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2019 Year of the Earth Boar (Pig) Feng Shui Forecast for the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac Signs!

Published Disyembre 24, 2018 by jptan2012


I think this is one of the most awaited article of this blog, the annual Feng Shui forecast for each of the 12 Chinese Animal Zodiac Sign – RAT, OX, TIGER, RABBIT, DRAGON, SNAKE, HORSE, SHEEP, MONKEY, ROOSTER, DOG, PIG / BOAR. But as I said in the preceding post, this year I will make it simple because I’m already writing it late, and it has been a really busy month, but at the same time because I have been receiving a lot of comments that a lot of my readers feel that my forecast comes to fruition but that I tend to give all the Feng Shui calculations first to explain or justify how did I came about the said forecast. So, this year, I will not bore you with the specific details of each of the forecast, but rather I will try to make it short and straight to the point.

Please note that although I’m going straight to the point, like the previous annual forecast, the formula I’m using is a combination of the Twenty-four Mountain Stars Formula, Flying Stars Formula, and the Bazi Chart / Paht Chee Chart.

It is also important that all of us should have the HOLY TRINITY OF AMULETS which will be discussed on my next post.


RAT Chinese Zodiac

General Traits: Artistic, imaginative, creative, talented, charming, resourceful, opportunist, ambitious, lively, pleasure-seeking, problem solver, resilient, sometimes unscrupulous, selfish, short tempered, spendtrift, insecure, usually successful, tend to gossip.

This is going to be a good year for people born under the year of the Rat. 2018 has been really bad but this year it will be so much better. The first part of the year, you will start to feel some change, although some of you might still feel the lingering effects of the negative energies of 2018. But focus on the positive and soon you will feel that this is going to be a really good year.

I will write first about the things that you need to take care of so we can focus on all the positive after. First, your spirit chi is weak and this may cause you to lose faith in a good fate, and this might attract negative chi also from colleagues or competitors. You might also become more susceptible to some negative chi especially if you go to Yin places like hospitals, morgues, funerals, or cemeteries. So, to counter this I strongly suggest that you have the SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET or the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT. Furthermore, your inner chi is also a bit weak and this might make you more susceptible to evil intentions and make you more susceptible to betrayal. I strongly suggest for you to have the VAJRAPANI RUEL.

Nevertheless, it is so nice that you have a powerful life chi, so physical strength might be good. Lung Ta is average but this can be easily boosts with the use of the VAJRAPANI RUEL or the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT.

Romantic luck is quite strong this 2019 lunar year, and for those who are married or are already in a relationship, or are in a relationship with a person born under the sign of the Rat, it will be good to have an image of a Rooster and a Fan placed together displayed inside your bedroom and in your living room. This is to ensure that third party interference is prevented. For those who are single, this is a good year for you to have a relationship, if you want to have a relationship or if you want to make it stronger. To further enhance this, it will be good if you can carry an image of the DOUBLE HAPPINESS SYMBOL CARVED ON A JADE worn as a pendant or as a ring. If it is a holy jade, then so much the better. You can also display the MANDARIN DUCK PAIR ROSE QUARTZ. But the romantic star also known as the PEACH BLOSSOM STAR is also good for business, because this strengthens your networking capabilities. You can carry or wear a JADE DOUBLE FISH to further enhance this energy. This is especially true if you are in sales.

You are also visited by a Big Auspicious Star and a Small Auspicious Star, these stars will give you so much positive chi and energy. If you want to turn this good chi into wealth luck remember to wear a red stone jewelry like ruby or garnet, a holy jade, and have with you the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET. Note that the 35, 59, and 71 years old Rat will have the most financial luck or wealth luck this year, and while the 47 – year – old Rat will also have some money, they need some protection that this doesn’t get squandered away. Have that added protection by carrying with you a LOCK AMULET or wear a KUAN KONG PENDANT. The one that is made of gold or jade is preferred.

The 47 and 59-year-old Rats should watch out for their health. Try to always chant the MEDICINE BUDDHA MANTRA – TADYATHA OM BHEKANDZYE BHEKANDZYE MAHA BHEKANDZYE RADZA SAMUGATE SOHA – or carry/wear the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET.


Ox Chinese Zodiac

Very intelligent, logic and clear thinking, calm but stubborn, independent, trusting, industrious, deep and original in thought, reliable, a good leader, intolerant, peace loving.

While the first three months of the 2019 lunar year which starts on February may not be the best for people born under the sign of the Ox, you will soon realize that this is a good year after all. This is also generally a year to create new relationships, mend broken relationships, and have good relationships.

Life Chi, Inner Chi, Spirit Chi, and Lung Ta are all very good and so all aspects of one’s chi will bring in luck. Enhanced these chis if you want by wearing the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT, which is the combined LAMA ATISHA AMULET and BODHISATTVA AVALOKITESVARA WISHFULFILLING AMULET. This is the first time that this amulet is being made available in such a format.

People born under the sign of the Ox also has the Small Auspicious and Big Auspicious Stars, both stars will bring in a lot of positive chi or positive luck. Money luck or financial luck or wealth luck is good for all Ox people but if you want to further utilize the energies of the Small and Big Auspicious Stars to bring in more wealth luck, you can wear or carry with yourself the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET. This together with wearing a red stone jewelry such as ruby or garnet, and a jade, better if it is a holy jade, then money luck will surely come in.

The minor negative thing is that Ox people has the Yin Chia Shing. This luck may bring in some problems especially to Ox born people who are 58 years old and above. To safeguard yourself from this carry with you the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT or a holy jade. Not just any ordinary jade, it has to be a holy jade which is a jade that has been housed in a temple for a long time and has received the chi or energies from pujas, mantras, and sutras performed by Bhiksus or Bhiksunis and High Lamas like Guru Lama.

The annual Flying Star also afflicts all Ox born people with the illness star, so a lot of the Ox born people are going to be prone to illness which may derail their success and wealth luck. To counter this, it is best to wear the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET and chant the MEDICINE BUDDHA MANTRA – TADYATHA OM BHEKANDZYE BHEKANDZYE MAHA BHEKANDZYE RADZA SAMUGATE SOHA. For the 46 and 58 years old Ox, which is most susceptible to the effects of the Illness Star, it is highly suggested for you to wear a HOLY JADE with the image of a PIYAO (also called or spelled as PI YAO, PIXIE, PI XIE, PI XIU, PIXIU) which is a celestial being, or with the LONGEVITY SYMBOL. The illness star is the greatest threat for people born under the sign of the Ox.



General Traits: Lucky, powerful, proud, aggressive, courageous, a good leader, vivacious, high self-confident, energetic, impulsive, dignified, handsome, self-concerned, arrogant.

People born under the sign of the Tiger needs to work hard and have patience for them to attain success and wealth luck. There are good stars surrounding them but there are also numerous negative stars that may hinder this. But remaining positive is one key to ensure that get themselves aligned with the effects of the good stars. If there is one thing that they have to be really careful of is that they might earn money but lose this also. So it is best for the Tiger to have the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO.

Life Chi, Inner Chi and Spirit Chi are all good so these should provide some positive effects. This also means that although you may be besotted with some problems this year, you will definitely be able to overcome them. However, Lung Ta is bad, this means success will only come with much hard work. So, it is advisable for you to have either the VAJRAPANI RUEL or the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT. Better if you have both.

Remember wealth luck is not necessarily bad, but you have to work for it. You have to put in some effort. If you want to enhance this and make it a little better, it is best to have the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET.

All people born under the sign of the Tiger is afflicted with the Illness Star. This star may cause not only illness but accidents that may lead to long term illness. So, it is highly advisable for you to chant every day the MEDICINE BUDDHA MANTRA – TADYATHA OM BHEKANDZYE BHEKANDZYE MAHA BHEKANDZYE RADZA SAMUGATE SOHA. Wearing the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET is also highly advisable. Except for the 33 and 45 years old Tiger, it is also highly suggested that you wear HOLY JADE PIYAO!

One good news is that you have the Seal Of Heaven Star from the 24 Mountain Stars Formula. This star brings in support or mentor luck usually coming from somebody who is more senior or who is in authority. You need to enhance this star so that you can use it to your advantage and make things a little easier for you. You can do this by wearing a KUAN KONG PENDANT (Kuan Kong is also called or spelled as BODHISATTVA SANGHARAMA, Qie Lan Pu Sa, Bodhisattva Qie Lan, Kwan Kong, Guan Gong, Gwan Gong, Gwan Yu, Guan Yu, Kwan Yu, Kuan Yu, Kwan Te Ya).

You are also afflicted with the Yin Chia Shing, this might put some hindrance on your path and it is best to counter this with the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT.


RABBIT chinese zodiac

General Traits: Talented, ambitious, shrewd, patient, cautious, diplomatic, sophisticated, cultured, old-fashioned, gentle, good-heated, symphatetic, affectionate, loving, often artistic, self-indulge, over-attach to people/objects, emotional, moody.

The Chinese Animal Zodiac Sign Pig is an ally of the Rabbit, and because of this expect a smooth year. Although this is not a year of tremendous success, this will nevertheless be a good year for people born under the sign of the Pig or Boar.

Both the Life Chi and Spirit Chi of people born under the sign of the Rabbit are good. Meaning there could be happiness for them. Inner Chi is average and having the VAJRAPANI RUEL can easily remedy this. Lung Ta is weak, meaning you have to take extra hard work to achieve success, and so to remedy this it might be good to have the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT.

In the Flying Star Formula, the Rat is benefitted with having the #6 Flying Star, which is also known as the Heaven’s Blessing & Mentor Star. This mentor will bring about heavenly guidance and a possible mentor. You have to take advantage of this good star to make things easier. You can wear the SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET to enhance the effects of this star.

However, the 24 Mountain Stars Formula brought you the Annual Conflict Star which brings about serious problems. It is imperative that this start is dealt with by neutralizing it. It is highly suggested that you have the VAJRAPANI RUEL.

While you are also facing the Three Killings, by being busy you are already dealing with this, but you can also protect yourself with the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO or carry an image of the THREE CELESTIAL GUARDIANS.

People born under the sign of the Rabbit will need to have a boost of energy to achieve their financial luck or wealth luck. For this it is highly suggested that all Rabbits wear the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET.

Lastly, for the Rabbit, the 8, 20, 68, and 80 years old Rabbits must be very careful about illnesses and accidents. They are quite prone to health problems or health concerns that may be brought about some accidents. To counter this, please wear the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET at all times.


