

One of the easiest ways to refresh or create fresh energy to a place is to put a small bowl of coffee beans inside the room or section of the house.

What kind of coffee beans? Simple, chose something that you like. The aroma of the coffee bean, which carries yang chi will, energized a room. Please note though that this is a temporary cure and it doesn’t last long, so you just have to do it often.

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