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Fake or Copycat Charms: Will They Work or Not? Will They Bring Bad Luck More Then Good Luck?

Published Nobyembre 22, 2017 by jptan2012

Since I started this blog, this is one of the most common question that I get from readers, largely because they are simply a lot of copycat charms or amulets in the market. This is true not only in the Philippines, where Greenhills and Ongpin has been the hotspot for these copycat charms, but this is also true in Singapore and Malaysia.

I have refused to answer this question only because some commercialized Feng Shui consultants who sells fake always take it against me when I comment about their fake items. But since Guru Lama released the Special Gold Piyao, copycats have since copied the design already. They sometimes even put 999 signifying that it is also 99.9% pure gold, while it’s actually not, and are only lower carat of gold, plated with pure gold to make the color look it’s really 99.9% gold.

But before we go any further let us differentiate first what are fake and what copycats charms or amulets.

Fake are basically items that are passed off as Feng Shui charms, or crystals, or amulets but are totally useless because they have no functions, sometimes they even bring harm. When I started this blog, readers would always email me about something they bought and are wearing for me to see whether they are real or not. Most of them did this when I wrote a series on identifying real crystals, or semi-precious stone, or even gems. Empowered with the information that I shared with them, they realized that what they’re wearing might be fakes and so they will email me and send me photos of a particular item. This item is usually a crystal, semi-precious stone or gem bracelets. If they have put the name of the Feng Shui consultant where they got the said gem or semi-precious stone bracelet, I will no longer answer the question, but if they didn’t put the name of the person or store where they got the said lucky bracelet made of crystal or gem or semi-precious stone, I will answer them truthfully. Unfortunately, a lot of these items that were shown to me are fake, and a lot of them I found later after telling the truth usually came from two sources. In fact, one of them eventually has to close shop and has since then blamed me for her ‘downfall’.

Copycats are basically a copy of an amulet or charms that is usually made by somebody else. Perhaps it is safe to say the Lillian Too’s designs are the most copied Feng Shui charms or amulets. Once she has released her designs, it is only a matter of days before a copycat version comes out in the market. And they are way more affordable that what Lillian Too sells. But of course, I know that the quality of Lillian Too’s items are far more superior than the copycats that are sold in Greenhills and Ongpin.

So the question is now do they work or not? I’ll answer this question straight to the point.

Fakes don’t work! Plain and simple they simply don’t work. A fake crystal made of breakable plastic, is simply just that plastic and it will not have any effect. There is also a proliferation of fake Prayer Wheels in Ongpin and some stores in Greenhills. For a prayer wheel to work you need to have sutras or mantras inside the prayer wheel, otherwise it is just a waste of time and energy to be spinning it if it doesn’t have any mantra, so still it doesn’t work.

Do copycats work? This is a bit more controversial and I would like to explain it clearly.

Lillian Too recently released a statement in her sites saying that buying these copycats in what she calls fakes can create bad luck. And in a way, I agree with her. Copying a Feng Shui charm or an amulet designed by a person is in a way stealing the person’s idea and there is no good thing that will come out from copying, and thus this creates bad luck. Also, more than that, in making these designs, one has to follow some guidelines, so for all you know in copying the design they might have unconsciously altered some of it and thus it brings more bad luck than good luck.

Having said that, when I released the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT and the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT, I actually gave my blessing to my readers to copy the design if they have the means to make it or ask somebody to make it for them. My reasons are simple and it is in reality who actually owns these images or these designs. For me nobody really owns an image of Buddha or a Bodhisattva, the mantras are handed down by Buddha so who owns them? Nobody owns them, and if I’m lucky enough to know how to utilize them, which I am, then I will utilize it and bring it out to the public. If somebody decided to copy it then so be it. In a way, I have a blanket permission to allow anybody to copy it.

Which brings back us to the question whether Lillian Too was wrong in saying that it might bring more bad luck than good luck. I think Lillian Too in a way was right in saying that it might bring more bad luck, because the people who copies her amulets or Feng Shui charms uses low quality metal and it tarnish right away, so once it has started to tarnish, it will bring in bad luck, and it is not safe to use it anymore. Also, she has not given her permission, so in a way it is stealing her designs.

We then go back to the fact does she really own these mantras or images thus one cannot copy it? The answer to that question is that while she doesn’t own them, she was the one who came up with the idea of putting it together or using them, so making an exact replica of what she did or of her design is stealing, whether it is patented or copyrighted or not. If you take an inspiration from it and come up with a different design, then I think that draws the line of not being considered as stealing, because again nobody really owns it anyway. Buying this is akin to stealing it either because you know what you just bought are copycat. So this is one of the reasons why I do get a lot of readers emailing me asking why the amulet or charm that are copycats are not working.

