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Enhancing Wealth Luck Through the Combined Image of the Happy Fat Buddha and A Citrine!

Published Nobyembre 23, 2015 by jptan2012

PR is a reader who is having some cash flow problems. She said that technically she is not poor because she has several properties under her name that was left to her when her husband died. However, she needs some cash so that she can expand her business and that is what she lacks. Lending money from the bank is not an option for her only because she hates paying the high interest and she knows that her options is selling one of her properties, especially the one that she believes that she doesn’t need and want. However, the problem is that she has been trying to sell it but is unable to find a buyer.

As a solution she insists that she needs and want the Vajrapani Ruel(1) because after reading the testimonies about people solving their money problem when they got the Vajrapani Ruel(2) encouraged her to get it. However, upon looking at her bazi/paht chee, I realized that she has very good wealth luck or financial luck and that money is not a problem, it is simply a question of enhancing it for her to benefit from it. I was about to agree for her to get the Vajrapani ruel(3) when she decided to email me pictures of some of the charms, amulets, or Buddhist images that she has accumulated throughout the years, and lo and behold I found the solution.

In one of her collections, I found an image of the Happy Fat Buddha or Maitreya Buddha carved from a Citrine that she can wear as a pendant. This is quite rare and so I made sure that the Citrine is real. She said she doesn’t wear it because it is quite expensive, and I believe her, because although Citrine is a pretty common stone, and the Happy Fat Buddha is common image, a Happy Fat Buddha Citrine is not that common!

What PR has is similar to this. Photo uploaded from Google Image.

What PR has is similar to this. Photo uploaded from Google Image.

I suggested that she hold off getting the Vajrapani Ruel(4) and just wear the Citrine Happy Fat Buddha, and she did. And she just contacted me again saying she has solved her cash flow problem without selling her property, it seems that collection became quite easier, which solved her cash flow problems, and this happened when she started wearing the Citrine Maitreya Buddha!

But she still insist on getting the Vajrapani Ruel(5) and since she doesn’t have a cash flow problem now she wants two each of the Vajrapani Ruel(6) and Surangama Mantra Amulet so that she and her daughter can have one each!


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Myth Buster 7: Potpourri Makes for a Good Offering

Published Marso 16, 2012 by jptan2012

I’ve never really heard of Buddhist offering potpourri to their images, but a number of people has asked whether it’s okay to use a potpourri as an offering because it’s an offering of flowers and scent!

The truth a potpourri is considered as a very inauspicious offering. A potpourri is cut up dried flowers. Meaning its dead flower. Therefore, it’s high in Yin energy and is not suitable as an offering to your Buddhas or Bodhisattvas.

Furthermore, it’s actually not suitable to be placed in a room because it creates Yin energy that may be harmful to us. It might create bad luck for the people who occupy the room, or it might even steal the energy of a good Feng Shui.

I know they may seem nice but it’s best to avoid potpourris!

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