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Serendipity and Affinity (Part 1)

Published Disyembre 27, 2014 by jptan2012

One thing that I really love about traveling is the fact that I can use the waiting time at the airport to write, and because I have been doing a lot official/business traveling the past few months, most of what I’ve written lately came from all the waiting at the airport. My next 7 or 8 posts are all written at the airport also, so expect several posts in the next few days. They will be automatically published via scheduled posting.

But before we move to the main topic, I would like to remind everybody who is interested to get a general view of what’s in store for the coming 2015 Year of the Wood Sheep to read the following articles:



Today, I would like to write about serendipity and affinity. The first is a widely accepted occurrence in Feng Shui, Taoism, and Buddhism, while the second one is a debated phenomenon in Buddhism, but widely accepted in Taoism and Feng Shui.

A reader of this blog who since then become a very good friend, DU, has exhibited the truth that serendipity really happens. I do not doubt that this phenomenon really exist, but I’m writing it here because I just want to make a point that we should not ignore the serendipitous moments in our life.

I’m making DU as an example here because by virtue of my closeness to her, I also witnessed a lot of this serendipitous occurrence in here life. A lot of these manifested in the form of her being able to acquire the needed charms or amulets either for her or for her loved ones.

DU and her husband is one of the few people who contacted me to request for the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT. As most of you know, requesting for the pendant comes with a Bazi or Paht Chee reading as well. The chart of DU’s husband shows that he will need a Thousand – Hand Kuan Yin pendant. For those of you who are familiar with acquiring either gold or semi – precious stones pendant would know that there is no Thousand – Hand Kuan Yin pendant that has been manufactured that’s really close to what a Thousand – Hand Kuan Yin should be, or as close as to her image. But much to my surprise, somebody offered me one a few days before my meeting with DU and her husband, and to make the long story short, with a heavy heart even though I really love the pendant it went to them.

This is a very rare Thousand - Hand Kuan Yin pendant. Most Thousand - Hand Kuan Yin pendant will only feature a little more than ten hands, but this one has a lot. Not to mention that it is made of good quality jade.

This is a very rare Thousand – Hand Kuan Yin pendant. Most Thousand – Hand Kuan Yin pendant will only feature a little more than ten hands, but this one has a lot. Not to mention that it is made of good quality jade.

Not to mention the price of the pendant, although it’s made of high quality jade is not very expensive. I think in peso it was only about Php 20,000.00 or Php 25,000.00. More than a year after they got the pendant, I was able to come across the same pendant online, and while it’s made of cheaper quality of jade, it costs several thousands more. I don’t really remember the price but I think it’s about US$ 40,000.00!

Also for DU’s husband, just recently because he is about to go through some changes in his life, he is in need of a Bat with Coin made of Lapis Lazuli pendant. Again, for those who are familiar with it, its quite difficult to get this particular combination, but surprisingly, there is one reputable supplier of good quality Lapiz Lazuli who has it in the particular image that DU’s husband’s needs. And it’s the only one left. Needless to say, they acquired it.

DU ‘s brother also need an image of La Tza, again this is a very difficult image to find, especially one carved in jade. I told DU that it is quite difficult to get this, but I think she was the one who told me to call up my supplier, which I did, and lo and behold there is one piece. Again needless to say they acquired it, and when a Taoist monk was blessing it, the monk expressed surprised that we got hold of such image.

DU had so much more experience regarding serendipity. I don’t really remember all her serendipitous experience, but recently, we just found out that she’ll need an original design Lock Coin, however, there are several kinds of lock coin in the Feng Shui market and not all of them are appropriate. Somehow, she remembered in our past conversation that someone is selling a lock coin, so when we called up the person, indeed she still has the lock coin and more than just having it, she’s selling it at a discounted rate. Furthermore, DU also needs a Star of David pendant, we’ve been looking for a Star of David for a few months because she really wants it but unfortunately, we didn’t found any. But the want has since become a need and surprisingly we found one and what’s more the Star of David is made of Citrine, a stone that DU needs and want also. So she inquired about the price, but is unavailable to afford it. So she had to let go of it. But then when the money for the Star of David came she inquired again, unfortunately, it’s no longer available. Naturally, we thought that it is really not for her. As it turn out, there is another Star of David made of Citrine that is gem quality that is coming, again needless to say she got it for herself.

DU has so much more serendipitous experience, every time she will need something, it seems like it will naturally come to her. I believe that it is fate telling her that she really needs them and that she should get them.


