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Forecasted Financial Situation Is Already Happening and Some Suggestions On How To Deal With It!

Published Nobyembre 28, 2016 by jptan2012

Late last year when I wrote about my analysis of the Bazi Chart or Paht Chee Chart of 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey, one of the things I wrote is the big possibility of a financial crisis. In that particular article, what will precipitate the said crisis will happen either the first part or the middle part of the year, but that the crisis will start to happen either middle of the year or last part of the year. Last June, US$ 1.00 is approximately around Php 44.00, and now it is (as of writing) Php 49.95, the highest is more than 8 years, and the first time to steadily jump up after more than 10 years. In another post, which I have decided will not be shared again; I also insinuated the cost of this financial crisis, at least, for our country.

If you look at the trend, US $ to Php should have started going down already because of the OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker)remittances, but on the third week of November it still continues to rise. Hopefully, it will still go down on December given that the OFW remittances are coming in, but even if goes down, it seems that it will jump up again coming January. I’m sharing this because we all need to get ready for this. I haven’t checked the bazi chart for the year 2017, and will do so soon and share with you my analysis as soon as possible.

Having said that, I will like to clarify that this is not a political post, and so I refrain from making assumptions as to what is causing the continues decline of the Philippine peso, but this I will say while the middle class to upper class are not yet feeling the effect of this financial crisis, we should not be blind to the ones on the lower income bracket who has taken a hit already.

In the past 3 months, I came across two former VIP bodyguards who is now an Uber driver or applying to be a driver. Their concern is that a lot of foreign investors have left the country or have downsized, and of course, not so many foreign VIPs are in need of bodyguard. Another reader also emailed me. Her son apparently works as a call center agent, but several smaller call center agencies have close shop, they are smaller but each one still have about 300 call center agents, not to mention janitors, guards, and non – call canter agent employees.

I’m sharing this because it is important that each one of us prepare for this financial crisis, if indeed it will become a full-blown crisis and I’m not saying it will. Although, I forecasted it, like the Yolanda forecast, the Nepal earthquake forecast, this is something that I’m not proud of nor I’m happy that my forecast has been vindicated.

I’m sure each one of us can do something. We can start of by supporting the good that our government is doing but we should also rally against the things that we perceived are wrong. When I say rally, I mean we should let our voices be heard in a non – violent and non – confrontational manner. Let’s email the government, let’s share our thoughts, and let us be the change, the improvement that we so desire to see.

And of course, do not forget the power of prayers, of going to church or temple, of lighting candles and incense and dedicating its merits for the financial improvement of the country, let us chant -a – mantra or recite – a sutra.

On a personal level, we should start protecting ourselves. Save up, invest properly, carry a powerful amulet like the Vajrapani Ruel or now the traditional sutra amulet like THE DIAMOND SUTRA and / or THE SUTRA ON THE PAST VOWS OF EARTH STORE BODHISATTVA, these amulets doesn’t become available now for no reason, they always become available at the right time.

If you wish to know more about the Sutra Amulet (A Special Recite – A – Sutra Article) Series you can click on the links below:

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A Dream About Eating Human Waste Explained!

Published Nobyembre 13, 2015 by jptan2012

A few weeks ago a reader from Cebu contacted me to ‘consult’ about her weird dream that bothered her. KE is a young woman who contacted me before to request for the Vajrapani Ruel. But recently she contacted me because she had a dream that bothered her.

According to KE in her dream, she dreamt that she was eating something and then she suddenly realized that she what she was putting in her mouth is human waste or manure or shit. Still In her dream when she realized that it was human waste that she was putting in her mouth she suddenly spit it out.

Now she wants to know what her dream means.

In Feng Shui human waste or manure or shit usually means financial luck, it means that money is coming in. The mere fact that it was in her mouth signifies that she is potentially going to get some money that involves her mouth, meaning, by talking. However, she spit it out, which indicates that she is not yet sure about it and might be rejecting the source of the money.