The Special Gold Piyao(2) has been copied also, and will it work or not? When I ask my Guru Lama about this, all he said is that although he was the one who brought the different ideas or designs for a Piyao into one design that will make it more powerful, the designs are not his and thus he doesn’t hold any negative emotions to those who copied it. However, we all have to remember that the design is not what makes it truly special. What makes it truly special is that the gold used in making these gold Piyaos are empowered gold. For years they have received the energies or have been exposed to energies coming from the chanting of mantras, recitation of sutras, or pujas performed by Bhiksus, Bhiksunis, High Lamas like Guru Lama.

And so, I hope this answer your questions about fakes and copycats, fakes are a big no – no. Copycats may be fine if with blanket permission or blessing of the one who design it and if you are sure that the quality is a good or even better than the original.

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Feng Shui Experts Are Not Pessimists!

Published Nobyembre 23, 2016 by jptan2012

One of the most common feed back that I get about Feng Shui experts, or Feng Shui consultants, is that they seem to be quite negative or pessimists. I am happy that I have not been called as such, at least not to my face, but a lot of my readers or those who come to me to ask for help observed that most commercial Feng Shui experts or consultants are very negative. Some people think that this is tactic of a Feng Shui consultant for him or her to sell his or her Feng Shui items. Trust me, this kind of accusation is not limited to a single Feng Shui consultant but it seems even the non – commercialized one also get this kind of feed back from time to time.

The answer to this question is quite simple. Those who are familiar with Feng Shui will naturally have a jump off point of what is negative, simply because in Feng Shui it is important to protect first before enhance, it is better to cure the negative and the bad before one boost or improve the positive and the good. That’s the only explanation why a lot of Feng Shui consultants, both commercialized and non – commercialized. It is part of a training of a Feng Shui consultant or expert to look for the problems first before talking about the good things. In fact, regular readers of this blog will know that right from the start and in my annual forecast, I always say that it is imperative that one concentrates on protecting oneself before enhancing the good stars!

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Simple Words Have the Power to Hinder Somebody Else’s Luck & Create Your Own Bad Luck!

Published Hulyo 9, 2016 by jptan2012

In the last past 15 years or so there is a resurgence in the belief in Feng Shui, this time, extending it to the Western world and also to non – Oriental Asians. Different professional Feng Shui consultants started giving out Feng Shui classes in languages other than in Chinese, most common is English.

Together with the resurgence of Feng Shui, the line between Feng Shui and Taoism and Buddhism begun to blur, because both religion also makes use of Feng Shui. Feng Shui experts and writers begun to write about Feng Shui and was not able to properly delineate the difference. This writer included.

But the real issue here is that anti – Feng Shui groups started to rise also. More concerning that some commercialize Feng Shui consultants started to rise and harbor anger against other Feng Shui consultants or experts or writers.

People also tended to forget that Feng Shui experts are also human, and are prone to make mistakes. My own personal life is a testament that Feng Shui writers like me can make mistakes, and I unintentionally made several mistakes to my readers, which I’m trying to correct.

But the worst thing is that because of these things, sometimes we tend to say things that are unwarranted or are simply not true. For example, Sean, whose experience about the Vajrapani Ruel I wrote about in the post called – A PERMANENT HIGH PAYING JOB IN SINGAPORE BROUGHT ABOUT BY THE VAJRAPANI RUEL : A PERSONAL TESTIMONY FROM A VERY VOCAL NON – BELIEVER!– According to Sean, he has read a lot of negative things about Feng Shui, not just about my blog, but other Feng Shui writers or consultant, in fact, the pastors in his religions claims that the practice of Feng Shui is the work of a devil and that invites evilness. This is quite surprising because in Buddhism we are taught to respect all religions, and that there is no such thing as an evil religion, well unless it espouses hate and divisiveness. But even then there is always a caveat that at the end it’s the intent not the act that really matters, and that only fate can judge us.

Again, the people who don’t believe in Feng Shui tend to say things against Feng Shui, or Taoism or Buddhism. Sometimes, they because they experience negative things against a Feng Shui consultant or expert they tend to bad mouth and create rumors about Feng Shui, Buddhism, and Taoism in general. Sometimes just because they didn’t get the thing that they want they tend to spread rumors and attacking something that they don’t have an actual experience of. The sad thing here is little do they know the extent of their words or acts. Sometimes, they prevent people from getting good luck just because of these words. Furthermore, what they really don’t know is the bad luck that they create because of their acts. They slander Buddhism and Taoism is like slandering the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas or Taoist Gods and Deities themselves. And the great bad karma that they get because of the their acts that prevented other people from getting their full luck is simply scary.

So next time, we should all remember that it’s okay to say what we believe in but it is best to stick with what we believe in. Do not slander other people’ s belief!

