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Salt and Something Sweet to Counter Some Minor Bad Luck!

Published Oktubre 29, 2016 by jptan2012


cakeReally a lot of people are so insensitive with minor bad lucks that things build up and become major bad lucks that create major problems. While some bad luck are instant, most bad lucks starts small. If we are just sensitive enough we will know that things are not going well.

By sensitive, I don’t mean you have to be psychic, it only means that you have to be more conscious of your luck. Bad luck can really start with having a rough day, or really simple things, like an unusual traffic or spilling the salt, or spilling a glass of water, or even just ALMOST (keyword is almost) falling off the stairs or chair or even while just walking. Or even losing a key or a paper that you need even if it is not a matter of life and death.

The truth is you can actually sense if you are about to hit some bad luck. sea-salt

While you have these minor bad lucks it is best to remedy it right away. You can put salt on each room of your house, take a salt bath. But also create a good chi via a festive atmosphere. How?

Share some sweets with family or friends. By sweets, I mean you can eat cake or share some fruit salad and have some very tone down party.

Try it. It will make a difference.

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How to Counter the Negative Chi of A Hospital

Published Mayo 7, 2014 by jptan2012

Today, I would yet like to share with you another natural way of countering negative chi. It is almost inevitable that at one point in our life we will either be hospitalized, have a loved one who’s going to be hospitalized, or visit somebody in the hospital.

As I mentioned before the hospital is one of the most yin place one can visit, and it is extremely important that one is totally protected when we enter the hospital, either as a patient or as a visitor.Ft. Belvoir Hospital

I personally just wear my WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT and/or the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT whenever I go to the hospital. The WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT has the image of The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong who is one the most powerful protector deity. The WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA pendant on the other hand has the image of the Medicine Buddha, Kuan Kong, Kalachakra, both the immediate and the negative karma cleansing mantra, which are all very powerful protector from the yin energy that a hospital emits.

However, the truth is not everyone can afford the pendants that I mentioned. But there are other ways of protecting oneself from the yin energy of the hospital without having to buy either of the pendants.

As a patient if the doctor’s recommendation is that you be confined in the hospital, ask a love to make sure to put rock salt in the 4 corners of your room and in the 4 corners of the restroom. About a teaspoon each will do. You personally, should have about a teaspoon of rock salt beside your bed and make sure that you always have flowers inside the room. Try to choose colorful ones rather than those that are quite dull in color. Having fruits in the room will also help. So having the salt and flowers and/or fruits will ensure that the yang energy of these things will counter the yin energy of the room or of the hospital.

Flowers are a great way of dispelling the negative chi or yin energy of a hospital. Furthermore, it can make a sick person feel better. (Photo lifted from Google Images)

Flowers are a great way of dispelling the negative chi or yin energy of a hospital. Furthermore, it can make a sick person feel better. (Photo lifted from Google Images)

Upon discharge, take a piece of flower with you and some salt as you leave. Throw them out on your way home, just before you get home.

If you are taking care of a love one or are visiting a loved one, try to have a small packet of rocket salt and put it in your pocket. Throw them out every time you leave the hospital and bring a new one whenever you’re going there. If possible also get a flower and throw it out just before you reach your home.

Additional piece of advice, if you can, before entering your hospital room, have a love one knock on the door first, open the door, and act as if someone is getting out of the room. This is to make sure that if there are any lingering spirits inside, they hopefully take the cue that they need to leave the room.


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