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Double Deck Beds: Hinders Growth and Lacks Support!

Published Setyembre 22, 2017 by jptan2012

double deck bedRecently, I was talking to a mom who laments the fact that her daughter is hoping to a promotion which seems elusive. She is a regular reader of this blog and somehow instinct tells her that there is something wrong with where her daughter sleeps. You see by reading this blog she instinctively understood the basic principle or guidelines of Feng Shui and she somewhat knows that what hinders her daughter’s career growth or progress is because she sleeps at the lower deck of the double deck or double decker bed.

Sleeping in double deck bed is a Feng Shui blunder, if you sleep at the lower deck it hinders growth, and when you sleep at the upper deck it signifies lack of support does making things harder. If this is unavoidable it is better to sleep at the upper deck but the best option is really just to avoid sleeping on a double deck bed whether you sleep at the lower or upper deck.

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Look What’s Under Your Bed!

Published Mayo 30, 2017 by jptan2012

Early last year a friend invited me to become the godfather of their youngest child. The reception was held at the clubhouse of the subdivision where one of their friends lives.

During the post baptism reception, the conversation turned into Feng Shui, because my now ‘compare’ and ‘comadre’ shared with them that I’m a Feng Shui blogger. It was then that their friend who lives in the said subdivision told me about his concern with his youngest brother who lives with them. The brother graduated from college a couple of years ago, but he seemed unable to hold on to a job for long. Everything will start out fine but he will soon have some trouble with work. He also confided that he has tried to consult professional Feng Shui consultants and they said that there is nothing wrong with the Bazi chart or Paht Chee chart of his brother, and that his house is Feng Shui compliant.

Since we are already in the subdivision, I agreed to see his house and do a Feng Shui audit. Aside from some minor Feng Shui blunders, everything seems to be fine. I decided to check the brother’s bazi but even that doesn’t show any reason as to why he is unable to stay in a job for long and why would he always encounter problems. At this point my friend’s friend also confided in me that his brother always encounter some financial problems.

I decided to check the youngest brother’s room again. And I really can’t see anything wrong. But it was at this point that I saw a little paper protruding from under the bed of the youngest brother. I pointed it out to my friend’s friend and he said that their helper complains that his brother is a little messy in the room and that they are only able to maintain cleanliness in his room because the helper always makes sure to clean it. My instinct told me to ask them to push the bed. They did. And under the bed, well, I really don’t know how to put it properly, but it was obvious that they never move the bed and there was a whole new world of under it. Voila! I know already the problem. We should always make sure that underneath of our bed are clean. If it’s full of dirt, it seems like we lie on top of dirt and thus bad things happen to our life.

That was last year, when I saw them again a few weeks ago, the first thing they told me that his brother has stayed for more than a year already in his latest job. This is the first job that he has that he stayed for more than 4 months! And the brother has also started to invest in his own car. Much improvement, and they attribute it to the fact that they now make sure that it is always clean underneath their bed!


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The Danger of Exposed Beams and How To Cure It!

Published Abril 24, 2017 by jptan2012

CPA2Exposed beams are one of the greatest error or Feng Shui blunders that I see in offices or homes. Sometimes the owners for aesthetic reasons intentionally expose them, sometimes, it is economic. But having beams is really bad because it because a series of poison arrows and acts like a multiple slicer of your chi.

Some of the effects of having beams are:

  1. Financial, wealth and money bad luck.
  2. Health concerns, it is common to have migraines. One of the worst cases I have seen is somebody who had cancer because of exposed beams.
  3. Disharmony in the place, which may lead to separation if it’s in the bedroom of a couple.

Some of the extreme cases may lead to:

  1. Violent deaths of a member of a family. It may be thru homicide because of attempted burglary or homicide due to fighting amongst colleagues.
  2. Total Loss of wealth.