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An Unusual Powerful Symbol and Feng Shui Tip to Enhance Wealth Luck: A Bat with a Coin

Published Abril 29, 2014 by jptan2012

Today, allow me to introduce you to one of the most unusual powerful symbol to enhance your wealth luck, which is the image of a bat with a coin. I say unusual because for a lot of people a bat is a scary thing, Westerners usually depicts a bat as sign of bad omen and in movies or books, a bat is usually said to a vampire in disguise.

However, as mentioned in one of my previous post – MYTH BUSTER 4: BATS BRINGS BAD LUCK, bats are actually a sign that good fortune is about to come your way. In fact, it is a powerful Feng Shui tip to enhance wealth luck.

For those who want to gain great financial or wealth luck, it is highly recommended that you tap into the power of a bat with a coin. While a symbol of a bat in general generates good fortune or luck, if the bat carries with it a coin, it becomes more focused on what kind of luck it will generate. It will become focus on giving a person good wealth luck.

I’m not sharing this on simple theoretical point of view. I have a friend who actually credits his good financial luck to the bat with coin pendant that I gave him about a year ago.

I’ve known JO for quite sometime now, but because he is a born again Christian, he never really believed in Feng Shui. However, when he encountered a big problem with his business and was in danger of losing everything that he has worked for, he was forced to ask me what to do. I initially suggested the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT, but his religious beliefs prevented him for getting one. He said he couldn’t wear anything that has an image of a Buddha. He said he’ll be ostracized from his church and they’ll call him a backslider. I then suggested that he try a wearing a pendant that has an image of a bat and a coin. I looked into my collection and found one that’s made of lapis lazuli, which is a blue stone. Gave it to him and he wore it. If people ask him he just says that it’s a pendant given to him by his mom who got it in China. The design is very Chinese anyway.

The 'Bat with Coin' pendant I gave my friend mentioned in this post is very similar to this one.

The ‘Bat with Coin’ pendant I gave my friend mentioned in this post is very similar to this one.

According to JO, little by little he noticed that his problems left him and that in a year’s time not only was he able to survive, but more than that, he now has paid off all his debts, wherein the initial projection if everything goes well, it’ll take him 4 years to pay off all his debts. But in a year’s time he was able to pay off all his debts and is now saving money to do a little expansion.

So next time you badly need financial luck enhancement, try to get a pendant that has an image of a bat with a coin. It is better if the pendant is made of lapis lazuli or sodalite or any other blue stone because blue in Feng Shui symbolizes money or wealth. This will actually make the pendant more potent.

Myth Buster 4: Bats Brings Bad Luck!

Published Pebrero 20, 2012 by jptan2012

Most people are afraid of bats, well, who can blame them bats indeed look quite scary. I personally am afraid of bats. Traveled once to Bohol and entered a bat cave and they’re really quite scary not to mention smelly!

However, bats are actually one of the most auspicious creatures! If a bat enters your house, it is a sign that something good is about to happen. If you are currently experiencing some misfortune, and a bat enters into your room or your house, or even if a bat appears on your window it’s a sure sign that something good is about to happen.

If you see a flock of flying bats, that’s a sign, that extreme windfall luck is about to happen. If a set of blocks went to live in a section of your house, that’s a sign that you’ll have continues luck.

If they went to the East side of your house or property that means you and your family will enjoy health luck and good family life. On the West, you’ll enjoy good descendant luck, one of the favored luck amongst Chinese. If they fly in to the South, your family or the head of the family will enjoy some fame and recognition luck. On the North, all members of the family will enjoy good career luck. In the Southeast, it means that the family will enjoy financial stability and may even be really rich. It The Southwest, will indicate the couples who stay in the house will have more love for each other. If a bat or bats went to stay in the Northeast, it means that the children in the house will do well in school. Lastly, if they in the Northwest, it means the father of the house will enjoy a good life.

When I went Bohol last year, I met this guy whose has tree full of bats. He was quite famous there because the locals actually believed that his property is haunted that’s why the bats went to stay there. This guy doesn’t believe in Feng Shui, but when I asked him why hasn’t he driven all the bats away. He shared that he believes that the bats has given him wealth luck. In fact, he now has a resort, and a lot of other properties since the bats have stayed in his property.

There’s nothing like having the real thing, but don’t ever cage a bat, because it will be bad luck. You can simulate this by inviting auspicious images of bat into your house. A bat with a wealth coin signifies wealth luck. Wearing a 5-Bat DZI will bring blessings and protect you from negative chi!

So the next time you see a bat don’t be afraid, instead, be thankful!

You may also want to read how you can tap into the power of the bat to make your like auspicious by reading the post called: AN UNUSUAL POWERFUL SYMBOL AND FENG SHUI TIP TO ENHANCE WEALTH LUCK: A BAT WITH A COIN

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