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Positive Omens Signifies Good Outlook in the New House!

Published Oktubre 5, 2016 by jptan2012

Recently, my family and I moved into a new house in a subdivision in Quezon City near some well-known universities. When we were looking into this new place they all depended on me to look at the Feng Shui and to ensure that the energies of the house are really good.

We chance upon this old house that has been abandoned for several years already, and the history is not quite good. However, when I look at the Feng Shui it seems to be good, my only concern is that of a slightly bad history. I know that being abandoned is not entirely bad, because we are renovating it anyway thus it will renew the energies and it will make the house appropriate for the current Feng Shui period. Also while the general Feng Shui of the house is good, the busy main road is on the left side of the house, and it is a heavy main road because that’s the only road going to the university and college near our new house. While technically we are not beside it, it is several houses a way and is outside the subdivision perimeter wall, this is not very good for the bigger aspect of Feng Shui of our house. However, my Guru Lama said we should transfer there because it is a good house for us.

So renovations started, but maybe it out of sadness for leaving our house of a little more than 30 years we were all a little giddy a week before we transferred. My siblings and I, especially my mother, are short tempered. This prompted me to call my Guru Lama and my Feng Shui teacher, and both of them assured me that it is a good house. Besides, the neighborhood that we have from our old house is already a lot different from what it used to be. We now have several factories, and warehouses in the neighborhood. There are a lot of informal settlers, and at night on our street alone there are a lot of ‘street boys and girls’ drinking beer. After a very long discussion and much thought, which actually lasted years, we decided to sell the house and get a new one. Our old house was sold through an agent and so we don’t know much about the new owners, but we decided to be transparent as to why we sold the house. We were informed that they would make it into smaller apartment so and rent it out. Some of the houses on our street has actually become an apartment complex already.

Anyway, going back to our new house, we ensured the Feng Shui are proper, and we followed all the necessary rituals before we moved in. But nevertheless, I silently have been asking for some omens that will inform us that we moved to a good house. And just before we started a ritual, three butterflies flew to the door of the house and went inside. That was a very positive omen.

But it doesn’t end there, after our first night, the following morning I was awaken by the melodious chirping of some birds, and when I look out of my window, there is a rare bird that I have never seen, it looks blue to my eyes. I wanted to take a photo but it flew away even before I was able to get my phone. Then on the other side of the house, my sister, her husband, were also awaken by the melodious chirping of the birds, and when they look out of their window, they said they saw six or seven Maya bird on the tree outside their window! What a wonderful omen! Regular readers should know by now that birds are wonderful omen of good news or good luck!

My mother decided to have her bedroom on the ground floor because she already finds it difficult to keep on climbing the stairs. Her bedroom has a small ‘rock garden’ only it has some plants also. There she found a tortoise (because it seems to live on land thus it should be a tortoise), and this is a very auspicious omen for all of us but specifically for my mom because it signifies stability and long life!

The omens we experienced worked for us, so the next time you moved to a new house or office do look for the omens!

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Keeping An Empty House Alive

Published Marso 18, 2012 by jptan2012

As I mentioned in my previous posts, Feng Shui is about balancing Yin and Yang. However, to put context into that statement, when I say balance, it only means that Yin should not be totally absent, but the balance doesn’t mean it should be equal. Our homes and offices should be more Yang than Yin. Churches, cemeteries are more yin than yang.

What does it mean? It means that our living or workspaces should be infused with more Yang energy. It should connote life. If your house is too Yin, it will attract negative energies.

Oftentimes, if you just moved into a house that has been abandoned for a long time, it’s not surprising for you to feel eerie. You may be feeling the heavy Yin energy and/or you may actually be feeling negative energies such as lost souls or bad spirits who has taken residence in the house because of its accumulated Yin energy.

However, in our busy, competitive, and modern lifestyle, a lot of our younger generation has moved into an apartment or a condominium to become more independent. But this also means that you usually leave the house without a single ‘living energy’, thus creating Yin energy.

If you live on your own and spends more time outside your house or if you and your family plans to travel for a long time, you have to ensure that you keep your empty house alive.

If you and your family is going to take a long vacation and nobody is going to be left behind, please ensure that you keep your curtains open to allow sun light in. The sun’s light will ensure that your house will be infused with Yang energy everyday. If you live in a safe place, try to keep a small window open; to make sure that energy inside the house circulates. If possible try to ask somebody to go to your house every 3 days to turn the lights on, and make some nice noise by playing some music.

If you live on your own, also make sure that you leave your curtains open to ensure that the sun’s light comes in and infused your condo unit or apartment with Yang energy. If you’re out of your home longer than you are inside your home, try to leave a battery-operated radio and keep it playing. I’m suggesting a battery operated radio because it’s safer than keeping an electricity running unmanned. You can also buy a battery operated mantra player. It will keep playing a mantra making sure that your unit is not only infused with Yang energy but it also leaves a blessing brought about the mantras.

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