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Cleaning is a Form of Feng Shui Cure!

Published Agosto 13, 2015 by jptan2012

Today, allow me to once again share with you another natural Feng Shui remedy.

PL is a retail store businessman. His daughter contacted me asking me for a Vajrapani Ruel because according to her, PL’s business, store sales, is declining. When I got to talk to her daughter, we found out the PL’s store is practically walking distance from where I live, so I decided to simply visit him in his store.Cleaning

When I got to PL’s store, the problem was staring right in front of me. He has a lot of stocks but I don’t think he gets to clean his store as often as possible; there are a lof of clutter. Told PL and his daughter to delay getting the Vajrapani Ruel because I believe all they need to do is to clean the store and dispose of all the unnecessary clutter!

It has been a month since and I was told by PL that sales have been steadily increasing since they clean his store!

While I believe the amulets work, sometimes all you need is some natural remedy like cleaning your place to help ensure the good luck continues to come in.

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Special Energizing Buddhist, Taoist, and Feng Shui Rituals to Bring Financial, Career, and Personal Success (3): Upsurge the Yang Energy of Your Front Door and Living Room

Published Disyembre 6, 2012 by jptan2012

Feng Shui masters believes that it is in the front door and the living room of our house that energy enters, thus it is very important that we keep the front door of our house free from clutter, and the living room uncluttered and also the furniture should be arrange in a way it doesn’t feel like it’s a maze and blocks normal passage.

The front door should always be clutter free.

The front door should always be clutter free.

Putting a pair of Piyao/Pixiu in front of the front door may also spell a lot of difference. It doesn’t just guard the whole house but it also captures luck and brings it to the inhabitants of the house.Piyao4

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Tips to Cure Bad Chi that Affects Family Relationship

Published Marso 3, 2012 by jptan2012

I decided to write this post because of a reader who recently consulted me about her relationship with her mom. They know they love each other but they also fight a lot. K, the reader, was one of the first readers of this blog who contacted me through email requesting that her BAZI be read. It took me a few weeks before I was able to deliver her BAZI analysis. One of her primary reason of wanting her chart to be read is because she just recently went through a major change in her life and also she became a little worried because she read that this might be a bad year for people born under the sign of the Dragon. K is a Dragon.

K’s BAZI chart showed that she might have some relationship problems with her mom. It’s nothing that both of them want or seek, but it’s simply because it was destined to be that way, to further aggravate this her mom was born under the year of the Dog, which totally contradicts the Dragon.

K confirmed the BAZI analysis as shown on her BAZI chart. If we’ve seen K’s BAZI when she was younger, the remedy could have been asking her mom to let K call her another term for mother, other than what she’s usually addressed by the other children. For example, if her children call the mom Mama, K could just call her mommy or mom.  If she’s called Mommy, K can just call her mom, mama, or even Inay. That’s one of the simplest cure for relationship problem that has something to with the BAZI or fate.

Also knowing about this earlier in their life could have prepared the mom to work harder with their relationship. This is one problem that really has to be addressed on as early as possible, it’s harder to ‘heal’ the wounds that has been repeatedly wounded several times through the years. However, it’s useless ‘crying over spilled milk’, Feng Shui is useless unless one is able to solve a ‘problem’.

Nevertheless, I have to admit that relationship problems specially one that is deeply rooted in the BAZI, which is destined as dictated by one’s birth date, is the ‘hardest’ to work on. But knowing that these arguments are caused by other than one’s personality is a first step in trying to tone down the bad chi brought about by fate. Secondly, one really has to be more patient with each other.

If you’re experiencing relationship problems with any of members of your family, regardless of whether it’s karmic or not, do the first two steps I just mentioned. Then, you can also do the following Feng Shui tips and/or Taoist and Buddhist rituals to help address the bad chi or energy that’s causing the disharmony.

SIX CRYSTAL BALLS IN THE LIVING ROOM. Placing six smooth crystal balls in the living room will help create harmony within the family. If possible, get a crystal ball that has some symbolic script on them, because this helps enhance the ‘power’ created by the good Feng Shui created by putting the crystal balls. If possible, use real crystal balls, but because this can get quite expensive, you can get two natural crystal balls and the rest can be made of glass. However, never ever get anything that’s made of plastic. Any color will do and they don’t have to be of the same size and color.

RECITE THE PRAJNAPARAMITA MANTRA. I’ll discuss more about the Prajnaparamita Mantra and its Sutra in one of my future posts but right now what’s important is to understand that this mantra is a powerful mantra that helps actualize harmony within the home or anywhere where this mantra is recited. If possible, recite this mantra in the living room or in the center of the house. If the affected parties are staying in the same bedroom, then reciting this in the bedroom is also good. For utmost effectiveness, recite one full mala (one full mala is 108 times) five times a day. You can recite all the five full mala at one time, but it’s best if it’s spread throughout the day. The PRAJNAPARAMITA MANTRA is – TADYATHA OM GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SOHA. (Note on Pronunciation: GATE is pronounced as GA – short A and TE as Tay – sounds like long A or the English word TAIL without the L).