DRAGON chinese zodiac

General Traits: Intelligent, full of energy, witty, quixotic, artistic, enthusiastic, inventive and original in thought, enigmatic, perfectionist, humourous, headstrong, generous, egostical, aristocratic, over-demanding, prone to worry, quick-tempered.

People born under the Chinese Animal Zodiac Sign of the Dragon must take precaution this year. They’re afflicted with negative stars both coming from the Flying Stars Formula and the 24 Mountain Stars Formula. You have to take it slow this lunar year of the 2019. The year of the Earth Boar is a time for you to make plans to the future than trying to make changes in your life and trying to accomplish things. You will meet a lot of hindrances this year, but as I always say, the first line of defense in Feng Shui is trying to maintain a positive disposition.

If there is something good about the Dragon this year is that Life Chi and Spirit Chi are both quite strong this year. These can be your armor for the tough year ahead of you. So, I suggest that you strengthen this with the combine power of the VAJRAPANI RUEL and the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT. Inner Chi and Lung Ta are both neutral so again you have to strengthen this with the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT, and if possible get a SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET as well.

The Dragon must take extra care as to who they trust this year. Betrayal and loss of money, reputation and property is quite strong, because of the #7 Violent Star. This means that you will have to be extra careful. Again, either the VAJRAPANI RUEL or the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILING AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT coupled with a ACTIVE HORSE HOLY JADE, emphasis on the HOLY JADE should be carried.

I’m quite sorry to write that the Dragon is also visited by 3 highly negative stars from the 24 Mountain Stars Formula. These are the Annual Conflict Star, Yin Chia Shing, and the Wu Duo Shing.

Wu Duo will make you more susceptible to negative chi brought about my entities and/or evil intent from people who may be envious or angry with you. Their simple thought of wishing you a bad luck is enough to send those negative energies to you. While karma will surely affect them, unfortunately you are still susceptible to these energies. Furthermore, this will make the #7 Flying Star, which is the Violent Star stronger. Thus, you really have to suppress this negative star by carrying a HOLY JADE PIYAO. Again, I stress the HOLY JADE here and not just any other jade.

The Annual Conflict will bring you much trouble and make things difficult. While wealth luck is good this year, this will hinder you from getting them. To this I suggest that you protect yourself with the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO.

Yin Chia Shing also brings in additional conflict. Subdue this by wearing the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT.

The three negative stars from the 24 Mountain Stars Formula combine with the #7 Flying Star, which is also known as the Violent Star, will surely bring havoc so make sure you are protected. Aside from wearing the amulets, regularly going to the church or temple will also help. And always remember the power of prayer is unmeasurable.

While health is not a major concern for people born under the sign of the Dragon, it is best for the 31, 43, and 91 years old Dragon to wear the ILLNESS SUPPRESION AMULET or chant every day the MEDICINE BUDDHA MANTRA – TADYATHA OM BHEKANDZYE BHEKANDZYE MAHA BHEKANDZYE RADZA SAMUGATE SOHA.


SNAKE chinese zodiac

General Traits: Proud, determined, wise, ambitious, talented in many directions, almost always successful, courageous when necessary, passionate, intelligent, quick-witted, cool-headed, charming, mistrusting.

The Boar is the astrological “rival” of the Snake and you are also facing the Tai Sui (Tai Suey) or Grand Duke Jupiter, which may cause some concerns. This should make the year a little bit more difficult, but simply having a SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO, or a PIYAO HOLY JADE or better if both should address this concern.

Spirit Chi and Life Chi are quite weak also. This will make you more susceptible to physical, emotional and psychological stress. And in a lunar year that is already besotted with some problems brought about by the rival sign and by facing the Tai Suey, this is definitely not good, so this has to be addressed by having both the VAJRAPANI RUEL and the SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET.

Inner Chi is neutral so it is better to boost this with the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO. Lung Ta is strong so this should help you in addressing some of the concerns. If you are patient, persistent, and determined this should help you prosper. If you want to enhanced this, have the SPECIAL WINDHORSE HOLY JADE.

Another major concern is the #7 Flying Star, otherwise known as the Violent Star. This star might bring loss of money, reputation, property, and in the case of the Snake, even relationships. The best way to safeguard yourself from this is to have either the VAJRAPANI RUEL or the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT. Remember, it is best to veer away from staying out late and going to dark areas the whole lunar year of 2019.

The very good news for the Snake though is that you are visited by both the Small Auspicious Star and the Big Auspicious Star, both stars will throw in some positive chi, while this alone may not be enough to save you from the ill effects of the other negative chi that came your way, having your amulets to neutralize the negative chi(s) and enhancing these stars should make things a lot easier. You can enhance this by wearing a SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET. If you want to use these stars to bring in money luck or financial luck or wealth luck, it will be very good for you to have the PIYAO HOLY JADE.

Unfortunately, because of weak Life Chi, the Snake become susceptible to health problems. All Snake are affected but most especially the 30, 42, and 90 years old snake. It is best to wear the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET and chant the MEDICINE BUDDHA MANTRA – TADYATHA OM BHEKANDZYE BHEKANDZYE MAHA BHEKANDZYE RADZA SAMUGATE SOHA.


Horse chinese zodiac

General Traits: Mostly Popular and loves the attention, admired, friendly, sexually-appealing, carefree, optimistic, pleasure-seeking, imaginative, inquisitive, hardworking, loyal, good talker, capable, practical, energetic, impulsive, moody and egoistic

This is also quite a challenging year for people born under the sign of the Horse. The key word for the horse this year is patience and perseverance! You have to work hard just to survive. In my next post, I will talk about the HOLY TRINITY OF AMULETS this year, but this Holy Trinity of amulets this year is especially important for people born under the sign of the Horse. They will really need to wear a red stone jewelry. It can be a RUBY or a GARNET or last choice is the RED TIGER’S EYE. They will need to wear a HOLY JADE, last option is ordinary jade. And they will have to WEAR A POWERFUL GOLD AMULET OR BODHISATTVA PENDANT. This can be in the form of the BOHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT or the image of BODHISATTVA KSITIGARBHA or BODHISATTVA KUAN YIN.

The Life Chi, Spirit Chi, Inner Chi, and Lung Ta of the Horse all very weak. This means the Horse is going to be susceptible to physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual stress. You might see yourself questioning your faith. You will begin to doubt not just yourself but a lot of things. For those who have a love one who was born under the sign of the Horse, you will find yourself having a hard time being with that person. It is important for the Horse born people to wear or carry the VAJRAPANI RUEL, SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET, SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO, and the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT.

Furthermore, you will find yourself having more arguments or fights that may even lead to as serious court case. This is because the #3 Flying Star or Argumentative Star flies into your sector this year. You are definitely afflicted with it. Again, try to extend your patience and practice wisdom. To help neutralize this star wear a deep red stone as a jewelry like the RUBY or GARNET. The SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET is also a powerful amulet to help prevent this star from being too aggressive.

Luckily, you are visited by two Big Auspicious Stars, and this should help bring in some luck. To utilize the effects of these stars for wealth and career or success luck it’ll be good for you to have the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO. Nevertheless, if the 24 Mountain Stars Formula brings you to Big Auspicious Star, it also brought you the Diminishing Energy Star, which is a star that everyone wants to avoid, because this will deplete you of your good chi. It’s like a vampire star! To counter this, you should have a powerful WINDHORSE HOLY JADE or PIYAO HOLY JADE. I would like to stress on the HOLY JADE and not just any ordinary jade.

All people born under the sign of the horse are susceptible to falling ill this year, this is largely due to the DIMINISHING ENERGY STAR and the low Life Chi, Spirit Chi, and Inner Chi. So, wearing the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET is a non-negotiable factor!


sheep chinese zodiac

General Traits: Quiet, reserved, symphathetic, sincere, patient, unemotional, practical, realistic, common sense always prevails, optimistic, sincere, non-judgemental, ambitious, determined, can’t work under stress.

People born under the sign of the Sheep are of those that needs to be patient and extra careful this year. This is because you are afflicted with the #5 Flying Star, which is also known as the Wu Wang, 5 Yellow Star, and all Feng Shui readers will know that this is the most dreaded stars both in the Flying Star Formula and the 24 Mountain Stars Formula!

Life Chi, Spirit Chi, and Inner Chi are all quite strong, and this should be taken as a great blessing because these three will be the source of your energy to propel this year that may be difficult for the Sheep. It’ll be good to enhance all these by carrying with you the VAJRAPANI RUEL and the SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET. Although, great success might not be in the horizon given that your Lung Ta is quite low. So, learn to be patient and learn to get your energies from your Life Chi, Spirit Chi and Inner Chi. It’ll be good also if you wear a PIYAO HOLY JADE and the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT to help strengthen your Lung Ta.

I think the biggest concern facing the Sheep this lunar year of 2019 is the fact that the #5 Flying Star also known as the Wu Wang, which is the most dreaded star flies into the sector of the Sheep. As mentioned this will bring about a big misfortune. And has to be countered. The primary cure for this worrying a GOLD FIVE ELEMENT PAGODA PENDANT. Some Feng Shui consultants will prescribe other cures like a pillar, and this doesn’t work. A GOLD KALACHAKRA PENDANT will work but not as well as the GOLD 5 – ELEMENT PAGODA PENDANT. But recently Guru Lama has released the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT. For those who have it, please note that this will work also, because on one of the side of the amulet pendant is the LAMA ATISHA AMULET, which is a stupa or a pagoda. Inscribed in gold, this also functions as a 5 – Element Pagoda, so this will work as well as the Five Element Pagoda!

But not everything is bad news! In the 24 Mountain Stars Formula, you also have the Big Auspicious Star, which is good news because this brings in a wonderful positive chi. However, you have to boost it because this is no match with the barrage of negative stars afflicting you this 2019 Lunar Year of the Pig! The way to do this is to wear the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO, if you want to use it for wealth, or get a HOLY JADE!

If you are able to surpass the negativities, you will see that financial luck or wealth luck or money luck is within reach. To make it easier for you to tap into that luck, carry or wear the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET!

Health luck is problematic for the 16, 28, 76 and 88 years old Sheep. Ensure that you have the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET.


monkey chinese zodiac

General Traits: Lively, quick-witted, crafty, mercenary, opportunist, original thinker, clever, innovative, self-centred, devious,amusing, sociable, ammiable, very ambitious.

