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The Vajrapani Ruel Stories (2): How A Man Got His Land Back After A 20 – Year – Old Legal Battle

Published Enero 21, 2015 by jptan2012
The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It's important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless.

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It’s important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless.

Not surprisingly a lot of people requested for the Vajrapani Ruel right after I first wrote about it on a post entitled – THE WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL AMULET IN THE BUDDHIST PANTHEON CALLED VAJRAPANI RUEL. And of course, just earlier, in a post that was a written awhile back but was only posted earlier, I also shared about the Vajrapani Ruel personal stories shared with me by my Guru Lama. You can read the stories by reading the post entitled – THE VAJRAPANI RUEL STORIES. But what I find surprising is the fact that when one of my reader got the Vajrapani Ruel, he claims to have immediately felt it’s effect.

JS is a 43 year – old businessman, married and with 5 children. JS is the son of a Chinese businessman out of wedlock. His father is married before he even met JS’s mother. JS has 4 siblings from his father’s wife. When his father’s wife passed away, he then took JS’s mom as his second wife, but they never got married.

According to JS it was a challenging childhood for him, being the only child from the ‘2nd wife’, and with his other siblings much older he became a loner. His half – siblings resented the fact that their father got another woman, and JS and his mom earn the anger of his half – siblings.

His father died without a will but a few months before he passed away he decided to leave one of his properties to JS and his mom. He made it appear that he sold them the property and told them not to meddle with the other properties because he knows that his other children will not share anything with JS and his mom. JS’s mom gave him their word that they won’t. This should have settled everything but just a few months after JS’s father passed away they decided to do everything to claim the property that ‘sold’ to JS’s mom and JS. They argued that it was impossible for them to buy the property because JS and his mom don’t have their own income at that time. Thus began a 20 year long legal battle that lead to the court granting JS’s half – siblings to claim the property.

Throughout the years, JS and his mom would approach his half – siblings to try to settle with them, but they remain to be quite firm with their decision not to make peace with JS and his mom and not to return the property to them. Many times, JS would like to just simply give up the fight and give them the property, specially now that he has his own business and is slowly building the dreams of his own family, but his mom is adamant that they get it back because ‘…she believes that it is rightfully ours and that it was your father’s last wish that we have it!’ In fact, although the property that was left with the original family was much bigger and that legally speaking JS has a claim to it, they never pursued any of the other properties.

JS initially wanted to get the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT, but I told him about the long production timeline and that we are currently experiencing severe delays in the delivery of the pendant, so when he read about the Vajrapani Ruel, he decided to request for it instead. Time is of an essence for JS because his mother is now sick and although her mind is still very much conscious her body is already giving up. JS wanted to extend her life a little longer and hope that she will be able to see her only wish come true and that is to have the property back.

When probed as to what his wish really is, JS was clear that he wants to get it so that his mom’s life will get extended. It’s pretty obvious that JS has given up on the fact that they will get the property back.

I was on a trip when JS emailed me, and I was not able to reply right away, and when I opened my email when I return, there is JS’s NUMEROUS email, and when I say NUMEROUS it is really NUMEROUS and as guarantee that I’ll receive his email, JS decided to create several accounts. He also left his number so I can contact him ASAP.

JS got his Vajrapani Ruel, and within 2 days after getting the Vajrapani Ruel, JS was calling me again. I was not able to reply then because my phone was not with me for several days, so it was only recently that I found out about his story. He said, in less than 48 hours after he got the Vajrapani Ruel, he got a call from one of his half – siblings. Without any explanation, he was told that they can get the property back, and was told that their lawyer will contact him. JS was left without words and no explanation was given. JS was surprised and found this too good to be true so he decided to hold off telling anybody about it. The following day, the lawyer of his half – siblings called him and from him JS was able to find out more about the situation, although it really is not necessarily more. He was told by the lawyer of his siblings, who have been friendly towards JS and who has been pushing for a settlement, told JS that he is also totally clueless about what lead to this decision. Like JS he also got a call a day earlier from JS’s siblings instructing him to facilitate the transfer of the property to JS. It has to be noted that this particular lawyer is actually the 8th or 9th lawyer who handled the 20-year-old legal battle.

Just like that JS got his mom’s lifelong wish. JS totally swears that it is because of the Vajrapani Ruel that he got the property back. As of the moment, he is in close contact with his sibling’s lawyers and the transfer of the property back to them is now on it’s way. JS claims that he also hope that his mom will also start getting better.

I believe it is the wealth luck activating power of the Vajrapani Ruel that manifested here. Even though he doesn’t necessarily badly need the property, JS said that aside from fulfilling his mother’s wish, having the property will give him the chance to build his family home in that property. He need not worry about buying a lot.

I personally totally believe in the wonderful powerful effect of the Vajrapani Ruel but in the interest of transparency, there are 4 more people who got the Vajrapani Ruel before or around the time that JS got his Vajrapani Ruel and so far it is only JS who has personal testimony to share.

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Fu, The Taoist’s Magical Paper Talisman

Published Agosto 15, 2012 by jptan2012

I have been wanting to write about the Fu (Mandarin) or Hu (Foo Kien) for quite some time now, however, I debated whether it is proper for me to write about the Fu because it is something that is not easily available or something that can be bought in a store.

