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The Tumultuous Energies Before the Official Entry of the 2018 Year of the Earth Dog!

Published Pebrero 1, 2018 by jptan2012

In Feng Shui, the last month of the lunar year is one of the most confusing energy of the year, because this is the time when outgoing energies are sort of ‘fighting’ with the incoming energies of the following lunar year.

This year is quite unique though because some signs are experiencing a heightening of some negative energies. If you will remember, last year’s forecast indicates that people born under sign of the Horse and Sheep will have a very challenging year, one that is plague with possible violence and a series of bad luck. The coming 2018 Year of the Earth Dog should be better for them, however, while February 16 hasn’t come in to usher the official Year of the Earth Dog, it is advisable for people born under the year of the Horse and Sheep to be careful.

Actually, because the incoming year brings with it some challenging energies, the remaining energies of the year is also heightened.

In the past few weeks, I have encountered so many people complaining that some sort of bad thing happened to this and that person. Most of these stories have people ending up in the hospital and/or even death.

One of the story involves my own mother.

My mother was born in the year of the Sheep. Because I know that she is affected by the #7 Violent Star and side afflicted with the #5 Yellow Star this 2017 Lunar Year of the Rooster, I made sure that she will be protected with all the amulets that she needs. My siblings and I will also constantly remind her to take extra careful. A few months ago, she fell down, it is a good thing though that she was wearing her amulets and my nephew was also there to ‘save’ her and to keep her from fully falling. On the first week of January, she jokingly said that she has survived 2017!  To which I reminder her that the bad stars are still with her until Feb 15, 2018. However, last week, her friend from high school who happens to be a person born under the year of the Horse, and whose children are born again thus they forbade her to wear any amulets, had a stroke and she subsequently passed away. When she was still in the hospital, in fact, on her first day in the hospital, my mom wanted to visit her. Since I was out of the house, my sister called me to let me know of my mother’s plan to visit her friend. I told my sister not to allow my mom because (1) it is still the year of the Rooster and she is still afflicted with all the bad stars, and (2) that day was really a bad day in terms of the configuration of the stars including the daily Flying Stars, and (3) the hospital is considered a very yin place, meaning it has a lot of negative energies. Even with amulets, as all of you who is familiar with my thinking, I really wouldn’t want to tempt fate. I suggested to my sister that she and I should just accompany my mom to go to the hospital the following day where the stars are auspicious and also so that we can ensure that she has all her amulets.

Maybe it is because of her very close affinity to her friend who has been her friend since high school, or because of how the elderly are sometimes short tempered and impatient and don’t want to be told what to do by their children, my mom acted like a high school or college student and implored the driver and her caregiver to drive her to the hospital. She did this while my sister went to the restroom. In her rush, my mom forgot to wear her amulets, and her caregiver also forgot to let her wear them. Everything went fine, albeit my siblings and I were a little flustered with what my mom did, she was able to get home safely. However, when we all thought that she was safe and sound, she stood up from her chair, lost her balance and fell down. My mom is turning 75 this year, and she has mild osteoporosis, and so it was not surprising that she broke her femur! The only thing is that she didn’t break any of her hip or pelvic bone!!!

As of writing this we are still in the hospital. She has been her for 12 days now and while it is hopeful that she will be discharge in a few more days, it will still take two months of therapy for her to be able to walk properly again.

She tempted fate. I know what I told her that she should still try to be mindful that she still has those bad stars didn’t really sink in with her.

Another person I know who got affected by these challenging energies is my former officemate. Charles, is turning 40 this year, and he was born in the year of the Horse. I’m very fond of Charles because in a world of Public Relations where it is considered a cutthroat business, Charles was one of the few persons that is totally sincere and nice when we used to work together in the PR firm that employs us. This was several years ago, and through the years we remain friends even now that I have my own businesses and he now heads a department of another company. Charles is a born – again Christian, a Pentecostal at that, and so he doesn’t really believe in Feng Shui. Although there are times that he’ll ask me about my forecast.

Charles is afflicted with the #7 Violent Star and the #5 Yellow Star, two of the most negative stars in the Flying Stars formula. Furthermore, his office is also in the South side of his office. I did warn Charles about this and he said he’ll be careful, and true enough it has been a challenging Year of the Rooster for him. I last saw him late last year when we had our annual post-Christmas and pre-New Year dinner. He told me that he is just happy that 2017 is about to end so that he can welcome a better 2018, this was after he asked me what’s in store for him in 2018. Because I know that he takes Feng Shui lightly, I didn’t say that technically speaking Year of the Rooster is until Feb. 15, 2018.

I just received word 2 days ago that Charles died. Initial finding is heart attack but it was later confirmed through an autopsy that he died of acute pancreatic attack / acute pancreatis.