This 2019 Year of the Earth Pig, people born under the sign of the Monkey should understand the power of prayer, perseverance, patience and put some trust in the power of amulets. The Life Chi, Spirit Chi, Inner Chi, and Lung Ta of the Monkey are all neutral. This should be better than weak, but still neutral is not good enough. So, it is better to boost these chi(s) by having the VAJRAPANI RUEL, BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT and the a SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET.

Unfortunately, the Monkey is also side afflicted with the #5 Flying Star, which is also known as the Five Yellow Star or Wu Wang. This is the most dreaded star, so it is imperative that you wear a GOLD 5 – ELEMENT PAGODA PENDANT, or the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT, this has the LAMA ATISHA AMULET which has the image of a stupa which is a higher form of pagoda. If you can’t get this two then have a GOLD KALACHAKRA PENDANT!

Wealth luck is fairly neutral, but the 27-year-old Monkey should be quite careful because there is threat of losing money. It is important that all Monkey should carry the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET.

The #5 Yellow Star brings in health concerns also especially for the 51 – year old Monkey. It is best for all Monkey to carry with them the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET.


Rooseter chinese zodiac

General Traits: Moody, dreamy, talkative, vain, outgoing, extravagant, over-confident, self-confident, attentive to friends, rarely successful, flamboyant, unaided, dignified, handsome, headstrong, arrogant, vain.

This should be a fairly good year for people born under the sign of the Rooster.

Life Chi and Spirit Chi are both neutral which is way better than having a weak one, this means you might feel a little less enthusiastic about things, maybe even about life. You might become a worried about the future. You need to boost this by carrying a VAJRAPANI RUEL and a SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET. Good thing is Inner Chi and Lung Ta are strong so you need to capitalize on this. Remember that success luck is within reach. To enhance this get yourself a SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO.

One thing that is really good for the Rooster this year, and this is something that you need to remember whenever you feel down brought about by the neutral Life Chi and Spirit Chi is that you have the #1 Flying Star, or what is also known as the Victory Star! This star makes it easier for you to achieve success, and couples with a good Inner Chi and Lung Ta success is really within reach just make sure you don’t dwell on the feeling of being down. To further use this energy for wealth luck you can wear the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET and of course wear a RED STONE JEWELRY like RUBY or GARNET, and carry a HOLY JADE with you.

Like I always say, it is seldom always good and always bad, for this year you are also afflicted with the Natural Disaster Star which can put you in harm by being at wrong place at the wrong time and or having some accidents. It is best not to have unnecessary travel and avoid going out in the evening. To help counter this star you can wear the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT or a GOLD KALACHAKRA PENDANT.

You are also affected with the 3 Killings. This can affect your relationships and it might also create some hindrances. But this is quite a simple problem because it is easy to deal with this concern. All you have to do is carry with you an image of the THREE CELESTIAL GUARDIANS. The 3 Celestial Guardians are the Piyao (also called or spelled as Pi Yao, Pixiu, Pi Xiu, Pi Xie, Pixie), Fu Dog, and Chi Lin (also spelled or called as Chilin, Qi Lin, Qilin) or you can carry a QI LIN HOLY JADE or PIYAO HOLY JADE.

The 26, 38, 50, and 86 years old Rooster needs to watch out for their health, especially ones that may be cause by earthbound spirits. It is better if you wear a GENUINE OBSIDIAN CHUNG KWEI PENDANT or a GOLD CHUNG KWEI PENDANT or BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION PENDANT and the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET.



Loyal, just, strong sense of morality, reliable, dutiful, patient, caring, sincere, compassionate, honest, generous, intelligent, confident, idealistic, affectionate, a worthy leader, tend to become lazy and depressed, pessimistic.

While there is no single Chinese Animal Zodiac sign is perfectly lucky this 2019, people born under the year of the Dog seems to be one of luckier ones. And this year, it is quite a turning year for them. If they do good this year, they will be able to secure their future long term. Naturally, they should expect some stress because you naturally go through a period of temporary turmoil if things are about to be fabulously good, but that’s just to cleanse you and make sure you are prepared to handle your big good fortune that is coming your way.

Life Chi, Spirit Chi, and Inner Chi are all really very strong. So, meaning you’ll feel a burst of energy, confidence, and emotional strength. Failure should not be a deterrent to you, and you will encounter some failures because Lung Ta is weak. Normally this is a cause for concern, but because your Life Chi, Spirit Chi and Inner Chi are all very strong, this should be overcome. However, if you want to boost your Lung Ta to cover all aspects of your Feng Shui, I suggest that you carry the VAJRAPANI RUEL or the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT.

One of the best thing that is happening to the Dog on 2019 lunar year of the Earth Boar is that you’ll have the #9 Flying Star, which is also known as the Multiplying and Future Prosperity Star. This is technically a neutral star because it simply multiplies your karma whether good or bad. However, I’m writing on the premise that you as a Dog will be planting good karma, and so this makes it really good. This year, the Dog is also on a threshold of change. Not all, but a lot of Dogs are about to have a 13 years cycle of good luck! This is especially true for wealth luck, but this also means, that for 2019 you might go through some trouble that is part of cleansing. The key is to always ensure that you do what is right. To help you with this, you can a get a SPECIAL FU HOLY JADE!

In the 24 Mountain Stars Formula, you’re visited by the Small Auspicious Star, which will bring you some good fortune. This will further boost your Inner Chi, Life Shi, and Spirit Chi. You can further boost this by wearing a HOLY JADE or the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO so that it can help further advance your wealth luck.

However, you’re also visited by the Yin Chia Shing and the 3 Killings. These two might bring some misfortune, but simply having the BODHISATTVA WISHFULFILLING AND MASTER PROTECTION AMULET PENDANT and the 3 CELESTIAL GUARDIANS should already address this concern.



General Traits: Just, discerning, wise, intellectual and well-informed, lucky with money and in friendship, always admired, self-indulgent, cultured, loyal, reliable, naïve, tend to get frustrated due to lack of knowledge

Despite some unfavorable circumstances found in the Bazi Chart / Paht Chee Chart, the Pig or Boar should have a good year.

Life Chi and Inner Chi is good and you’ll need to draw strength from these because Spirit Chi and Lung Ta are weak. This means this year you might feel conflicted, but remember that if you work hard you should attain what you want. I strongly suggest both the VAJRAPANI RUEL and the SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET to address the weak Spirit Chi and Lung Ta.

One of the best thing that is happening to the Dog on 2019 lunar year of the Earth Boar is that you’ll have the #9 Flying Star, which is also known as the Multiplying and Future Prosperity Star. This is technically a neutral star because it simply multiplies your karma whether good or bad. However, I’m writing on the premise that you as a Pig will be planting good karma, and so this makes it really good. This year, the Boar is also on a threshold of change. Not all, but a lot of Dogs are about to have a 13 years cycle of good luck! This is especially true for wealth luck, but this also means, that for 2019 you might go through some trouble that is part of cleansing. The key is to always ensure that you do what is right. To help you with this, you can a get a SPECIAL FU HOLY JADE!

You are also visited by the Big Auspicious Star and the Small Auspicious Star. These two stars will bring you so much good fortune and if you want that good luck to be directed towards wealth I suggest you get the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO and the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET.

Because of a weak Spirit Chi and strong Life Chi it is quite difficult to predict the health luck of a pig. But it is best to protect yourself with the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET.

Be sure to read my next post about the 2019 Year of the Earth Boar Trinity of Amulets. And what is really the significance of this Trinity.


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Bodhisattva Wishfulling and Master Protection Amulet Pendant (2): Getting Reacquainted with Bodhisattva Guan Yin!

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Kuan YinKuan Yin, also spelled as Quan Yin or Guan Yin, is a Bodhisattva of Compassion. A lot of people refer to her as the Buddha of Compassion, which is technically wrong in terms of terminology, but absolutely right when refers to her true being.

The truth is Quan Yin or Kuan Yin is a Bodhisattva who refuses to enter Buddhahood because of her desire to help all sentient beings to achieve nirvana or the Buddhist equivalent of heaven.

Kuan Yin (also spelled as Quan Yin, Kwan Yin, Guan Yin, Gwan Yin) is  of mercy and compassion. It is said, that her compassion towards sentient beings exceeds that of all the other Bodhisattvas combined. She is considered to be a source of unconditional love and a savior of sentient beings. When talking about Kuan Yin’s love for us, mankind is usually not used, because it is said that it is an underestimation of her compassion. Sentient beings is generally use because this also refers to other beings, other than just us humans, it refers to all living creatures that includes insects.

As a Bodhisattva, Kuan Yin pledges to response to all the cries and please of all beings, in fact, it is aid that even before you utter your plea, Kuan Yin would already have heard you and responded to your plea. Naturally, devotion to her will help hasten this, but you need not believe in her for her to reply to your pleas. The sutras that talked about Kuan Yin as a savior of both the spiritual and physical realm and when a person with deep negative karma call upon her, she will have cleanse and help this person from his karmic burden.

I don’t think that it’s an exaggeration to say that Kuan Yin’s popularity amongst Chinese Buddhist exceeds that of other Buddha and Bodhisattva. She is extremely popular and revered that Taoism has also ‘adopted’ her thus making her one of the most revered Taoist deities. It is not surprising to see Taoist temples having her image.

She is also extremely popular as being a merciful deity that some people wrongly address her as Goddess of Mercy.

There are a lot of miracles that are attributed to Kuan Yin. These miracles may range from the simple things like wanting to get a job, wanting to have a child to something really big and may seem like impossible.

My personal treasure trove of stories about Kuan Yin’s blessings and/or miracles is simply amazing. Not to mention stories shared with me by my friends, relatives, and acquaintances. You simply have to search the net and you’ll see a lot of stories about Kuan Yin’s miracles.

I’m not going to share a personal story because that will be a little self-serving. Instead, let me share with you a story of a woman who goes to the same temple that I go to. Let’s just call her A. A is a 40 something housewife. She said that she’s a devotee of Kuan Yin just like her mother. In fact, I’ll often see her make some offerings to Kuan Yin even if there’s no occasion such as the Kuan Yin feast day. I talked to her about her devotion to Kuan Yin and she clarified that while there are other small miracles that she can attribute to Kuan Yin, she believes that 2 of the important thing that happened in her life is due to Kuan Yin’s blessing. The first one is when she had her first child. It was a difficult pregnancy not only because it was her first child, but it was also a complicated pregnancy that almost got aborted several times. The worst part of the pregnancy happened on the 7th month. She had a severe case of bleeding that they thought she’d go into premature labor. On the way to the hospital, while her husband is driving, she and her mom just kept on calling Kuan Yin’s name while they mentally pray that Kuan Yin save her baby.kuan yin 4b

She was stabilized at the hospital but they can’t say the same were true for her baby. They are unable to detect the heartbeat of the baby and the ultrasound shows that the baby isn’t moving at all! After a while, the OB informed them that if another 15 minutes passed by with a heartbeat and/or a movement they would have to operate on her. By this time, she was almost hysterical, out of desperation; her mom took of her Kuan Yin pendant and gave it to A. A didn’t wear pendant but she ‘hold on’ to Kuan Yin, about 5 minutes after she ‘hold on’ to the pendant, the doctor got an heartbeat from the baby and the ultrasound also showed some movements! The baby who is now an 11-year-old boy is an honor student in Xavier.