The best solution is not to have it and take it away. Some people will put a small cloth on top of their bed (as seen on the photo) but this is a temporary solution. It is like chopping a vegetable with a cloth on top, it will make it harder but it will soon still be chopped.CPA

Again the best solution is to take it away, or cover it. Second best solution that may be more economical for some is to put 3 tumbled stone amethyst and a Vajrapani Ruel, which is considered as the world’s best amulet in the Buddhist pantheon.

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Use Citrine Water or Citrine Crystal Grid to Enhance Your Wealth Luck! (Part 2)

Published Nobyembre 20, 2015 by jptan2012

In the part one of this post, I talked about how using Citrine Water or what some people will call us Citrine Crystal Elixir or Citrine Elixir can enhance once wealth luck or financial luck. Today I would like to talk about using Citrine Crystal Grid to enhance your wealth luck.

One sure way of knowing that your Citrine is that it has bubble - like inclusions and has some cracks inside. The shade of one single stone is also seldom constant, you'll find some parts darker some parts almost white. These are signs of a real citrine, otherwise if its perfect it's either fake or cost a thousand fold more expensive.

One sure way of knowing that your Citrine is that it has bubble – like inclusions and has some cracks inside. The shade of one single stone is also seldom constant, you’ll find some parts darker some parts almost white. These are signs of a real citrine, otherwise if its perfect it’s either fake or cost a thousand fold more expensive.

As I have said this is not the first time I’m writing about enhancing wealth luck or financial luck, this is a topic that I have written several times because this is the most common concern people want resolved. In fact, as mentioned, one of the most common reason why my readers are requesting for the Vajrapani Ruel and / or the Surangama Mantra Amulet is because they want to increase their Wealth Luck or Financial Luck or Money Luck.

Some of the more famous articles that I have written about enhancing wealth luck or financial luck are the following:

  1. Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Wealth Luck.
  2. Simple Feng Shui Tips to Enhance Wealth Luck.
  3. Eight Natural Ingredients That Helps in Enhancing Your Wealth Luck or Financial Luck.
  4. Jade Plant Helps Enhances Wealth Luck.

But today allow me to share another one.

Citrine Generator

Citrine Generator

Citrine Crystal Grid is using some Citrine crystals to create and wealth grid in your sleeping area. This is quite simple but you will need a bed that has some space under it for you to be able to do this.

For this you will need 4 generator Citrine crystals, 3 Citrine clusters, and 14 tumbled Citrines and 2 Clear Quartz Generator and 2 tumbled Amethysts.



All you have to do is place one generator Citrine crystals in each corner of your bed, make sure that it’s placed just at the edge of the bed but under it. Then place one Citrine cluster right under the center of your bed, then another Citrine cluster at the right under at the foot of the bed, in between the two generator citrines, and another at the head also between the two generator citrines. Then put the 2 generator crystals at the side of the Citrine cluster right under the center of your bed, this should be in such a way that they become horizontal, and make sure that both clear quartz generator are at least 5 inches apart from the Citrine cluster. Then put one set of 7 tumbled citrines with one tumbled amethyst at both side of the bed in between the 2 generator crystals. And that’s it.clear quartz generator

You might find it hard to sleep the first few nights because your body is not yet attuned with the power of the crystals. But after 3 or 4 nights you should be fine. However, please don’t forget to take out the crystals once every month and wipe them with a wet cloth to clean them off the dirt that have cling to the crystals. After that put all the crystals on top of a rock salt for overnight to clean them off the negative energies that they might have accumulated.

Of course, if you have a power amulet near you when you sleep like the Vajrapani Ruel or Surangama Mantra Amulet, it becomes more powerful.

Amethyst Tumbled

Amethyst Tumbled

I first learned about this technique from my Feng Shui teacher in Hong Kong. There is a couple who consult him who told me that they swear that they owe their financial luck because of this.

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The Power Position: A Natural Feng Shui Remedy For A Cheating Husband.