KE then explained that she’s in the BPO (call center) industry, but she has started becoming a financial consultant for an insurance company. Both of her two current jobs involve using her mouth by talking. First, by talking on the phone and the other one by explaining to the client the benefits of getting insurance. Both jobs involve talking as a main source of income. This complicate matters because if one job, let’s say, is computer programming then it is obvious that she should go for the job that involves a lot of talking. But both involve a lot of communicating so what does her dream is telling her. In the end, it is only KE who can decipher this. However, I asked her as to, which of the two jobs has the potential to bring in more money but she may still be apprehensive about because of stability. She says it is the job as a financial consultant because she is just new to it.

I think base on her explanation her dream indicates that she should not ‘spit out’ her job as financial consultant this has the potential to bring in money for her.

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Is Working as a Call Center Agent Creating Bad Luck?

Published Mayo 12, 2014 by jptan2012

work1Today, I would like to share with you a question of a call center agent. DS is 34 years old call center agent. He’s been working as a call center agent for 7 years now and he said he noticed while his income has always been steady, the financial progress is quite limited, but worse is his personal life.

You see DS is always sick, on top of that his personal relationships has been deteriorating, his wife left him for another man, and he is left with his 2 kids who seems unable to connect with him. He was desperate so his cousin who happens to be a reader who became my friend convinced him to talk with me. His cousin then convinced me to meet up with DS.

When I met with DS, DS shared with me his woes, emphasizing that his life used to be good until he decided to join the call center industry. He said, that’s when he noticed the changes that happened to him and it was an about 2 years after it that his relationship with his wife started to go sour. He said that relationship problem is common amongst his colleagues and amongst call center agents, and they usually attribute this to the fact that they work in the evening and that they are usually dead tired when they go home in the morning, which makes it hard for them to have meaningful relationships with their partners because of the difference in working time.

What I didn’t say that while that is indeed an explanation, it doesn’t explain as to why in a research study it shows that call center agents generally find it hard to have meaningful relationships, on top of that, promiscuity tends to be higher amongst them. As a marketing consultant, I also became privy in a study that shows that the highest selling product of convenience stores located near call center offices is a condom. To top it off, and without generalizing it, one of the highest HIV infection rate is amongst the call center agents. These studies tell us something. But what is the problem?

Personally, I think it is because most call center agents work in the evening, which is generally considered Yin time. Too much exposure in the Yin energy without being counter acted by Yang time is bad for all of us. It will create a lot of problems, whether it is financial, relationships or health. I say this from experience.

Several years back, I worked as a news writer for a TV network. I used to go to work 4pm and go home at around 4:30am. I will only get to experience and exposure to yang energy for a few minutes. It will be usually be between my travels from my house to my workplace. Soon I started noticing some problems cropping up in my life, I called up my Feng Shui master and he explained I don’t have enough yang time.

What I did I was requested my superiors to move me to a better time. They did and that solved the problem. But I’m well aware that not all of us will have that luxury. So what can one do?

First, try to engage in some yang energy ‘sessions’ once a week. During your rest day do expose yourself to the sun’s yang energy. Play with kids or your pets if you have any, they exudes yang energy. Play good yang music everyday, these are music that are fun and have messages of happiness.

Wearing a pink or red (made of good quality stone) or a gold Kuan Yin pendant will greatly boost your young energy. Kuan Yin will protect you from yin energy at the same time pink, red, or gold will give off some yang energy. It will also help if you can have an image of the Medicine Buddha or it’s mantra or sutra somewhere in your body.

This is rare Kuan Yin collection carved from a pink chalcedony. While pink chalcedony and Kuan Yin images are not rare it is rare to have a Pink Chalcedony Kuan Yin. There are a lot of fake pink chalcedonys in the market. While price should not be the only basis in choosing a good pink chalcedony because it is very to price a fake one high to make it look real, it is good to take note that really cheap ones are usually fake pink chalcedony.

This is rare Kuan Yin collection carved from a pink chalcedony. While pink chalcedony and Kuan Yin images are not rare it is rare to have a Pink Chalcedony Kuan Yin. There are a lot of fake pink chalcedonys in the market. While price should not be the only basis in choosing a good pink chalcedony because it is very to price a fake one high to make it look real, it is good to take note that really cheap ones are usually fake pink chalcedony.

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