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Understanding the Vajrapani Ruel Stories: Clarifying the Difference in the Miracles and Why the Anonymity of Those Who Experienced It!!

Published Hulyo 29, 2015 by jptan2012

Recently, I wrote about the story of RP whose family, as of the writing of this post, had three Vajrapani Ruel miraculous stories, two of which have been initially written about. The one experienced by his wife, MP, entitled “90 Million Pesos Mutual Funds Deal Closed Without A Sweat!” gathered the highest number of reactions for the Vajrapani Ruel Stories series (for lack of a better word) from readers, most of it, majority of it are positive reactions, while a few are negative.

Some people find it hard to comprehend that a financial advisor can close a mutual fund deal worth Php 90,000,000.00 (ninety million Philippine pesos), which is approximately US$ 2,000.000.00 (two million US dollars)! Actually its less than two million US dollars (approximately 1.9+ M US dollars) base on the latest exchange rate at the time of writing this post. Please note that the time of writing and posting may be different. But I guess this only shows the limited perspective of a person. Sometimes, the miracles we attract depends on the how wide is our perspective, so that is one reason why some people get so much miracles and some seems to have only a ‘handful’.

However, I believe our past life karma and immediate past karma in the present life has a big significance on the kind and ‘amount’ of miracle one receives. Most of my readers are familiar with karma so I will not expound on it, you can also search on it if you are not familiar with karma. Allow me to clarify this by giving you an example, but because I don’t read past lives, the only example I can give is the one that I’m sure happened in the present life.

First example, MP who was able to close the Php 90,000.00 mutual funds deal, is not a neophyte financial advisor. She must have established a name for herself, and she must have handled the past accounts properly that’s why when the construction magnate decided to buy a 90 million pesos mutual fund MP is the one he contacted. Furthermore, what she did with part of the commission that she earned will give you a perspective of what kind of a person she is. As mentioned in my post, I believe part of the money went to the restoration of a church and part went to computers for a public school.

Likewise, AP, RP and MP’s daughter, whose story I also recent shared with you must have been a good employee. Otherwise, the Vajrapani Ruel wouldn’t have worked so well with them.

If you can recall the story of GS in the Vajrapani Ruel Stories entitled “Miraculous Healing and an Unexpected ‘Miraculous’ Financial and Wealth Luck”, you will note GS and her husband, although I didn’t explicitly wrote about it, it can be deducted that they are good, hard working people who wants the best for their family.

Also for the very first modern day Vajrapani Ruel story that I shared entitled “How A Man Got His Land Back After A 20 – Year – Old Legal Battle” it is quite obvious that JS is a good son and a good person. So it is safe to conclude that karma has something to do with the degree of miracle one can experience from the Vajrapani Ruel.

But take note that it doesn’t mean that a bad person won’t experience miracles from the Vajrapani Ruel. Remember, we don’t know anything about a person’s past life karma, and it is entirely possible that if they have gotten enough good karma in the past, no matter how unfair it seem may be especially if they’re bad now, they may still reap it’s fruits in this life with the help of the Vajrapani Ruel.

Before I address the second most questions, which is why I only put initials in the stories that I share in my blog and has never publicly stated their name, I would like to explain why I want to address this question.

People have been asking me how come I have never tried what other Feng Shui consultants are doing. That is to publicly declare the names of those who consults them. I have long ignored this question because (1) I started the blog for the sole purpose of me wanting to write, this blog was never intended to become a Feng Shui blog but fate has something else in store for me and for this blog and that is to make it a Feng Shui blog. Furthermore, (2) I have always taken a stance that I don’t care whether people believe me or not, it’s up to them, or it’s up to you who read this blog. Whether you believe what I write here or not doesn’t change anything about the things that I have written and will be writing. But some people have since taken misinterpreted this action, and a few even took advantaged of this action.

In the course of writing on this blog, I have made some mistakes. I guess it was arrogance that made me feel that I don’t have much responsibility to the people who write to me or to the people who are asking for my help because I’m not a professional or commercialized (please note that professional and commercialized here are not used in the same breath) Feng Shui consultant, and that I’m here only because I love to write and happen to have wide training in Feng Shui, and that I’m just helping people out. That is where the arrogance comes in, no matter how subtle, it is arrogance and I admit to that fault. As a result, I ignored a lot of warning signs and in the process and have hurt some people. Some of them has since aired their feelings and are being addressed albeit slowly but they are being addressed. Again, a lot of people had taken advantage of this situation. But suffice to say the legit people who were hurt are being addressed. Also happy to know that two of these people have already experienced some miracle, specifically those who identified themselves as Ruth and Marian. I have written about their stories and it’s scheduled to be posted soon.