Another story that she shared with me is about her husband. A’s husband owns a restaurant and there are times that her husband will have to stay out late to check on the operations of the restaurant. One night, when he was about get on the car, he suddenly had a very strong urge to go back and check on the Kuan Yin altar that A insisted be installed in his office. He just had this nagging feeling that he left something inside, it almost feels like he was being called to go back in by an unseen ‘force’. He thought to himself he might have left incense lighted, which might cause some fire. So he decided to go back in the restaurant. As soon as he stepped inside the restaurant he heard a very loud crashing noise, so loud, that some of the diners ducked down!

When A’s husband looked as to what happened, he saw that a large truck and another car crushed his own car! What happened was a drunk truck driver lost control of his truck, hit a car, which also hit A’s husband’s car. The whole driver side of A’s car was flattened! If he were in the car he would have died already or seriously injured. A said that when she saw the car she cried because she knew that if her husband was in the car he would have died already.

After the incident, that’s when A’s husband realized that he didn’t even light an incense, because he was really not in the habit of lighting an incense in the evening. It is simply not safe.

According to A both she and her husband believes that he was ‘called’ by Kuan Yin so that he wouldn’t have to be in the car when the accident happened.

A and her family always wears the image of Kuan Yin as pendant. This is just two stories from a single person; however, there are a lot more Kuan Yin miracle stories that can be shared.

Kuan Yin1

People who have read my earlier posts knows of my devotion to the ‘Great Sage, Equal of Heaven’ the Monkey God or Monkey King called Sun Wukong. Sun Wukong is a Taoist celestial being who became really wild whom the Buddha pacified. However, it was really Kuan Yin who paved the way for Sun Wukong to be a Buddha. She did this out of her extreme compassion for Sun Wukong who at that time was already condemned for an eternal imprisonment. Kuan Yin did this not just for Sun Wukong but also for other immortals. Westerners largely look at this story as some sort of fantasy, but to Taoist and Chinese Buddhist they have high regard for the said story and believe it actually happened in the celestial world. However, the point here is not whether the story is true or not, but it hopes to illustrate the depth of Kuan Yin’s mercy and compassion that she was able to subdue one of the most powerful Taoist Immortal/Deity. It should be noted that it was implied in the story mentioned above that should Kuan Yin had to ‘fight’ with Sun Wukong, her power would not have match that of Sun Wukong. However, her real power is not with her strength as a Bodhisattva, although, I must clarify, she is very powerful, but more than her physical and celestial strength, is the power of her mercy and compassion that is said to be infinite!kuan-yin21

However, Kuan Yin or Kuan Shi Yin (Guan Shi Yin) which means ‘The One Who Hears the Cries of the World” has a very unique transformation. Kuan Yin is Avalokitesvara in India and Cherezig in Tibet. Nevertheless, Kuan Yin is the female transformation of the said Bodhisattva. I need not talk about who Avalokitesvara in detail now because Kuan Yin is Avalokitesvara (also spelled as Avalokiteshvara), Avalokitesvara is Chenrezig, Chenrezig is Kuan Yin, they may have different names, and in the case of Kuan Yin she may have a different image but they’re one and the same. All the attributes of Kuan Yin are that of Avalokitesvara and Chenrezig, all the attributes of Avalokitesvara and Chenrezig is that of Kuan Yin!

Nevertheless, allow me to state that Kuan Yin in the form of Avalokitesvara first started in India, the land where Buddhism really started. He/She is a Bodhisattva, which is traditionally considered a little less important compared to the Buddhas. However, Avalokitesvara gained reverence equal to that of Buddhas and to some extent, specially amongst Chinese Buddhist, exceeds that of the Buddhas because as the Historical Buddha Sakyamuni himself shared through various sutras, Avalokitesvara should have been a Buddha already, however, he refused Buddhahood and wished to remain a Bodhisattva for the welfare of all sentient beings.

The transformation of Avalokitesvara to Kuan Yin is in itself a very interesting story. There are various stories about how Avalokitesvara became Kuan Yin.Kuan Yin2

One story is that in relation to Tripitaka Monk Xuan Zang who traveled to India to get some Buddhist texts that he can share with his countrymen. When he wrote about his journey he always refers to the Bodhisattva of Compassion as a female Kuan Yin, some people believes that this is one of the first time that Avalokitesvara is addressed as Kuan Shi Yin, which later was shortened into Kuan Yin. In his account of the manifestations of Kuan Yin she always appear as a miraculous being and always under miraculous circumstances.

Another story is that of Princess Miao Shan. I’ll skip the story at the moment, and I’ll share her story as written in Wikipedia at the bottom of this post.

Still, another story about Avalokitesvara’s transformation to Kuan Yin is quite simple and not as popular because it lacks the theatrical and flair of the other stories.

When Buddhism was first introduced to China, the religion is largely Taoism, which has Immortals or Deities that are very powerful and ‘masculine’. The compassionate deities and immortals are mostly female deities. Because of this the Chinese had difficulty in fully comprehending the attributes of Avalokitesvara.

Buddhist monks prayed to Kuan Yin to ask for her guidance. Some text says that Kuan Yin spoke to some Buddhist monks through their dreams and instructed them to introduce him as Kuan Yin with a female form. Other text states that they were able to divine this through an Avalokitesvara/Kuan Yin oracle. Whether it was through a dream or through an oracle, it was clear that the Buddhist monks who brought Buddhism to China started the female manifestation of Avalokitesvara. As we know this image became popularly known as Kuan Yin.

This raises the question as to why when experiencing Avalokitesvara’s miracle or vision, people see her as Kuan Yin. According to the explanation of a Chinese Buddhist monk, this is because Avalokitesvara will always appear in the form that people will understand or easily relate to.

I personally believe that the last story is the real reason why Avalokitesvara became Kuan Yin. It is because they need to put an image of mercy and compassion, and because of this Avalokitesvara transformed into Kuan Yin.

Avalokitesvara as Kuan Yin became so popular that even Tibetan Buddhist who is extremely familiar with Avalokitesvara, as a male Bodhisattva would still mention Kuan Yin. In fact, the biggest image of Avalokitesvara in the world is that of Kuan Yin which is found China.

This also answers why some images of Kuan Yin depicts her as a flat-chested handsome young prince.


One of the semi-masculine form of Kuan Yin.

If you’re interested to know about the Legend of Princess Miao Shan please read on the following that was lifted from Wikipedia.

Another story from the Precious Scroll of Fragrant Mountain describes an incarnation of Guanyin as the daughter of a cruel king who wanted her to marry a wealthy but uncaring man. The story is usually ascribed to the research of the Buddhist monk Chiang Chih-ch’i during the 11th century CE. The story is likely to have a Taoist origin. Chiang Chih-ch’i, when he penned the work, believed that the Guanyin we know today was actually a Buddhist princess called Miaoshan (妙善), who had a religious following on Fragrant Mountain. Despite this there are many variants of the story in Chinese mythology.

According to the story, after the king asked his daughter Miao Shan to marry the wealthy man, she told him that she would obey his command, so long as the marriage eased three misfortunes.

The king asked his daughter what were the three misfortunes that the marriage should ease. Miaoshan explained that the first misfortune the marriage should ease was the suffering people endure as they age. The second misfortune it should ease was the suffering people endure when they fall ill. The third misfortune it should ease was the suffering caused by death. If the marriage could not ease any of the above, then she would rather retire to a life of religion forever.

When her father asked who could ease all the above, Miao Shan pointed out that a doctor was able to do all of these.

Her father grew angry as he wanted her to marry a person of power and wealth, not a healer. He forced her into hard labor and reduced her food and drink but this did not cause her to yield.

Every day she begged to be able to enter a temple and become a nun instead of marrying. Her father eventually allowed her to work in the temple, but asked the monks to give her the toughest chores in order to discourage her. The monks forced Miao Shan to work all day and all night, while others slept, in order to finish her work. However, she was such a good person that the animals living around the temple began to help her with her chores. Her father, seeing this, became so frustrated that he attempted to burn down the temple. Miao Shan put out the fire with her bare hands and suffered no burns. Now struck with fear, her father ordered her to be put to death.

In one version of this legend, when Guanyin was executed, a supernatural tiger took her to one of the more hell-like realms of the dead. However, instead of being punished by demons like the other inmates, Guanyin played music, and flowers blossomed around her. This completely surprised the head demon. The story says that Guanyin, by merely being in that hell, turned it into a paradise.

A variant of the legend says that Miao Shan allowed herself to die at the hand of the executioner. According to this legend, as the executioner tried to carry out her father’s orders, his axe shattered into a thousand pieces. He then tried a sword which likewise shattered. He tried to shoot Miao Shan down with arrows but they all veered off.

Finally in desperation he used his hands. Miao Shan, realising the fate that the executioner would meet at her father’s hand should she fail to let herself die, forgave the executioner for attempting to kill her. It is said that she voluntarily took on the massive karmic guilt the executioner generated for killing her, thus leaving him guiltless. It is because of this that she descended into the Hell-like realms. While there, she witnessed first-hand the suffering and horrors that the beings there must endure, and was overwhelmed with grief. Filled with compassion, she released all the good karma she had accumulated through her many lifetimes, thus freeing many suffering souls back into Heaven and Earth. In the process, that Hell-like realm became a paradise. It is said that Yanluo, King of Hell, sent her back to Earth to prevent the utter destruction of his realm, and that upon her return she appeared on Fragrant Mountain.

Another tale says that Miao Shan never died, but was in fact transported by a supernatural tiger, believed to be the Deity of the Place, to Fragrant Mountain.