Charles death hit me really hard, part of me thinks that if I just warned him that things will not get better for him until Feb. 16 maybe he would have been more careful and he wouldn’t have died. Our friends and his sister assured me that what happened to Charles is like heart attract. No one can predict when it will happen and there are no warning signs.

Another story is that of famous TV and movie director, Direk Maryo J Delos Reyes. Thru a mutual friend he consulted me early last year. I had the feeling that he doesn’t take this thing seriously and just would like to know what would be the general forecast for him. Direk Maryo, as he is fondly called, was born in the year of the Dragon, however, his bedroom and his head when he sleeps is directed towards the South. As mentioned, the South in the 2017 Lunar Year of the Rooster is afflicted with the #5 Yellow Star or Wu Wang and side afflicted with the #7 Violent Star, not to mention that it also has some other negative stars from the 24 Mountain Stars formula. Told him about this, but I’m really not sure whether he actually followed any of my recommendations. I firmly believe that his passing away has something to do with the fact that his room and his head when sleeping is oriented to the South. I was also told by one of his talents that he passed away due to a heart attack when he was in the Southern part of the Philippines. This might have further weakened his already weak chi by being expose to the South.

We still have a few more weeks left before 2018 Lunar Year of the Earth Dog officially comes in, but it is good if you have them to wear your Vajrapani Ruel, or gold Kalachakra pendant, or any other powerful protective amulets that you have.

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Bad Attitude May Negate All Good Karma and Good Feng Shui!

Published Nobyembre 29, 2012 by jptan2012

Hello again to all my readers! It’s been a little more than 3 months since I’ve written anything. I apologize for most of your emails went unanswered and your comments were not posted and or also went unanswered.

The long break is an unintentional blog rest. After the hungry ghost month I went out of the country for a business trip followed by a spiritual retreat where I visited some of the most holy Buddhist sites in the world. After which, I was swarmed with work and had to focus on my business.

Today, I would like to start writing again, and I would like to talk about the importance of good attitude in enhancing your Feng Shui and Karma, because bad attitude may negate all good Feng Shui and Karma!!!

Thought of writing this because of a reader who emailed me sometime August, just before I left for abroad. The said reader, let’s just call her M, emailed me to request for help because she is currently facing some problems. I initially refused to do another personal consultation because I was really busy at that time, however, she was quite persistent and I allowed myself to be swayed to offer some guidance.

I did her basic BAZI reading for free and in that reading I saw that she was supposed to have a lot of good luck. However, base on her stories, she had a good life but things have started going sour and that she is currently facing some financial difficulty.

M is an OF (Overseas Filipino) worker in Europe. According to her she’s been in Europe working as a caregiver for more than 10 years and that she already has helped a lot of relatives back here in the Philippines. However, according to M, things started going sour when about 3 years ago she was one of the staff that was laid off by the nursing home that she worked for. I can sense that she still suffers the pain from losing that job, especially since she’s been working there for 5 years. Furthermore, after losing that job, she found it hard to get another job and whenever she is able to get one she’ll lose them after a few months. The most recent one is when she was hired by an English woman to work as an in-house caregiver for the English woman’s mother. According to M they have an agreement that she’ll be the mom’s caregiver for a year, however, after 3 months she was fired for no apparent reason other than the English woman and her husband can no longer afford to pay for an in-house caregiver.

I was reluctant to get into her problem too much because I was busy myself and promised myself that I will not get too involve with the problems of my readers. Furthermore, I can see that she is not really a believer of Feng Shui and only contacted me out of desperation. She also clarified that this is her first time to engage in Feng Shui.

However, I can really sense her desperation and agreed to do a basic BAZI reading for her. I think she really started believing when I mentioned to her that her BAZI showed that she is not married, or that she doesn’t have the Peach Blossom luck. In fact, it showed that she is totally out of marriage luck. This means, that she was either never married, or if she did she is currently separated from her husband. I mentioned this to her and was surprised that I know that she was never married, and, in fact, according to her she never had a serious relationship in her life. Her life is fully devoted for her family (parents and siblings). The good thing is that her BAZI showed that she is surrounded by a loving family, and although she doesn’t have children of her own, her BAZI showed that her children loves her, w/c means these are represented by her nephews and nieces.

However, as mentioned earlier, her BAZI showed that she has a lot of good luck and good karma, and that she is at a staged where in she should be reaping her financial luck already. However, again base on M’s story that is not the case. Furthermore, she said that she feels so alone and that her nephews and nieces were not close to her. The only person that she gets to talk to is her mother and her siblings only get in touch with her during Christmas. It became obvious that a basic BAZI reading will not do and that I should do a full analysis of her BAZI. Since I really feel for her, I decided to do this for free.

What was revealed in the BAZI saddened me. It became obvious that she had a good life, should be having a good life, but for some reason she is simply losing it, even if her BAZI showed that she is suppose to continuously have a good life and will die rich surrounded by her loved ones. This saddened me because this could only mean that she is reaping so many bad karma for herself that she has negated all the good karma and Feng Shui install for her in this lifetime.