Published Setyembre 30, 2015 by jptan2012

cheating husbandA lot of women have been requesting for the Vajrapani Ruel to help cure their relationships with their cheating husband. Sometimes, I will accede to their request but not after first determining the problem.

Aside from the natural cures or remedies mentioned here on this blog, another way to stop your husband from cheating is to give him the “power position”. What is the power position? Power positions are the areas in significant rooms or sectors of your house and let him get the ‘first’ source of energy.

For example, in your bed, he should be lying on the side of the bed that is nearer the door. Of course, this depends on his Kua number also. In the dining table, he should be sitting across the door.

Recently, a reader wanted to get the Vajrapani Ruel and I suggested this cure instead and she just confirmed with me that it worked!

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Feng Shui Blunder That Caused Serious Marital Problems!

Published Hunyo 4, 2015 by jptan2012

When the Vajrapani Ruel was first made available, a cousin requested for it. She didn’t mention as to why she wanted to have it and I didn’t ask, but I did feel that there was more to her than simply wanting to have a rare and very powerful amulet that was made available half a century ago.

Two months after she got the pendant, this particular cousin called me again, and poured her heart out to me because she wants me to use Feng Shui to help her. She said her 17 years of marriage is on the rocks because she and her husband have been having problems for quite some time already. She said that is the reason why she got the Vajrapani Ruel and she clarified that the ruel has improved their relationship a lot and they were fighting less, a lot less, in fact, she said since they had the ruel they’ve stopped arguing. However, she feels that although the triggers were already gone, it seems like the wall between then has not yet been broken.

I decided to look at their chart and found out that they should be fine and it shows that they will live to grow old together and have a good life. I was a little stumped because I don’t understand as to what is causing the problem. I called up my cousin – in – law (CIL) and confessed that my cousin has asked for my help. My CIL confessed that they used to fight a lot and he believes that the Vajrapani Ruel has put an end to the fighting, but somehow he feels like he loves a stranger. I asked him what he meant by loving a stranger; he said he feels he still loves my cousin but that somehow it feels like she was emotionally distant. The funny thing is my cousin said the same thing. She still loves my CIL but she feels that he is emotionally distant.

Two beds put together to become a marital bed will surely cause some marital problems.

Two beds put together to become a marital bed will surely cause some marital problems.

I suggested to look at their house, and I took special attention to their bedroom, because marital problems are caused by a Feng Shui blunder inside their room. However I can’t find any, everything seems to be fine because they believes in Feng Shui and has consulted me before so this shouldn’t be really surprising. I am becoming desperate because I can’t seem to find the problem; there is simply no Feng Shui blunder, until I sat on their bed. When I sat at the edge of the foot part of the bed, I notice a hollow part on the middle. There it clicks! I think I might have found the problem. I requested my cousin to lift the bed sheets, and realized that their beds are actually two twin-sized bed, pushed together to make a singe king sized bed. They did this because they wanted to save.

In Feng Shui putting two beds together to make a single marital bed is a big blunder. It signifies togetherness yet being separated! I told her to get a new bed. I believe the problem has been solved.

Writing this now because my cousin and cousin – in – law shared with me that they now have found the spark again.

Tap Into the Powers of Chung Kwei to Be Protected from the Bad Effects of the Hungry Ghost Month

Published Hulyo 22, 2012 by jptan2012

I just shared with you why Chung Kwei is considered as the ultimate protector from evil spirits, demons, and hungry ghosts, and their ill effects with the post entitled – THE FASCINATING STORY OF CHUNG KWEI, THE ULTIMATE CATCHER AND VANQUISHER OF DEMONS, GHOSTS, AND EVIL SPIRITS!

