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Salt and Something Sweet to Counter Some Minor Bad Luck!

Published Oktubre 29, 2016 by jptan2012


cakeReally a lot of people are so insensitive with minor bad lucks that things build up and become major bad lucks that create major problems. While some bad luck are instant, most bad lucks starts small. If we are just sensitive enough we will know that things are not going well.

By sensitive, I don’t mean you have to be psychic, it only means that you have to be more conscious of your luck. Bad luck can really start with having a rough day, or really simple things, like an unusual traffic or spilling the salt, or spilling a glass of water, or even just ALMOST (keyword is almost) falling off the stairs or chair or even while just walking. Or even losing a key or a paper that you need even if it is not a matter of life and death.

The truth is you can actually sense if you are about to hit some bad luck. sea-salt

While you have these minor bad lucks it is best to remedy it right away. You can put salt on each room of your house, take a salt bath. But also create a good chi via a festive atmosphere. How?

Share some sweets with family or friends. By sweets, I mean you can eat cake or share some fruit salad and have some very tone down party.

Try it. It will make a difference.

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Never Put Holy Images Under The Stairs!

Published Nobyembre 21, 2015 by jptan2012

A few months ago a reader emailed to ask for my help because according to her since they have ‘rediscovered’ the Buddhist images of her mother and decided to ‘display’ them in their house, she and her husband started to have several bad lucks. According to her it is now so bad that she lost her job and her husband is simply struggling to stay on. She further said that it seems like that the heaven has simply wish them ill.

I was surprised with her story because rediscovering holy images means good luck, and cleaning them and displaying them properly usually means it will bring you some good luck because it is like the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas or deities or Taoist Gods has approached you instead of you approaching them.

According to NI she is afraid to take them out because some psychics has told them that those images where alive and that they simply have to live with it. I was curious and told her to send me pictures of the Buddhas that she rediscovered.

One look at the picture and I know right away what is causing their bad luck. They have placed the images under the stairs, which is extremely bad! Because every time they want up the stairs it is like they’re stepping on the said images, and as I have mentioned before images are an extension of the Buddhas themselves.

Told them to transfer the images and that should solve their problems, especially if they use to have good luck before they displayed the said images!

A few days ago, NI called me to inform me that their luck seems to have turn out for the better as soon as they have moved the images to another location in the house, which I chose for them. Her husband was promoted and she is now back being a working girl!

What bothers me and what makes me write about this now is that I just realized that this is a common thing for a lot of people. Just recently I received similar pictures from 5 different readers who had place their holy images under the table.

Please note that while I only mentioned Buddha, Bodhisattva, Deity, Taoist God in the title, this is also true for Catholic images.


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