Symbolic Script of the Prajnaparamita Mantra. The actual script reads GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SOHA. However, when reciting the mantra one needs to add TADYATHA OM, making the full mantra TADYATHA OM GATE GATE PARAGATE PARASAMGATE BODHI SOHA. One can also print several copies of the symbolic script of the Prajnaparamita Mantra and fold it and put in inside a red cloth. Then give one each to all affected members of the family.

SUN POWER TO CLEANSE NEGATIVE ENERGIES. Regularly cleanse your mattress, pillows, and blankets from negative energies. These are the things that we use in the evening, and we leave an energy imprint on them, they are also seldom exposed to direct natural Yang energy, thus it becomes Yin energy, this in turn may contribute to the negative energy that creates disharmony. Cleaning them with Sun Power is an effective way of infusing some Yang energy on them. You can do this every 2 weeks, bring out the mattress, clean blankets and pillows and expose them to direct sunlight. Preferably between 7 and 9 in the morning.

CLEAR CLUTTER. Clear all the clutter in the house. Clutters tend to create energy blockage, which in turn may also create disharmony among others.

Not an accurate depiction.

MOON AND PERFUMED WATER RITUAL. (1.) On an evening with a full moon, place a big bowl of water, make sure you use white colored bowl. While it should be full, make sure that it doesn’t spill. (2.) Leave the bowl of water under the moon from 7PM to 6AM the following day. (3.) Place 5 different flowers that has five different colors that represents the five elements. Red, pink, orange, purple flower for the fire element; white flower for the metal element; blue flower for the water element; green flower for the wood element; yellow flower for the earth element. The flowers will be put in the Moon energized water at 6AM the following day. (4.) Bring the water inside the house and if possible put it on your altar then say the PRAJNAPARAMITA MANTRA 108 times. If you don’t have an altar just bring it in the living room or at the center of the house. (5.) After saying the full mala of PRAJNAPARAMITA MANTRA, blow on the water. (6.) Then put a pinch of salt and a pinch of saffron the water. In the absence of water one can also use any other ordinary scented oil. Almond or Vanilla are also very good. Florida Water may be use also. (7.) Sprinkle the water in the living room, and in the bedrooms of the affected members of the family. (8.) Leave some of the water to be mixed in the bath water of the affected members of the family. About one tablespoon per person will do.


Why Feng Shui Don’t Always Work…

Published Pebrero 3, 2012 by jptan2012

I really haven’t seen a person who has tried Feng Shui who can vehemently claim that Feng Shui doesn’t work. At the very least, they may be doubtful.

Aside from my personal experience and that of my relatives and friends with Feng Shui, one very strong proof that Feng Shui really works is the fact that it has existed for so long. In fact, Mao Tse Tung banned Feng Shui during his reign because he was afraid that his constituents, with the help of Feng Shui, might not succumb to his ruling. But even with the banning of Feng Shui, people still consulted Feng Shui and it has continued to flourish albeit it was done ‘underground’.

If you look at history, China’s civilization is one continuous story of success and power. Never, did China become ‘third world’. The only time it can be considered ‘down’ was during the Japanese occupation of the country, but even then it was never really under total Japanese leadership and let’s face it Japan also practices Feng Shui.

A friend once expressed admiration for China, she noted that after the pyramids, what did really make the Egyptian civilization stand out? Persian civilization is technically dead. In fact, among the old civilizations, China is the only who until this day has continue to flourish. They continue to have something new to be proud off. They have always been one of the leading nations at any given time. I think that can be attributed to Feng Shui.

Another example is Singapore. They’re from a third world to first world country. It is no secret that the leaders of Singapore practices Feng Shui, and when they started making a lot of Feng Shui changes in the country that their economy started to boom. Why else would they have a ‘hidden’ dragon guard their Merlion. Also, why would they have there one dollar made into a design of a Pa Kua and their vehicle tax stickers?

All the examples I’ve given should prove that Feng Shui works, at the very least, it should make you think. However, I will also be the very first person to tell you why there are times that Feng Shui doesn’t seem to work.

In my observation, there are several factors why would it seem that there are times that Feng Shui doesn’t work.

First, EXPECTING SOME MAGIC. Feng Shui is not magic, although sometimes it may deliver an instant result, most of the time one will start to feel some change with a month and when it does it’s not like a miracle it works slowly. I believe the it’s energy needs to accumulate before it works. Just like an antibiotic, you’ll start to feel its effect on your body on the 4th or 5th day. You need to relax and let Feng Shui take its course, don’t rush it.

BECOMING TOO SUPERSTITIOUS. Feng Shui is not superstition, it involves logic and common sense that should be coupled with Feng Shui knowledge. It’s not about having bad luck by taking a bath on a Friday the 13th.