This Fu is from a Taoist temple in Valenzuela called Bi Tsong Put (pronounced as Bee Chong Poot). Depending on the Fu, one usually burns a set, one set is usually 3 pieces.

Fu or Hu is a Taoist magical paper talisman. Fu is an ancient and special form of ‘magic’ or sorcery (sorcery is not exactly negative unless use in a negative way) that uses special characters or images or symbols or prayers or words ‘printed’ on a yellow rice paper in red ink. It is believed that a Fu can store a magic spells and good chi. While anybody can make a Fu or Hu, it entails a special skill and blessing from a Taoist God  for you to be able to lock the magic spell or chi in the said magical paper talisman. To do this one has to be an ordained Taoist priest or a Taoist God medium. The said chi and spell is further locked into the Fu by making sure that it passes through the incense burner dedicated to the said Taoist God, Immortal or Deity mentioned in the Fu.

Anyone can activate and tap into the power of the Fu by carrying the magical paper talisman on one’s body, putting them on the window or door, or placing in the room, or simply by burning them. Most Fu or Hu are burned while one calls on the God, Deity or Immortal represented by the Fu followed by the intent. However, as mentioned, there are some Fu that are to be worn on the body like an amulet, or place on the door, etc.

Fu(s), I believe, is one of the most powerful talisman in the world, provided you get it from a reliable source, and from somebody who is not driven by monetary reasons. Unfortunately, in the Philippines, there are some temples that sell their Fu. I don’t believe that this is right, especially, if there are patrons who have greatly benefited from tapping the power of the Fu, that they sponsor printing of Fu(s).

There are different kinds of Fu(s), depending on the temple and sometimes depending on the purpose or intent of the person needing the Fu. One can use a Fu to invoke a God/Deity/Immortal’s help, to protect a household, heal the sick, or exorcise demons or bad spirits. Some people would associate the Fu like a petition paper, or a court order depending on the purpose or intent.

This is a Fu that I burn every morning. It is a Fu of a Taoist Temple in Abad Santos St., Manila called – CHEAT TAI SOON. Unlike most Fu, one set of this is 7 pieces.

There is no clear record as to what Chinese civilization first used the Fu, however, the Fu is mentioned in a lot of Chinese religious and political texts. An apocryphal Taoist text call Ku Wei Shu or Old Mystical Test, the role of Fu is associated with the last legendary Five Emperors of China, especially with Great Emperor Yu, the mysterious Emperor who founded the Hsia Dynasty.

It is said that the Great Emperor has stop a terrible flood that has devastated most of China by burning several Fu of the Goddess of the North Star.

This is the Fu of the Goddess of Mercy / Bodhisattva of Compassion / Kuan Yin. I make sure I burn at least one set of her Fu everyday.

Personally, I can attest to the power of the Fu, and I use it a lot in conjunction of my mantras and Feng Shui.

There was this one time when one of our houseboy went into a epileptic attack, some say he was being possessed by a spirit, we don’t really know, but I specifically remember my mom just got a set of Fu, burned it and after less than a minutes our houseboy became visibly relax. He was sent to the hospital, but the hospital said that they don’t think he had an epileptic attack, and our houseboy claims that he saw a dark shadow hovering over him.

This is the Fu of The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven – Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong has three different kind of Fu. This one is for personal, family matters.

Another experience with the power of the Fu that I had, happened when I was still involve in an NGO. One of our managers got an educational grant in Berlin, but he has to pay for her own airfare and board and lodging. The organization raised funds for her board and lodging, however, nobody has volunteered to shoulder her airfare. We decided to write to several politicians, travel agencies, and famous businessman. Unfortunately, all of them turned down our request, except for one Chinese businessman. When we called up his office, his secretary informed us that her boss has read the letter but that he really hasn’t replied. We are quite desperate already because our colleague is scheduled to leave in 2 days and she still hasn’t raise her airfare fund. We beg the secretary of the Chinese businessman to give us time to present our cause to the businessman himself, the secretary agreed and said we should go to their office that same afternoon and she’ll see whether she can give us 5 minutes with the Chinese businessman. We immediately left, and for some reason, I decided to bring a set of Fu (one set is 3 pieces) of The Great Sage, Equal of Heaven Sun Wukong.On our way, the secretary called my colleagues mobile phone and said that there’s no need for us to go because her boss has already informed her that he can’t finance my colleague’s trip. My colleague informs the secretary that we are already downstairs and begged her to still allow seeing the Chinese businessman. The secretary agreed and I decided to burn the Fu with the intent of getting the businessman to finance my colleague’s trip to Berlin. To make the long story short, we went up, had an audience with the businessman, and was asked a single question – How would the country benefit from this trip? – My friend gave her reply and she got the funds for her airfare!

This is another Sun Wukong’s Fu. This one is for business. There’s another one but I don’t have a copy of it, that is for health.

I know somebody who is sick of cancer and was given a ‘death sentence’ by his doctor. He started burning some Fu and now he is well. Even his doctor was surprised that he won over the cancer.

There are a lot more stories about the power of the Fu, be it about money, business, personal problems, etc. The Fu has always made magical solutions for seemingly unsolvable problems.

For one to be able to tap into the power of the Fu, the Fu is burned. You call on the Immortal/Deity represented in the Fu, then you say your intent. However, there are some Fu that can be worn on the body and or placed on the door, etc.

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