Chung Kwei (also spelled as Chong Kwei, Chung Kui, Chong Kui, Zhong Kwei, Zhong Kui, Zhung Kwei, and Zhung Kui) is usually depicted as an extremely ugly deity. He can be considered as a wrathful god, which is usually how protector gods are depicted. His face is also usually really dark if not black, and he usually has beard. He carries a sword that he use for battling demons and evils spirits and a magical fan, which he uses to ward of hungry ghosts or ghosts. However, it is said that his face alone is enough to ward of any evil spirits that is why it is not surprising to see some pendants that simply features his face. Sometimes, he is featured with a red bat, which symbolizes that he is capable of bringing good fortune through scholarly approach. This is because he is a highly learned man when he was still living.

Tapping into his power of protection is quite simple. All you need is to invite his image into your house. It is best to place him near the main door. However, if you can you can also put him by the stairs. Having his image in your office is also a good way into tapping into his protection for your office.

It is also advisable to wear an image of Chung Kwei as a pendant. Wearing his image as a pendant will ensure your protection. I always wear my Chung Kwei black jade pendant whenever I travel and I usually hang it beside my bed when I sleep, especially, if I suspect the hotel room where I’m staying is a Yin room.

However, there are some guidelines when choosing your Chung Kwei.

In choosing an image of a Chung Kwei for your home or office, it is important that:

  1. The image is made of wood, ceramic, porcelain, stone and never plastic or metal, unless it’s made of real gold.
  2. The image of Chung Kwei’s face should be red, black, or at the very least dark color.
  3. The image of Chung Kwei should have a fierce or angry looking face.
  4. The image should also have either all or one of his implements – sword and magical fan.

In choosing a Chung Kwei pendant, it is important that:

This particular Chung Kwei pendant features only the face. Notice the 2 little devils besides him with fearful face, it represents the first devils that Zhong Kui vanquished!

  1. The Chung Kwei pendant (Zhong Kui Pendant) is made of a red stone or black stone (ink jade which is technically green is also acceptable) or real gold. These are the only acceptable material for a Chung Kwei pendant. If getting a gold, make sure that it’s made of either yellow or red gold and not white gold. Anything outside these three are unacceptable. There are some Chung Kwei amulets available that are made of metal painted with gold. That’s not acceptable, plus it really has to be a pendant. It’s also very impolite to put the image of Chung Kwei in your pocket.

    This is a sample of an ink jade pendant. It looks like it’s black, but if you put a light behind it it’s green tone will appear. This is acceptable.

  2. The Chung Kwei pendant should have a fierce and/or angry face.
  3. It’s fine to simply get a pendant that just features the face.

The problem is it’s quite difficult to get an image of Chung Kwei either as a pendant or as statuette, unless, you’re from Malaysia and Singapore. In the Philippines, I’ve only seen one or two stores in Chinatown in Binondo that sells good statuette of Chung Kwei. I now have only one piece of the statuette that I got in Singapore that I can dispose of. It is even harder to find a good Chung Kwei pendant, again, unless, you travel to Singapore, Malaysia, or Hong Kong.

This is a rare black jade pendant image of Chung Kwei. Was fortunate enough to find one in Beijing, China in a small shop.

Before wearing or ‘displaying’ your Chung Kwei it is important that you have it bless by a Taoist priest. If a Taoist priest is not immediately available to you, or if the Taoist priest that you met is not familiar with Chung Kwei, you can bless your image yourself.

Blessing an image of a Chung Kwei:

  1. Make sure that your Chung Kwei is really clean from any physical dirt.
  2. Place your Feng Shui on top of a bowl of rock salt or sea salt; adjust accordingly depending on the size of your Chung Kwei.
  3. For pendants cover it with a piece of red paper with your name and birthday on it.
  4. For statuettes, you can place the red paper on its base or foot. Write your complete address.
  5. Leave it there for 3 days.
  6. On the third day, light 3 candles in front o the Chung Kwei while it’s still on top of the rock salt or sea salt. Small candles will do, and make sure they are made of 3 different colors – red, black, and yellow or white.
  7. Burn the paper before 6PM.
  8. You can start wearing or displaying your Chung Kwei the following day.




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