I had to double check this, because my experience with her had been very pleasant and I couldn’t reconcile what I’m seeing in the BAZI and conclusion that I have to draw from the fact that it didn’t manifest in her life. I thought I could be wrong or that she might have given me the wrong birth date and time and had to double check with her. Nevertheless, I have the correct details of her birth.

I decided to email one my Feng Shui teachers and consult him M’s case. He draw the same conclusion and advice me to give some Feng Shui charms to M that will help ground M. However, I still can’t reconcile the M that calls me long distance to discuss with me her problem and the M that we think is negating all her good karma and Feng Shui because what could be because of her bad attitude.

The only way to approach this is to be honest with her and to tell her the truth. I told her what her BAZI is showing and in the gentlest possible way I can, I also told her that more often than not, the reason for a person not getting the luck indicated in his/her chart is because they live in a house with really bad Feng Shui and/or the person is creating so much bad karma for himself/herself that it negates all the good luck created in the BAZI. I suggested that she email me pictures of her current house, however, to be honest my Feng Shui instructor and I believe that the only reason that M is totally devoid of all the good luck that she has is because of a bad attitude, bad home Feng Shui will also affect it but not to the extent that it will totally negate everything.

She emailed pictures and the floor plan of her current house, and while there are some things that should be ‘cured’ it doesn’t have anything that will totally negate her good karma and Feng Shui showed in her BAZI. This brings us back to the other belief that it could be her bad attitude that’s causing all these bad luck.

I discussed this with M, and she became a little defensive and said that she only has bad attitude because people treated her really bad. She also insisted on having some Feng Shui cures. I suggested some and advice her to get it online or thru WOFS in London. However, she insisted that she wants to get it from me. I discouraged her from getting her charms from me because (1) I’m really not a seller and while I do sell some pieces to friends and some readers, (2) the pieces that I have are much more expensive than the one you can find online because the pieces that I get are made from real jades, other semi-precious stones, and or real gold. Some of them are also rare pieces.

M was quite insistent to get it from me and when discussed with one of my Feng Shui teacher, he clarified that I have a moral obligation to help M because she is a reader of my blog and that I have some responsibility when I decided to start this blog.

Reluctantly, I agreed to ‘supply’ M some of her Feng Shui charms. Requested that she ask one of her relatives to see me here in Manila so I can just hand to them the Feng Shui charm/cure and so that they can just hand to me the payment. She insisted that she would rather that she directly transact with me. My mistake was I gave in to her demands again.

Her total bill was around Php 16,000.00 and because she was short of cash she requested that she’d just pay me Php 13,000.00 first. I agreed and even though she didn’t send money for shipment, I agreed to send her the charms.

To make the long story short, she claims that she didn’t receive the items, and started sending me hate messages and demanded that I return her money. A lot of you have ordered the WEALTH AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT & the WISHFULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT from me. You can vouch for receiving the items on time. Emailed M a copy of the proof that she indeed received the items at the address that she gave me. She said that those were not her signatures. She said that she wants her full money back although in truth she really haven’t paid me the whole amount. Furthermore, she threatened me that when I get to Manila, I was traveling at that time, I will see myself in ABS-CBN and that she will send somebody to my house to make me pay and to teach me a lesson.

She did send somebody to the house to threatened me, but the person was immediately pacified when I showed him my email and sms exchanges with M. Furthermore, the person that he sent was also duped into believing that M and I were long time friends and that I was hiding from her. The truth is I’ve never met M. The person who went to the house also introduced me to M’s family. Here the truth came out…

M’s family has been having problems with her. She indeed had a good life and was successful abroad, in fact, she had their house built and sponsored another sister to go to Europe. Unfortunately, M started showing signs of a change in behavior. They said she started becoming extravagant and would always tell her family that they only tasted the good life because of her. They also said that M was fired from the nursing home because she became too proud and told her superior that the nursing home will not prosper without her. Furthermore, the English woman also fired her because M felt and acted hat she know better than her charge’s family. On top of that, M also talked to one of his brother to send her daughter to Europe. The brother seeing that his daughter can now find work in Europe agreed to send his daughter; little did he know that what M plans to do is to marry her niece off to an old European guy. They believe that M sold the niece; it’s a good thing that M’s sister who is also in Europe rescued their niece.

The family apologizes to me because of what M did and they requested me to help M thru Feng Shui. Told them that only M can truly help herself, what they can do for her is to pray for her and if they want they can chant some mantra for her. They agreed to do both. However, I would like to end this post that only M can truly change her bad luck by changing her bad attitude. Hope she’ll do it soon!

I still hope that she’ll wear the charms that she got from me, because it will help M to get more grounded but again, only M can truly help herself.

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