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Today is Medicine Buddha Day!

Published Nobyembre 11, 2015 by jptan2012
Image of Medicine Buddha with Mantra. Seeing the image and symbolic script of the Medicine Buddha has the power to bestow upon us blessings from the Buddha of Medicine.

Image of Medicine Buddha with Mantra. Seeing the image and symbolic script of the Medicine Buddha has the power to bestow upon us blessings from the Buddha of Medicine.

I have written about Medicine Buddha and so I will not write about Him again. Instead I would like to encourage everybody to chant Medicine Buddha mantras and recite Medicine Buddha sutra today. The merits that you get from doing these things today are doubled. If you can try to make some offerings in front of His image also. This is especially good for those who want to experience the power of the Vajrapani Ruel but is unable to avail it because doing all these things today will guarantee you to experience a Medicine Buddha miracle.

Here are the links of my Medicine Buddha posts. And you will find His mantras and sutras within these posts:

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Chinese Mantra of Medicine Buddha

Published Hulyo 21, 2015 by jptan2012

Medicine Buddha 4On my preceding post entitled – CURED OF CANCER AND ADDICTION IS STOPPED: HOW THE CHINESE MANTRA OF MEDICINE BUDDHA HELPED A WIFE AND MOTHER IN CRISIS!, I talked about the story of AG and how she was cured of cancer, and her husband cured of his addiction simply by reciting the Chinese mantra of Medicine Buddha. As I mentioned, I’m writing this to show that although I believe in the power of the Vajrapani Ruel and the numerous personal testimonies has proven it, people who can’t afford or is unable to avail of the Vajrapani Ruel(2), because as long as you can invest time and dedication and faith in chanting mantras they will definitely help as well. AG’s story is the proof of it. You can read her story by clicking on the link above.

But now I would like to share with you the mantra. I suggest do a short online study for the pronunciation because this is in Pin Yin.

Nán Mó Bó Qié Fá Di     Pì Shä Shè     Jù Lû Bì Liú Lí     Bó Là Pó Hê Là Shé Yê   Dân Tä Jiê Duō Yê     Ä Là Hë Dì     Sãn Mîâo Sân Pó Tuó Yë     Dân Zhî Tâ     Ân     Pí Shâ Shì     Pí Shâ Shì      Pí Shä Shè     Sân Mò Jiê Dì     Suō Hê

In reciting the mantra, it’s best to visualize Medicine Buddha. You can also chant it using a mala bead and hold on to a bead while visualizing him, and then after chanting it once, imagine that his healing energies goes through you and flushes out all the negative energies or your impurities through your feet. After which you can proceed to the next bead until you finished all 108 beads. I know it will take longer but it works best that way that is how AG did it also.

You can also chant it on top of some water or your medicines or medicines of your love one and blow over them after chanting the mantra. This will increase the efficacy of the medicines and will make the water into a healing water or a temple water.

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Cured of Cancer and Addiction is Stopped: How The Chinese Mantra of Medicine Buddha Helped A Wife and Mother in Crisis!

Published Hulyo 20, 2015 by jptan2012
Medicine Buddha

Medicine Buddha

Again, as part of my commitment of more natural remedies to problem, and to prove that they may be as effective as the Vajrapani Ruel, I would like to share with you the story of AG.

AG is a mother of two children. She was 41 when she first found out that she has stage 3-breast cancer, an aggressive form of cancer at that, with both kids still in high school, this news came as doubly devastating for her. However, to make things worst, just before her diagnosis she just found out that her husband is hooked on drugs and has become an addict.

Like most people, it was out of desperation that she searched for a possible cure or help outside of medical science and outside of her own religion. Because of her boss, who happens to be a Chinese and Buddhist, she was introduced to a temple in Quezon City here in the Philippines.

According to AG she was initially wretched with guilt for going to a Buddhist temple, something that was strictly prohibited by their church, however, she said she thought of her children and as to what will happen to them if she dies and if their father, her husband, continues to be an addict. And so she was ‘forced’ to enter the temple accompanied by her boss. After being introduced to a monk and pouring her heart out, she was instructed by the monk to chant the Chinese version of the mantra of Medicine Buddha. She was also given some Temple Water or Auspicious Water to drink.

AG, without the knowledge of her husband decided to follow the instructions of the Buddhist monk. She would chant the mantra in the morning and evening and every time possibly can. She would chant it while going through chemotherapy. Out of instinct, because she was told she can chant the mantra and blow on a glass of water to make the water a healing water, she instinctively chant over her medicines and blow over them while the chemicals are getting inside her body to fight her cancer cells. On top of that, she decided to continuously drink the temple water and would let her husband drink them while she silently chant the mantra with the hope that her husband quit his addiction.

While her cure was not astoundingly miraculous, AG still feels that there was indeed divine intervention. According to her, her doctor has continuously remarked that she was responding to the treatment far better than expected and that the side effects on her was not as bad. She was given 5 years to be careful before they can fully say that she survived cancer.

All this was 17 years ago. I met AG because thru a friend, and she said she could now be totally considered as a survivor. There was no remission in 17 years! AG believes that the miracle was all due to the mantra that she constantly chanted.

As for her husband, her husband suddenly went cold turkey over drugs. It is as if he just woke up one day and thought he can live without drugs, and he did! Also for 17 years now!

I guess one can say that they’re both survivor!

I just want to add that they now have 5 grandchildren from their children!

On my next post, I’ll write about the mantra.

If you wish to know more about Medicine Buddha you can click here.

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