The Legend of Miao Shan usually ends with Miao Chuang Yen, Miao Shan’s father, falling ill with jaundice. No physician was able to cure him. Then a monk appeared saying that the jaundice could be cured by making a medicine out of the arm and eye of one without anger. The monk further suggested that such a person could be found on Fragrant Mountain. When asked, Miao Shan willingly offered up her eyes and arms. Miao Chuang Yen was cured of his illness and went to the Fragrant Mountain to give thanks to the person. When he discovered that his own daughter had made the sacrifice, he begged for forgiveness. The story concludes with Miaoshan being transformed into the Thousand Armed Guanyin, and the king, queen and her two sisters building a temple on the mountain for her. She began her journey to heaven and was about to cross over into heaven when she heard a cry of suffering from the world below. She turned around and saw the massive suffering endured by the people of the world. Filled with compassion, she returned to Earth, vowing never to leave till such time as all suffering has ended.

After her return to Earth, Guanyin was said to have stayed for a few years on the island of Mount Putuo where she practised meditation and helped the sailors and fishermen who got stranded. Guanyin is frequently worshipped as patron of sailors and fishermen due to this. She is said to frequently becalm the sea when boats are threatened with rocks. After some decades Guanyin returned to Fragrant Mountain to continue her meditation.

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Bodhisattva Wishfulling and Master Protection Amulet Pendant (1): Getting Acquainted with LAMA ATISHA AMULET!

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LAMA ATISHA AMULETThe LAMA ATISHA AMULET is said to be one of the most powerful protection amulet in Buddhism. According to Lama Zopa Rinpoche, simply seeing or touching a copy of the said amulet will bring a person tremendous protection against physical harm.

It functions like that of the scapular for Catholics. If a person has this on his body at that time of his or her death, it is guaranteed that he or she will have a good rebirth and will be saved from the lower realms. If displayed inside the house or office, one will be saved from bad influences of other people and it will help create harmony. It is also very good to have this amulet if one is in the hospital, to protect a person from the yin chi of the hospital, and it will also prevent you from getting the attention of the lost souls. Thus, it is also a very good amulet to have to wear when one is going to a funeral or cemetery.

I don’t have a personal story or story that I heard first hand about the LAMA ATISHA PROTECTION AMULET, but one of the most popular story associated by the LAMA ATISHA PROTECTION AMULET, and is widely accepted by the different Buddhist traditions is a story that happened fairly recently. It was suppose to have happened to a young Tibetan man and his family.

As you all know, China has invaded Tibet and a lot of people they are either doing some ethnic cleansing or is slowly erasing the cultures and traditions of the Tibetan who are still in Tibet. The man’s name is Tenzin Choejor ( the truth is Tenzin is a fairly common Tibetan boy’s name because it means ‘holder of Buddhist doctrines’, and the current Dalai Lama’s name himself is Tenzin. I was told that Choezor is not a family name but it is a second name, which means Dharma Wealth. From the name of the man, it can be concluded that his parents are devout Buddhist, but this is not unique because most Tibetans are devout Buddhist.)

Tenzin Choejor’s family is one of the many Tibetans who’ve experienced oppression in Tibet. He was born after the 14th Dalai Lama has fled to Tibet to escape the Chinese oppression, so it can be said that he has never experienced true freedom. He has always long for to escape the Chinese oppression of Tibet but has not dared to do it because all his family are in Tibet. However, his perspective changed when he got married and started to have his own family.

It is said that Tenzin Choejor has planned to escape with his parents, but in a country ruled by oppression and where paranoia is really high, the government soon found out about his plan to escape. It is said that it was possible that another relative or a friend squealed on him. Like most Tibetans who plan to escape or oppose the Chinese government, he was tortured and separated from his family and was put to hard labor for several years. Upon his release, he find it hard to start a new life, because he was considered as an ‘ex-convict’ and even fellow Tibetans who took pity on him will not hire him because they’re afraid that they might earn the ire of the Chinese government. This is when he realized and decided that the only way for him to survive and take care of his family is if they escape Tibet. This time, however, Tenzin Choejor is more careful and he only confided to his father, who told him to ask for the blessing of his grandfather, his father’s uncle, for a blessing because it will be a long journey, a very difficult one, and if caught they might be killed on the spot or if they’re not caught they might die of freezing in the mountains. His father also cautioned him to think again of his plans because Tenzin Choejor’s children then aged 10 and 7 might not survive the trip. However, Tenzin Choejor knew that’s the only way for them to have a better life, and he thought it is better to risk their lives that forever live under the Chinese oppression.

Tenzin Choejor great uncle is one of the few monks left in Tibet who has personally met the Fourteenth Dalai Lama, and because he is monk in a place under Chinese rule, it is expected that he is very poor. So he has nothing to offer Tenzin Choejor but the blessing that Tenzin Choejor seeks from him. He performed some Buddhist protection ritual, which was improvised to adjust to their situation, but then took Tenzin Choejor aside to tell him that there is one thing that he would like to give Tenzin Choejor.

He told Tenzin Choejor that he believe that the only reason he was able to escape the Chinese’s physical oppression, unlike most monks, is because of an amulet that he has kept for a long time. He told Tenzin Choejor that he believes that the amulet is one of the reasons that he remained alive under the hands of the Chinese communist government. He then gave Tenzin Choejor a leather cloth where the image of LAMA ATISHA PROTECTION AMULET is printed. He told Tenzin Choejor that the amulet would keep his family safe. It is said that Tenzin Choejor initially refused to accept the amulet, but his great uncle insisted and told him that he has no need for the amulet because of his old age and that he is ready to part with his body.

Tenzin Choejor then proceeded to escape Tibet. It must be noted that after the initial exodus of Tibetans from Tibet, the Chinese communist government has intensified border security, making it harder for all Tibetan planning to go to exile to leave Tibet. There is no exact statistics as to how many people have been killed or captured and tortured just because the seek a better life. Tenzin Choejor armed with determination and faith in his ‘religion’ decided to set out on an escape with his wife and two young children.

On his way to India, Tenzin Choejor encountered several problems, but somehow they manage to get away with it. Among these two things are an encounter with a Chinese soldiers and a fight against nature.

First, on their escape, they literally came across some Chinese soldiers, and because of fatigue and coldness because of the freezing snow, he and his wife noticed them a little too late. They came across two drunken Chinese soldiers, and was almost apprehended, in fact, a gun was already pointed at them. Should the soldiers decided to shoot at them, the soldiers won’t get reprimanded because there is a standing order to shoot to kill all people who are trying to escape. Fearing for the life of his family, Tenzin Choejor used his body to block his wife and kids, and instinctively touched the LAMA ATISHA PROTECTION AMULET given to him by his great uncle and started to call on the Buddhas. According to their testimony, Tenzin Choejor’s wife didn’t know where he mustered her courage to talk to the soldiers.

Tenzin Choejor’s wife knows how to speak Chinese, being born and raised under the Chinese communist government; Chinese has been her second language. Tenzin Choejor knows the language also but because he grew up in the countryside he understands it better than he can speak. His wife on the other hand knows how to speak it but not fluently either. But she managed to address the soldiers and pretend that she is Chinese, and when asked why Tenzin Choejor’s himself doesn’t speak she told them that her husband is deaf – mute. There are many loopholes to her cover, like how can she explain their looks and what are they doing in the mountain, but because it was dark and maybe because the Chinese soldiers were drunk they let them go. Tenzin Choejor believes that it is because of LAMA ATISHA PROTECTION AMULET.

The second ordeal was when they were in the mountain, Tenzin Choejor’s second child got really ill. Without medicine all Tenzin Choejor and his wife can do are to call on the help of the Buddhas. Tenzin Choejor decided to take off the amulet and placed it on top of his son’s body. Needless to say, the son got healed.

After weeks of travelling in the mountain they finally got to the border of Tibet and India, where they plan to go in exile and seeks the Dalai Lama’s protection. But little did they know that India besieged by thousands and thousand of Tibetan exiles and without a place to put them has made it harder for Tibetans to go inside their country. Though they don’t understand each other, Tenzin Choejor understands the problem with their facial and body language. He started to touch the amulet again and hope for the best. Soon they were met by a Tibetan who took their story. Three days after they were put on a holding area, luckily with food, they were told that they could stay in India.

According to Tenzin Choejor, and these were acknowledge by the highest ranking lamas, it was because of the LAMA ATISHA PROTECTION AMULET that Tenzin Choejor and his family survived the ordeal.LAMA ATISHA AMULET 2

But who is LAMA ATISHA?

For that allow me to share his story using Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s own words. The following was lifted from the archive of FPMT.

Having a little bit of understanding of the life story of Atisha is very beneficial for our mind, so we can try to understand the teaching he wrote. By understanding Atisha’s life story and how he practiced Dharma and achieved realizations, devotion arises and we can feel that his teaching is most precious and pure. 1

Actually it is a very long life story, and it is divided into three parts. In order to have some idea about the great bodhisattva Atisha and how he benefited sentient beings, there are stories about his birth, his home, his birthplace and his early life. The stories explain how he achieved great knowledge and realizations with that holy body. Then after achieving the knowledge and realizations of the path, he benefited the teachings and helped sentient beings— he led the disciples and sentient beings to happiness.

Atisha’s birthplace was in Bengal, India. He was born as a prince and his family was extremely wealthy. He was surrounded by servants and workers, and there were 100,000 people just in his palace. The palace had thirteen golden roofs and 25,000 golden banners on the top, and there were also many pools, like in the West. At the palace there were 25,000 pools and beautiful parks, gardens of beautiful flowers that people could enjoy, seven bridges, and special trees that only grow in India.

When Atisha was three, he became an expert in general education—in astrology, letters, the brahmas, these things. He also became expert in discriminating the inner and outer being, so his parents wanted him very badly to take the place of the king. They tried very hard, but after some time he left with 300 horses, disguised as an army going to fight.

Many people went into the forest with Atisha to seek the guru. He took many teachings on refuge and bodhicitta, and then the guru sent him home to check up and try to understand the suffering of life. This happened three times. He came back, the guru sent him to another guru, and that guru sent him home to check up on the shortcomings of worldly life. His parents tried very hard to have him marry and take the place of a king. They invited all the beautiful women of the country to a party, and let them all dance around, but it didn’t work.

Atisha explained, “ There is no difference for my mind between this palace and a prison. There is no difference between beautiful, expensive clothes and the torn cloth in the garbage. There is no difference between delicious food and dog meat and pus. There is no difference between princesses and mara women—devil women.” Why devil women? Because they transform into beautiful bodies and cheat us. His parents listened to him.