CONSULTING TOO MANY EXPERTS. If you don’t have basic knowledge of Feng Shui, consulting too many experts can create more problems and it might overwhelm you with too many information and thus make you do a Feng Shui blunder. The truth is some Feng Shui experts may have varying recommendations because of the different ‘school of thought’ that they follow. There are several ‘school of thought’ of Feng Shui, and each one may vary a little with the other. Allow me to humbly and with respect site mention Lillian Too and Joey Yap, 2 of the most commercially famous Feng Shui experts in Malaysia. They might agree on the locations of the Flying Stars but they seldom agree on the best way to address the Flying Stars, because they come from two different school of thought. When I studied Feng Shui, I made sure that I studied the different school of thought, and, so far, it has proven to be beneficial. So when choosing an expert, choose one or two, check his approach, study what he or she says, and listen to him/her. Compare notes only on the basic afflictions but do not go into details because there’s bound to be some minor difference.

If consulting too many experts may cause some problems, CONSULTING A HIGH PROFILE ‘EXPERT’ is a bigger problem. I don’t mean to bad mouth anybody and I don’t mean that high profile experts are fake, but there are times that we become to enthralled with people who seem to be very high profile, people who wear a lot of jewelries, and people who seem to ‘uberly’ charming. You need to look beyond the appearance, some of the best Feng Shui experts I’ve met are not famous, except Lillian Too and Joey Yap, they keep a low profile. However, even Lillian Too and Joey Yap tend to give general ‘predictions’, understandably, this is due to desire to reach more audience. Going back to experts who are so ‘flamboyant’, I know of a famous Feng Shui ‘expert’ who caters to showbiz celebrities. Her marketing tactic is really dispensing off a lot of Feng Shui charms for free to the celebrities and she then uses this celebrities as her ‘endorser’. The sad part is that she sells fake stones as Feng Shui charms. Her Feng Shui beads are usually made of plastic, which is really a ‘no-no’ for Feng Shui. Worst, she sells them at a price higher than the real crystals or Feng Shui beads. In fact, just by putting a name of a famous celebrity on her Feng Shui charm she gets to sell them at around Php 10,000.00 while the actual price is only around Php 800.00. I will not question her marketing tactic but I do question her practice of selling fake charms, this might give the person a false sense of security. There are a number of times also when I was consulted by a friend or friends of friends who used to consult her and they’ll tell me that Feng Shui seem not work. The worst I’ve encountered so far is when a company in Laguna consulted her, she made some recommendations, which they followed. Four weeks after 3 of their employees died of heart attack in a span of 2 months. The said company is owned by a friend’s relative, when I went to see their office, I immediately saw the mistake. They upon the advice of Feng Shui ‘expert’ made a really bad ‘poison arrow’ on the health sector of the office. I immediately requested them to vacate that sector and asked them to re-renovate. Unfortunately, the ‘expert’ they consulted is a Feng Shui ‘expert’ who really didn’t have any Feng Shui training but with great marketing skills. So, you see, its important that you be careful as to who you consult. Having said that there are High Profile Feng Shui Experts who are really experts. Net, get to know the expert.

Another reason why Feng Shui fails to work is properly is because you made yourself into a HUMAN COMPASS. Don’t be lazy and make estimation where South or East or West is. Use a compass. It need not be the very expensive Feng Shui any functional and decent compass will do. You need to accurately know where EAST, WEST, NORTH, SOUTH, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST is. Don’t guess or estimate! A little difference makes a lot of difference.

STRIVING FOR PERFECTION is another Feng Shui no-no. There is no such thing as perfect Feng Shui, that only exists in an ideal world and not in a real world. Try your best to address all concerns but don’t try to be perfect it, sometimes it creates more problems.

DOING A SHORT CUT is also one reason why Feng Shui may seem not to work. I once told a friend to make sure to clean and get a new red ribbon to energize a Feng Shui cure on a afflicted sector. Several months after his problem still exists so I visited his place again. The cure seems to be on the right place, and there is the red ribbon to re-energize the Feng Shui cure. However, during the course of our conversation it turned out that he has used a recycled ribbon and didn’t ‘cleanse’ the Feng Shui cure according to my recommendations. He admitted that he made a short cut and that the ribbon that he used is recycled from a gift. I then instructed to follow the original instructions and don’t make any short cut. He did, and results started to happen.

CLUTTER is one major factor why Feng Shui cures doesn’t work. Feng Shui is not just about the Feng Shui cures or enhancers you put around your house, its about the flow of energy, and too much clutter creates a ‘blockage’ of this energy. So always declutter.

BEING TOO NEGATIVE is another reason why Feng Shui may seem not to work. Negative here can mean that you are putting too much effort too prove that Feng Shui doesn’t work. You don’t have to believe in Feng Shui for it to work, but putting in too much negative thought will also hinder the positive energy that is created by Feng Shui.

Take note of these factors and let Feng Shui work for you.

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