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Issued A Working Visa for Canada: A Surangama Mantra Amulet Personal Testimony

Published Setyembre 11, 2015 by jptan2012

Today, allow me to share with you a wonderful somewhat miraculous story of a reader, not with the Vajrapani Ruel, which is the world’s most powerful amulet in the Buddhist pantheon but with the Surangama Mantra Amulet.

EA is a young man who primarily works as a model and sometimes does hosting job. He is an undergrad and although is eloquent he finds it hard to find a more stable job, and he thinks that hosting and modeling are the only things he can do. However, he knows that he is not getting any younger and both modeling and hosting are a cruel industry. Sometimes when you are not as young as they want you to be then you start to lose on your projects.

So EA decided to migrate to Canada to work there. He has a friend there who told him that life in Canada, as long as you work hard, is really good. That prompted EA to set out and apply for visa in Canada to work there. He did this with his younger sister.

After several years of trying and several interviews, EA’s sister left for Canada last year, but EA was denied so many times that he has lost hope. EA’s girlfriend is a Buddhist and a reader of this blog who happens to be my friend’s sister also. When she found out that I have the authentic Surangama Mantra Amulet blessed by a high-ranking Pure Land Buddhist Monk, she decided to get one for EA even though it is quite pricey. She got it for EA not for his dreams, but because she knows that the Surangama Mantra Amulet is a powerful amulet, and she believes that the Heavenly Beings will always ‘hover’ over EA whenever he wears it and that this will in turn always keep EA safe and somehow also give him a competitive edge in life.Surangama Mantra

Several days after EA got his Surangama Mantra Amulet; he received a letter informing him that he is scheduled for an interview in the Canadian Embassy. EA didn’t feel like going anymore because he felt that it’s a futile effort. However, EA’s mom and his girlfriend convinced him to attend. His girlfriend even insisted that he wear the Surangama Mantra Amulet during the interview to give him some luck.

Well, EA was just informed that he passed the interview and pending a few more documents needed he will be issued a visa. EA worked on the documents and to make the long story short he was issued a visa already.

EA and his girlfriend both tells me that they totally believe that it’s the Surangama Mantra Amulet that made EA’s dream come true. Because there was not much difference before and with the latest interview, well, the only difference is that he doesn’t have the Surangama Mantra Amulet before!

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