Atisha followed 157 gurus perfectly and received many teachings, initiations and Vajrayana teachings. Once, while he was at home, Tara, the female aspect of Buddha, instructed him in a dream not to be attached to the samsaric happiness of worldly life. After this, Atisha went to see his guru. Then one day, after receiving many initiations, he thought, “There is no Vajrayana teaching left that I don’t know. I have become the most learned.” He felt a little bit of pride. That night, he had a dream that many female dakinis— transformations of buddhas who have high realizations of tantra—showed him many Vajrayana texts that he had never seen before. This made him lose his feelings of pride.

Atisha wanted to receive Mahamudra realization in his lifetime, by living in Vajrayana conduct. One of his gurus, Rahula, suddenly realized with his psychic power that Atisha was thinking this. Without any resistance, Rahula appeared in front of Atisha and instructed him, “What are you doing, forgetting all the sentient beings by leaving them? Take ordination and do great work for the teachings. This will be greatly beneficial for the teachings.” So, Atisha took ordination when he was twenty-nine years old. He was persuaded to do so by his guru and also by the buddha’s female aspect, Tara, Guru Shakyamuni Buddha, Maitreya Buddha and many other buddhas and Vajrayana deities such as Heruka, in his dreams.

After some time, when he was going around the Bodhgaya stupa—the temple in India, the most holy place where Guru Shakyamuni Buddha received enlightenment— above the stupa, in space, he saw the transformation of a young woman asking an old woman a question. At that time Atisha was concerned with quickly receiving enlightenment, and in space the young woman was asking the old woman, “What path should we practice in order to quickly receive enlightenment?” The old woman said, “Train the mind in love and compassion, in bodhicitta.”

Again, when Atisha was going around the stupa, there were paintings on the walls that talked to each other. One painting asked the other what path we should follow to reach enlightenment quickly, and the other answered, “Train the mind in love and compassion, and bodhicitta.”

Again, when Atisha was going around near Nagarjuna’s caves, he saw the statues of Buddha communicating, saying, “Train the mind in love and the compassionate thought, bodhicitta.” There was one ivory statue, and it said, “Yogi, if you want to quickly receive enlightenment, train the mind in love and compassion, and the thought of bodhicitta.” Many statues spoke like this.

Atisha went to see Guru Serlingpa, and he spent about twelve years taking the complete teachings on bodhicitta. In the presence of Guru Serlingpa, he received the actual realization of bodhicitta. Then Lama Serlingpa predicted that he should go to Tibet, the northern snow land.

At that time, there was a lot of degeneration of the teachings in Tibet. The people did not know how to practice the teachings, and they were confused about the practice of sutra and tantra together. The king of Tibet, Lha Lama Yeshe Ö, sent twenty-one boys to India to study Dharma and all of them except two died from the heat. These two came back to Tibet and told the king that everyone was talking about Atisha, the pandit, and that they should invite him to Tibet to help. These two translators’ names were Rinchen Sangpo and Legshey.

As soon as Lha Lama Yeshe Ö, the king of Tibet, heard the name of Atisha, incredible devotion arose in his mind, and he decided to invite Atisha to Tibet. He sent many gold offerings to India to invite Atisha, but it didn’t work. Then afterwards, he went himself to find gold for Atisha, and he was captured and put in the prison by an irreligious king who didn’t want the spread of Dharma in Tibet.

King Lha Lama Yeshe Ö’s nephew, Jangchub Ö, came to see him in prison. The irreligious king told Jangchub Ö, “I won’t free your uncle until you find gold the size of his body.” So, Jangchub Ö found enough gold to reach up to his neck, but still the irreligious king was not satisfied. He said, “If you don’t bring gold the size of his head, I won’t let him be free from prison.” Again, Jangchub Ö went to his uncle, the king of Tibet, and explained all these things.

The imprisoned king of Tibet, Lha Lama Yeshe Ö, explained to his nephew that since a lot of gold was offered to the irreligious king and he was still not satisfied, Jangchub Ö should not offer this king even one handful of gold. King Lha Lama Yeshe Ö said he was now very old and did not have long to live, and it would be more beneficial for his nephew, Jangchub Ö, to take the gold. He said to Jangchub Ö, “I don’t care if I die in prison. Take all this gold and ask Atisha to come to Tibet and spread the Dharma.” Then the king sent a message to Atisha through his nephew, saying, “I gave up my life to invite you to Tibet. Please guide me with your compassion. What I have in my mind is only for you to come to Tibet and spread the teachings.”

The imprisoned king sent the message with Jangchub Ö with a suffering, frantic voice, and then he passed away in prison. His nephew sent a translator with many gold offerings to invite Atisha, but the kings and abbots of India wanted Atisha to stay there. Finally, Atisha received permission and he came secretly to Tibet and helped spread the Dharma there. According to his teachings, he wrote the Lamp for the Path to Enlightenment there.

Atisha spread the pure Mahayana teaching like the rising sun, and all conflict, ignorance, and wrong conceptions were destroyed. His text was translated into English by some Tibetan lamas and other translators. I am reading the translation of this teaching because it is extremely beneficial. It is so short. Atisha did great work and brought so much benefit to India and Tibet. In India he destroyed many followers of other religions, wrong paths and wrong conceptions. He did great work.

These days, many young people from the West have the chance to hear the teachings and to understand and practice these meditations on the gradual path to enlightenment. They can find satisfaction in their lives, and they can make their lives meaningful and happy. They integrate it in their own mind, and they understand that there is a chance to make their lives meaningful. All these things are due to the kindness of Atisha, the great bodhisattva.

This great bodhisattva, Atisha, lived in discipline, and had the realization of moral conduct. He kept the 253 precepts purely, and on the basis of that, the bodhisattva’s precepts, the moral conduct precepts and the Vajrayana precepts. He had unshakeable, firm, one-pointed concentration that could last for years—even if hundreds of rockets were flying nearby they couldn’t disturb or shake his meditation. He had perfect realization of shunyata, the absolute nature, and he achieved high tantric realizations, seeing himself in the form of deities.

Atisha had high tantric realization without projections, and he did not see ordinary places—we see an ordinary house built of mud or cement, an impure place, but Atisha had only pure projections and pure view, and he always saw the view of the mandala of the deities. He had high Vajrayana realizations and he was able to transform even kaka into nectar and poison into medicine.

We can meditate like this to increase devotion to Atisha’s teachings. We can do checking meditation according to that. We may find it difficult at the beginning of the subject, and it may take time to understand, but by checking and understanding more and more the various meditations and teachings, gradually it will become clear within our mind.

Please note that Choejor is also spelled as Choezor and that the story from the archive of FPMT is part of Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s teaching of the life and work of Lama Atisha at 9th Kopan Course in 1976.

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Top 10 Things to do if Your House is Haunted!

Published Agosto 8, 2018 by jptan2012

I strongly believe that there are houses that are haunted. I personally have encountered several such house. And as I said in a previous article, it is not really the haunting like seeing ghosts, light turning on and off by themselves, or moving objects and curious sounds that’s the scariest. It is how these negative chi affects us that’s scarier.

Aside from the physical hauntings, it is how they affect our thinking, mood, personality, and luck that is scarier that the actual haunting. Or in some rare cases, how they try to possess some people.

So, what are the things you need to do if you believe your house or office is haunted.

  1. First, do not try to banish them on your own. If not done properly they will become stronger or will get angry. You might also start to attract more negative chi.
  2. Light some incense as a peace offering so that you can live in harmony. But do not be submissive to them.
  3. Ignore them, attention gives them energy. Fear gives them energy.
  4. Put an image of a Chung Kwei (made of black tourmaline/black jade/onyx/gold) in your house.

    Chung Kwei Black Jade

    This is a rare black jade pendant image of Chung Kwei. Was fortunate enough to find one in Beijing, China in a small shop. Remember in choosing a Chong Kwei or Chung Kwei or Zhung Kwei or Zhong Kwei, always get a something that’s made of a black stone or gold. Otherwise, it might not be very effective.

  5. Put a Vajrapani Ruel or Surangama Mantra Amulet or both inside your house.
  6. If there’s a baby or an elderly make sure they carry with them one or two (depending on the strength of the spirit) of the following with them all the time: gold Kalachakra pendant, Vajrapani Ruel, Surangama Mantra Amulet, Special Gold Piyao.
  7. If you suspect somebody is being possessed or is being psychologically or emotionally manipulated or influenced by the spirits let them wear 2 or 3 of the following: VAJRAPANI RUEL, SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET, SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO, GOLD KALACHAKRA PENDANT, GOLD OR HOLY JADE PENDANT IMAGE OF BODHISATTVA SANGHARAMA (also known as Qie Lan Pu Sa, Kuan Kong, Guan Gong, Guan Yu, Kuan Yu, Guan Te Yah, Kuan Te Yah), GOLD or BLACK TOURMALINE or BLACK JADE or ONYX or BLACK OBSIDIAN PENDANT IMAGE OF CHUNG KWEI. Please note that some stores will say that an image of a Chung Kwei is real obsidian or onyx or tourmaline, but real ones will definitely not cost you below US$150.00.

    Kuan Kong Pendant2

    Kuan Kong also spelled as Guan Gong is a warrior god. He is a very good protector and wealth god.

  8. Always make sure that you put on bright lights.
  9. Play happy music, make sure there is always yang energy but do not be noisy.
  10. Try to have somebody perform a puja for the spirits.

Understanding more about Hungry Ghosts and the Hungry Ghost Month or Hungry Ghost Festival will also help.




2018 Hungry Ghost Month: A Lunar Month Filled with Financial Challenges that Includes Other Setbacks & How the Longest Lunar Eclipse of the 21st Century Is Making it Worse!

Published Agosto 6, 2018 by jptan2012
Ghost Month

Photo lifted from Google Image

The dreaded Hungry Ghost Month is again just around the corner. The Hungry Ghost Month happens every 7th Lunar Month of the year, and for 2018 it starts on August 11, peaks on August 25, and ends on Sept. 9.

I have written about the Ghost Month a number of times already, and there is a section or a category fully dedicated to everything about the Ghost Month. I will include the link below. You can read also the earlier posts about the Hungry Ghost Month that I have written so that you can understand it better. However, allow me to still briefly talk about it here.

It is said that every year on the first day of the seventh lunar month, which is the start of the Hungry Ghost Month or sometimes simply known as the Ghost month, the gates of hell are opened, and the hungry ghosts are allowed for freely roam our world. It is also said the negative spirits are also more powerful during this time. There are many taboos during the Ghost Month and I have written about them in the past posts. However, I also would like to add that it is extremely bad to wear clothes with your name on them, especially in the evening. Sometimes, for those who wear uniform this is totally unavoidable so it is better to carry with you a powerful protective amulet like an image of Chung Kwei or a Vajrapani Ruel or a gold Kalachakra pendant.