Recently, I met a reader from Bohol who came to Manila. CM has been in touched with me before and I agreed to meet her at that time because she wanted to meet me and consult some thing. I sensed her distress so I agreed to meet with her and agreed to do a consultation for free. She didn’t have to spend a dime on me when we met; we each had to pay for our own drinks. She wanted to get the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT, but because my jeweler was unable to deliver properly anymore, I told CM to just copy the design and have somebody make it for her. This was after she mentioned to me that she has a friend who knows a jeweler. When we first met, her daughter went with her, which proved to be a wise decision for her because CM’s primary language is Bisaya, and we had a hard time communicating. In that meeting, I gladly and accommodated as much of her questions as long as time would permit, then we parted nicely.

After that first meeting, CM would always text me and consults me from time to time. I will always do this for free, no charge. I remember I even sent her the design of the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA pendant so that she can have her friend’s friend make the pendant. At any rate, she informed me later on that her friend’s friend is unable to make it. But she still would consult me from time to time. Until gradually her questions became less and less until I didn’t hear from her for a long time.

Recently, I sent a group message to some readers and in that message it was stated that it was a group text. She received the message and contacted me again even if she doesn’t have to reply to the message. She requested for the Vajrapani Ruel, but since she is still in Bohol she wanted me to wait for her and reserve one for her. I told her that that it is not possible, that I don’t normally accept reservations especially for the Vajrapani Ruel. She insisted and told me that her daughter was even asking as to why I was not willing to wait. To make the long story short I relented and agreed on a date to meet with her.

Prior to the meeting CM and I agreed on a venue, but she wanted to change the venue. I didn’t agree. So she went to meet me at place that I suggested. There before she got the Vajrapani Ruel, she consulted me on some matters again, and she was a little surprised that I was able to tell her some of the things that was happening in her life. She finally admitted to me that her daughter, whom I’ve met also, the one who was with her during our first meeting was trying to prevent her from seeing me. Apparently, her daughter heard or saw something that puts me in a bad light. I clarified to CM that some of the things her daughter might have heard are true but some are not. I understand that she is a daughter who cares for her mother, but what I find surprising is that we’ve met and she must have seen how much I accommodated CM, her mother, and they didn’t spend a single thing. In fact, she was there when I suggested to CM to think about and reconsider on getting the pendant. So I have to be totally honest here, I was a little hurt. But after some time and some thought I realized that it is really so much easier for people to believe what is bad, this is evident on how easy for most of us to jump on the bandwagon on convicting a person even before we’ve found the real facts. Yes, CM’s daughter and I have met, I believe that in that meeting she has no reason to doubt my sincerity, but as CM explained to me, her daughter had a bad experienced before wherein somebody duped her. CM also said has posed two questions, one is how come I only put initials in my posts and that do people who want to help other people still exist?

This had me thinking and that lead me to also write this post. First, why do I only use initials and not reveal names. Well, one when I write a story I write them because I believe in them and I want to write them, that is still my primary reason. This blog is my outlet for my desire to write, whether people believes what I write or not is really not my ultimate desire. Second, I value my reader’s privacy. It’s bad enough that I write about them publicly, to use their full name seems to me an abuse of their kindness for me to allow them to write. Having said that, some of my readers has given me the heads – up to name them but to maintain the standard and to make sure that they don’t regret it later I decided to just stick with using initials. Third, even I use their real names would you be able to check them out? Several if not most of them has common names like Roland, April, Bon, Merriam, Grace, Cristy, Joan, or family names like Cruz, Dela Paz, Tan, Chua, and Gonzales. I have to admit though some names are more unique and some family names are rare also. Lastly, I don’t think it was important for me to put their names because I don’t need them to be my brand ambassadors, because I don’t do this professionally or commercially. I’m not a professional or commercialized Feng Shui consultant. Again, I would like to clear that commercialize and professional are not used in the same breath here. It doesn’t mean that professional Feng Shui consultants are also commercialized and vice versa. Neither do I have anything against them.

And just an after thought, if you have let’s say 1% of 90 million pesos as a commission, would you want the public to know about it? Would you be going around to tell people about it?

So I guess I have answered a lot of people’s questions that CM’s daughter voiced out. Second do good people still exist?

Well, to answer that, I know that there are a lot of negative things that’s happening in the world. There are a lot of negative stories happening in this country. But if we are so focused on the negative that we failed to notice a the good news such as the few stories you can find below among the thousands like this, then maybe we are only seeing what we choose to see. I believe it was Mahatma Gandhi who said that a person only sees the things that his mind his accustomed to.

These are just some, a fraction, of the thousand and thousands of stories that good people still exist:

These are just a few of thousands of stories on the web. But I bet we can see some of these kinds of stories on your daily life. All we need to do is to make the decision to see them. At the end seeing good or bad is a choice.


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