For example, do not wear the clothes with your name, do not pat other people on the shoulder, do not whistle, children and senior citizens should not go out at night. Try to avoid whistling because you might get the attention of the spirits and avoid tapping a person a shoulder.

This year, while the Hungry Ghost Month is not especially stronger, its effects is still going to be quite bad. Late last year, I talked about how there is an absence of money this year, and especially here in the Philippines, how there is a possibility of a financial challenges. Modesty aside, my forecast on the continuing weakening of the peso has happened and continues to happen. No matter what other people say, all you have to do is do your own research with unbiased sources and you will see that inflation is happening in the region, the worst effect is happening in the Philippines because here it is further aggravated by factors that I have mentioned before and therefore will no longer talk about now. Needless to say, all of us has to be careful financially. To protect yourself from this aside from wearing the Chung Kwei pendant made of either gold, black jade, or black tourmaline or genuine black obsidian, you should also carry with you a powerful wealth amulet like the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET and/or the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO.

Vaisravana Dzambhala Wealth Amulet

The Vaisavana – Dzambhala Wealth Amulet has the consecrated copies of the mantras of King Vaisravana of the Four Heavenly Kings and the mantras of the Five Dzambhalas. Furthermore, there are some special ingredients in powder form that are included to add to the potency of the amulet. Before it is sealed it is furthered consecrated on the image of The Four Heavenly Kings.It is placed in a metal case, not just for its durability and protection but according to the Tantric Buddhist Scripture book where Guru Lama got the instructions for this amulet, it has to be placed in cylindrical metal case to symbolize continuity and stability.


Aside from the effects of the Hungry Ghost Month on money, wealth, or financial luck or situation of a country. The Hungry Ghost Month will also affect the auspicious stars of 6 of the animal signs who were supposed to have good stars this 7th lunar month. Foremost of these are the Rat, Dragon, and Snake.

People born under the sign of the Ox, Monkey, Horse, Tiger, Sheep should take extra precaution. Make sure you are all protected. People born under the sign of the Ox should be careful with their health and avoid traveling and going to Yin places like cemetery and hospitals. Always wear one of the following: VAJRAPANI RUEL, ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET, or SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO.

For this month, it might be good to wear a ruby set in yellow gold to help deflect negative energies, especially if you work in a yin place like a hospital, or if you live in a house that is haunted.

What extremely bothers me and the legit and most prominent Feng Shui experts or Feng Shui consultants of Hong Kong and Singapore is the recent longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century. As you all know nothing good comes out of an eclipse. The longer the eclipse the worse the is the effect on the world and on the people who were expose to it (if you’re out during the time of eclipse). A lot of people were raving about the fact that we are experiencing the longest lunar eclipse of the 21st century, but the truth is it is scary, especially with it happening just a few weeks before the Hungry Ghost Month!

One possible effect of this Lunar Eclipse is that it will further aggravate the financial problems experienced or about to be experienced by people. For those whose septic tank is inside their house or right in front of their doors or house, this means that the bad effects of having the septic tank inside your house or right outside your house, couple with the effects of the Hungry Ghost Month and its strengthening due to the lunar eclipse will be quite bad. I suggest for you to contact your Feng Shui consultant to remedy this ASAP.





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Understanding the Power of Jade – Powerful Holy Jade Items for Wealth, Health, Harmony and Protection!

Published Hunyo 13, 2018 by jptan2012

jade-zoom-1I have been receiving a lot of messages encouraging me to continue this blog. However, it is already a “done deal” that this blog will end once it reaches the 1000th post. This is also the reason why my most recent articles focus more on empowering you to do your own Feng Shui and to understanding what needs to be done in case there is a Feng Shui blunder.

Some people are also asking about getting amulets after I have ended this blog. Well, it is possible that amulets will find their way to you if you are ready for it. However, you have to understand that sometimes you need to be able to understand when that time has come, sometimes an amulet that comes your way now because you need it will not present itself again in the future should you decide to let go of that opportunity.

Speaking of amulets, today’s article is about some special amulets. I think this is something being made available to us by Guru Lama because of the pending ending of this blog.

Those who have been with me in this journey of Feng Shui blogging right when it started will know that one of the most powerful natural Feng Shui tool from nature aside from the metal gold is the power of gemstones. For the Chinese, the foremost of all these gemstones is the jade.

I have written about the power of jade. In fact, the Piyao (also called or spelled as Pi Yao, Pixie, Pi Xie, Pi Xiu, or Pixiu) is only truly effective when it is made of gold or jade. Needless to say, real jade because there are so many fake jades in the market. It is not an exaggeration when I say that most jade Piyaos in the market now are made of fake jade. Of course, the most powerful ones are those that are blessed by a high lama or monk, and are made of empowered gold like the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO or empowered jades. They are empowered thru mantras, sutras, and/or pujas performed by Bhiksus or Bhiksunis or high lamas.


It also has fierce but still friendly face, this indicates that while you can be fierce in business or work, you will still gain the support and admiration of the people around you. This also means that you can you charm to get to your wealth luck.


Let me go back to the power of jade.

Contrary to popular belief that a jade is a Chinese stone, jade is actually used in various cultures and nations and Ancient Civilization or Ancient Societies, but I think it was given it highest regard by the Chinese. But history shows that jade is revered by a lot of cultures. Not to mention jade is also found in different countries like Mexico, India, Canada, New Zealand, and a lot more. However, they jade experts believes that superior jade is found in China, Russia, and Myanmar, formerly known as Burma.

These countries who also had the jade believes in the power of the jade.

In fact, the ancient Mexicans has very high regard for the jade. Like the Chinese they make that jade is use in the carving of their gods. In fact, Kukulcan and Quetzalcoatl, the supreme gods of the ancient Mexicans are traditionally depicted with jade in their eyes and navel. They believe that if jade is not used in their eyes and their navel the images are just plain simple images and will not be able to channel the energies of the said god.

It was also a custom of the Mayans to place small pieces of jade in the mouth of their ruler the Jaguar Bird at his death. It is said that the jade will act as the receptacle of the dead ruler’s spirit. The Mayans also associate the jade with water (money), vegetation (wealth), the sky (heavenly blessings), life (chi or energy), renewal and rebirth. You will notice that this is very similar to the Chinese. If you remember a previous article, it is customary for the Chinese to put a jade cicada in the mouth of a person who has just died to ensure good rebirth.

The belief of putting a jade in the mouth of the dead was shared by other ancient cultures. Some of you might find it surprising the jade was found in the tombs or even in the pyramids of Egyptian rulers. They were place at the heart of the Egyptian ruler. No definite study was made to understand why use jade as representative of the heart, that we can only surmise that they believe that jade is the stone that can aid good rebirth and capture the good essence of the heart of a person as the Chinese belief states.

Furthermore, in Mesoamerica, a jade is considered so precious and powerful that people of the “lower” class bracket are not allowed to own a jade. Because they believe that this will make the person powerful. A person of the “lower” social class bracket was found to have a jade, no matter how small, they would be immediately executed. Many books have written about this, but none has written about it as extensively as Peterson Fredrick wrote in his book “Ancient Mexico: Introduction to the Pre-Hispanic Cultures.”

According to Peterson Fredrick, the Aztecs has a law for a “man of low quality” to own a jade, because the stone was reserved for high priests and nobility. It is also considered as one of the most important offering, still much like what Chinese Buddhists do in offering jades and gold these days. That jade is used as a special sacred offering is fully evident in Cenoté and Chichen Itzá.

In the ancient Southwest Pacific, they believe that when you give a jade to a person, you also give a part of your soul. Thus, it is only given to a loved one or parent to child or vice versa.


But as mentioned, nobody has used jade and revered it as much as the Chinese does. Chinese Buddhist and/or Taoists believes that an image of a Buddha, or Bodhisattva, or deity or god made of jade is superior to other images. Contemporary Buddhist monks try to downplay this belief because they don’t want people to have a misplaced belief that non – jade images are worthless, but to this day a lot of Buddhist monks believes this to be the case.

From ancient times to this day, the Chinese believes that everyone should own at least one jade. The stone will serve to protect you, bless you with wealth and health. I for one owns several pieces of jade, including a very rare piece of Chung Kwei black jade. My black jade is only one of the two black jades in the country. On top of owning a black jade, every single member of the family has at least one small piece of jade. The younger generation are all gifted with a jade, but of course, my generation and the older generation all have several pieces. I have mentioned several times in this blog my jade Kuan Yin pendant and several pieces of Piyao jade, I still wear this jade everyday even though I already have the very powerful SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO. On top of that I also have a jade ring set in gold. Sharing all these not to brag about my jade collection, but to show how much value and belief I have in a jade. In fact, Lillian Too, who perhaps is the world’s most famous Feng Shui writer has repeatedly mentioned and given credit to her jade bangle for her success and wealth.

Chung Kwei Black Jade

This is a rare black jade pendant image of Chung Kwei. Was fortunate enough to find one in Beijing, China in a small shop. Remember in choosing a Chong Kwei or Chung Kwei or Zhung Kwei or Zhong Kwei, always get a something that’s made of a black stone or gold. Otherwise, it might not be very effective.

But more than success and wealth, a jade is also a very good protection stone. I remember, when we were still young, my sister had an accident in school. She feels from the stairs, she was not hurt, even though the stairs were made of hard stone. Her jade bangle broke into two though.

I can go on and on and on about how powerful a jade is. In fact, one can write a book simply talking about its mystical properties and wonderful stories from people who experienced these energies. But one of the most powerful way to know this is simply by experiencing the power of a jade. Regular readers of this blog know that I always say that each and every person should at least own one piece of jade.


Now another misconception about jade is that it is always green. That’s not true. There are brown jade, yellow jade, white jade, pink jade, purple or violet jade, orange jade, red jade, and as mentioned the rare black jade. But of course, the most common one is a green jade. But even the green jade has various shade. There is the ice jade, which is a clear type or opaque type of a very light almost white jade, there is the natural green jade, there is the imperial jade, the ink jade, which a lot of scrupulous sellers will tell you is the much-coveted black jade but is not the same as that of the black jade.


One point of concern is that it is quite difficult to distinguish a real jade from a fake jade, and also quite difficult to distinguish a low-grade jade to a high-grade jade unless you have developed the skill to see it. Some people will also say that aventurine is a jade, aventurine is aventurine and it is a not a jade. Chrysophrase and Dioptase are two other green stones that are very jade like but are more porous. A lot of sellers will tell you that these stones are high quality jade but if you have developed the eye for real jade, or if you got them and wear them you will soon notice that they are not real jade.

Jade actually only has two major varieties, and they are nephrite and jadeite. Of all the jade, other than the black jade, it’s the Burmese imperial jade.


Those of you who live in China, Honking, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Nepal, Myanmar, etc. Knows that it is customary for Buddhists who have been blessed or who are asking for a favor from the Buddhas and Bodhisattvas to donate gold such as rings, necklaces, or even gold bars or gold coins. Recently, some of these, after being empowered, were again made available to the public by way of the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO. However, it has to be noted that it is also EQUALLY customary to donate jade and/or other gemstones. But more often than not jade is offered because a lot of Buddhists considers jade to be a superior jade as compared to emerald, ruby, and even diamonds. It is only the best first-class jades that are donated to the temple.

These jades and other gemstones are also put at the foot of an image of a Buddha or Bodhisattva where they receive strong positive chi from the chanting of mantras, reciting of sutras, and pujas performed by Bhiksus, Bhiksunis and/or high lamas like Guru Lama. These jades are then included in the images of the Buddhas or Bodhisattvas. However, Guru Lama’s temple has acquired so many of these jades, and people are still continuously donating high quality jade to the temple. So, Guru Lama thought of making these a FEW of these jades available to the public to help raise funds for food for novice monks, building temples, and for their charity work. By doing these the ones who will received these jades in exchange of stipulated amount for exchange of energies will also receive not just high-quality jade but also comes with the jade the energies from the pujas, chanting of mantras, and recitation of sutras.

These jades are going to be made available to the public so that they will be blessed. Some of these jades are gem quality and thus they will be made thru a ring with a mantra. It will come in different sizes so hopefully all those who are interested will find one that will fit them.

But more than that, there are 15 of almost century old jade ingot. You all know that an ingot is one of the most powerful symbol to welcome wealth, money or financial luck in Feng Shui. Made from either jade or gold it becomes more powerful. But if it comes from the temple who has been empowering it for almost a century it should be extremely magical. There are 15 of these holy jade ingots, but only 3 are being made available thru this blog. Having this holy jade ingot will definitely bring in a lot of wealth luck to a family or person where this ingot is. This is especially highly recommendable who have their own house and/or are moving to their own house/new house.

holy jade ingot 1

This HOLY JADE INGOT is a very powerful tool to bring in wealth luck. Specially good for those moving to a new house or already have their own home. This jade is roughly a century old jade. The actual size of this is about 3 inches in length. Approximately.  Apologies for the amateur photo. The monks who took the picture are not camera savvy.

On top of that, there 3 holy jade teapots. These holy jade teapots are about half – a – century old, and one will be made available thru this blog. For those who are familiar with Feng Shui will know that a teapot is also a powerful wealth symbol and harmony symbol. Those who are running a business and wish to close a deal can put rock salt in the holy jade teapot for 7 days, then put water in it and pour the water onto your head on the day of business transaction. This is also a powerful house cleansing tool. The process of which will be shared with the person who is lucky enough to get this.

holy jade teapot

This HOLY JADE TEAPOT is around half – a – century old. Just like the HOLY JADE INGOT, this is hand carved and hand polished. Very good wealth luck and financial luck enhancer and also good for powerful protection ritual. Also very good harmony Feng Shui tool. Apologies for the amateur photo. The monks who took the picture are not camera savvy.

holy jade teapot open

This HOLY JADE TEAPOT is around half – a – century old. Just like the HOLY JADE INGOT, this is hand carved and hand polished. Very good wealth luck and financial luck enhancer and also good for powerful protection ritual. Also very good harmony Feng Shui tool. You can pool rock salt, sea salt, pink himlayan salt, or black lava salt inside. Apologies for the amateur photo. The monks who took the picture are not camera savvy.

Of course, there a few more jades, some are rings, or gem quality that can be made into a ring or pendant. There are different images also like the Cicada, Piyao, Happy Buddha. Naturally all these are empowered thru the pujas, chanting of mantras and recitation of sutras performed by Bhiksus, Bhiksunis and other high lamas like Guru Lama.

These are all very old pieces, and you can actually see some signs of age to this holy pieces. I think it’s really part of the charisma of these pieces. Imagine these pieces receiving all the energies from the pujas, mantras, and sutras for decades!!!!

The truth some of these jade have been made available to a small selected group of readers in the past. Either with exchange of energies of or as a gift.

But this time it will be made available to everybody.

However, please note that these are going to be on a first – come, first – served basis and are limited. Also, please note that not because you want it and has the means to send the monetary exchange of energies you will have it. Guru Lama will decide if you can have it base on your birthdate, this is especially true for the holy jade ingot and the holy jade teapot. For the others, Guru Lama will decide what you can have base on your birthdate or whether you’ll be allowed to have them.

To understand about the exchange of energies, please read the article called THE EVOLUTION OF ACQUIRING AN AMULET.


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Life’s 8 Aspirations and How to Enhance Them!

Published Mayo 29, 2018 by jptan2012


When I decided with Guru Lama that this blog will end and that before it happens I will set out to write more articles that will focus on empowering and teaching you about handling, understanding, and fixing your Feng Shui if it needs to be fixed, I didn’t realize that I was setting up myself for a daunting task.

It is very difficult to teach Feng Shui online and to a non – Chinese speaking audience because there are a lot of intricacies in Feng Shui that highly relies on the element of the word. For example, there are words in Chinese that connotes the same thing but because of a minor difference in how it was written would mean that this word is more of a wood element, water element, and so on and so forth.

This is also the reason why I noticed that some of my friends who has taken up online Feng Shui courses usually find themselves having more problems, and I stress AT TIMES, because they were not given the minor but yet very important intricacies.

Nevertheless, I will still try to teach you as much as I can without putting you at risk in understanding something incomplete which might lead to doing a Feng Shui blunder instead.

Today, allow me to share with you in what is called as “LIFE’S EIGHT ASPIRATIONS” in Feng Shui. These 8 aspirations are what makes our life complete and if everything goes well with our life’s 8 aspirations it is said that we will be a happy person and also it means that we have a very good luck or good karma.

Our life’s eight aspirations consist of the following: (1) Love or Relationship; (2) Descendant Luck; (3) Mentor Luck; (4) Career Luck; (5) Education / Knowledge Luck; (6)Family / Health Luck; (7) Wealth Luck; (8) Fame / Recognition Luck. Not necessarily in this order, but the ideal situation is that they should all be equal and not imbalance. Although truth be told I seldom see a person who has a very balance 8 aspirations, but this doesn’t mean that it is bad it just means that he has more of the other than the rest.

Allow me now to discuss each of the aspirations and how to enhance them on a personal level.

First, LOVE & RELATIONSHIP LUCK. We all want to be loved, but this luck is more than finding a romantic love but this controls all aspects of your relationship luck in life. Even family relationship. To enhance this, you can use MANDARIN DUCKS, the DOUBLE HAPPINESS SYMBOL, SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET(1) or TRADITIONAL SUTRA AMULET(1).

Second, is DESCENDANT LUCK. This luck is about having children, grandchildren. But this luck is also about creativity. To activate this luck for descendant luck, you can use an ELEPHANT WITH THE TRUNKS UP, PEACHES, SURANGAMA MANRTRA AMULET(2), TRADITIONAL SUTRA AMULET(2) or VAJRAPANI RUEL(1). For creativity, you can use a SMALL GLOBE.

Third is MENTOR LUCK which is sometimes called as the BENEFACTOR LUCK. This luck ensures that you’ll have the support of your parents, bosses, or that people will always come to your help when you are in need, or the type of people that can help you achieve the things that you want to achieve. To activate or empower this luck, wear a gold or jade image of BODHISATTVA SANGHARAMA or carry the VAJRAPANI RUEL(2).

Fourth is the CAREER LUCK. This is quite self-explanatory but I have to add that this pertain to business advancement also. To activate this luck, carry a RUYI with you or carry the VAJRAPANI RUEL(3) and/or the FOUR DHARMAKAYA RELIC MANTRAS & LAMA ATISHA COMBINED AMULETS(1).

Fifth is the EDUCATION or KNOWLEDGE LUCK! We don’t stop learning, even if we are already working we need to continue to learn to make sure that we are ahead of the game. To activate or empower this luck get yourself a GENERATOR CRYSTAL made of AMETHYST or CLEAR QUARTZ. Likewise, you can also have a crystal pendulum worn around your neck.

Sixth is the FAMILY AND HEALTH LUCK. You may ask why family is included here again, shouldn’t it be in the love or relationship luck. Actually, as mentioned earlier in the article, family is included in the love/relationship luck but it is also here because one very important thing in Feng Shui is family, we need a healthy family and by healthy it doesn’t refer to health as in physical health of the family although it certainly is included also. In Feng Shui, aside from the actual relationships, family is considered as one “being” so it’s health has to be taken care of also. Health also here includes avoiding illness, accidents, and violence. So, to make this luck positively good, it is will be good to carry with you the ILLNESS SUPPRESSION AMULET(1), VAJRPANI RUEL(4), and/or the GOLD KALACHAKRA PENDANT. For the family, it is good to place in the house a TRADITIONAL SUTRA AMULET(3) and/or a SURANGAMA MANTRA AMULET(3).

The seventh is WEALTH LUCK. In Buddhism, Taoism, and Feng Shui money is not considered the root of all evil. The root of all evil is our greed. With that in all three, acquiring wealth is actually either encouraged or tolerated. To activate wealth luck, you can read my post entitled –  FENG SHUI TIPS TO ENHANCE WEALTH LUCK, FINANCIAL LUCK, AND MONEY LUCK! – but lately and as can be attested by a number of my readers the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO(1), the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET(1), and the VAJRAPANI RUEL(5) are some of the most powerful wealth amulets that one can have. I haven’t been writing a lot of personal testimonies about them only because of my commitment to focus on empowering articles.

And finally, the eight is the FAME or RECOGNITION LUCK. This luck is not just about being famous, but more importantly it is about being recognized. You might say I don’t need to be famous, and obviously those who are famous has a very strong fame luck. But remember, even if one doesn’t want to be famous, we cannot deny that you have to be recognized for your contribution, or for your effort. To activate this luck, one can carry the FOUR DHARMAKAYA RELIC MANTRAS & LAMA ATISHA COMBINED AMULET(2), VAJRAPANI RUEL(6).

I’m already putting here what you need here because these are perpetual amulets or cures that one needs for each of the 8 aspirations.

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