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An ‘Exotic’ Pizza in Laoag

Published Hunyo 1, 2012 by jptan2012

Whenever I travel, aside from visiting Sacred and Mystical places, I also make sure that I try out the local dishes of the place that I’m visiting.

In one of my visits in Laoag, Ilocos Norte, I tried a different kind of pizza at Saramsam. I know pizza is not considered as an exotic food; however, this pizza is different because it’s made of Ilocos Longganisa or Ilocos’ local sausage and the other pizza is called Pinakbet Pizza, which is made of local Ilocos vegetables.

Pinakbet is a mixed vegetable dish cooked in fish sauce. The vegetables are usually sitaw (string beans), ampalaya (bitter melon or bitter gourd), okra, and talong (eggplant).

The Ilocos Longganisa Pizza is surprisingly good. It’s actually quite simple, they used Filipino style tomato as a base sauce and they simply put the Ilocos Longganisa on top of it with some cheese, it’s just as simple as that, and the taste is surprisingly good.

Ilocos Longganisa Pizza

However, the Pinakbet Pizza, which was hyped a few years back, is a great disappointment. I thought it is really made of vegetables cooked Pinakbet style and place on top of a pizza dough, however, the Pinakbet pizza is simply a pizza dough with Filipino style tomato sauce and cheese then they simply place the vegetables on top of the pizza dough and tomato sauce. It taste bad and a great disappointment, other than the vegetables, there is simply no touch of Pinakbet.

Pinakbet Pizza


The Cake Club: A Diet Man’s Delicious Nightmare

Published Mayo 30, 2012 by jptan2012

I’m on a diet and I found out one of the best way to lose the unwanted excess pounds is to avoid sugary or sweet foods. Needless to say the one that goes on top of the list are cakes! Admittedly, I have a fondness for sweet foods and it’s quite difficult to avoid pastries or cakes, but since I’m bent on shedding off the excess weight I’m determined to avoid eating sweet food and has reserved them for special occasions.

Last week, a friend from Singapore came to visit and after having lunch at Sariwon we went to the Cake Club, and because her visit is a special occasion I gave in to temptation and face a diet man’s worst nightmare-pastries!

Unfortunately, I was unable to get pictures of all the cakes of Cake Club, and since I was trying to avoid giving in to temptation, I told my friend to order for us.

She ordered the Ispahan and the Super Moist Cake. We share both of the cakes.

The Ispahan is probably the best French Macaron in the country, I never thought I’d say that because I always considered Sweet Bella’s French Macaron as the best, but Cake Club’s French Macaron’s really beats that of Sweet Bella’s and that’s saying a lot because Sweet Bella’s French macaron is actually very good.


Ispahan is a French Macaron with a twist. I don’t really know what you call it, but for me it’s like a Macaron sandwich. There are two Pistachio French Macaron sandwiching fresh strawberries and some cream. The taste is just like heaven. You should try it for you to really understand what I’m saying.

The other cake that we shared is the Super Moist Chocolate Cake…and it really is super moist. It’s actually good and once you’ve bite into it, you’ll forget about whatever it is you’re talking about and you’ll tend to just focus on the cake. It’s really good!

Super Moist Chocolate Cake

The Cake Club is at the Bonifacio High Street Central.


Chef Laudico’s Casa Filipino

Published Disyembre 31, 2011 by jptan2012

Kadalasan, ang pamilya namin ay pumupunta sa bahay namin sa Tagaytay upang doon mag palipas ng New Year’s Eve. Dito kasi sa Manila masyadong maingay at polluted. Pero this year, dahil sa ilang bagay hindi kami nakapunta ng Tagaytay. Kaya naman nag food trip nalang kami ngayon gabi. Tinuro ng bunso namin kapatid ang Casa Filipino. Pagaari raw ito ni Chef Rolando Laudico at 500 pesos lang daw bawat tao. Medyo na curious ako, feeling ko kasi parang walang makakain na masarap buffet na worth 500 pesos. Pero at the same time, feeling ko kung kay Chef Laudico ito dapat medyo ok siya di ba? Kasi sikat na chef siya.

Anyway, pumunta kami at nagulat ako sa laki ng lugar. Very homey siya….kasi nga lumang bahay yun restaurant.

Medyo nahiya lang ako kumuha ng picture kaya nag search nalang ako sa internet ng picture na siya rin gagamitin ko para sa post na ito. Lahat ng litrato dito ay galing sa blog na SUSHIBYTES.

Para sa halagang 488 pesos may masarap ka nang weekend dinner buffet. May kasama na itong Roast Beef, Balamban Liempo, at Lechon…

Masarap ang Roast Beef, Lechon, at Balamban Liempo kahit walang sauce. Pero feeling ko medyo matabang ang mga sauce nila parang walang masyadong lasa considering na sarsa yun, pero ok pa rin kasi the meat are good on its own. Hindi mo na talaga kailangan ng sauce.

Roast Beef, Balamban Liempo, walang litrato ng Lechon dito pero masarap at malambot ang Lechon sa Casa Filipino.

Sana mas madaming tuwalya ang Kare-Kare pero mas marami silang nilagay na real meat. Pero nagulat ako at malaman ang Kare-Kare, hindi sila nagtipid ng sangkap. the bagoong is also really good.

Casa Filipino's Kare-Kare is full of 'real' meat. Hindi masyado madami ang tuwalya, buntot. Pero, ganunpaman, masarap siya at hindi sila nagtipid sa paglagay ng sahog.

Dahil nag di-diet ako, hindi na ako masyado kumakain ng carbs. Pero hindi ko naiwasan tikman ang kakaibang pasta na ito…

TUYONESCA...Masarap siya at talagang kakaiba.

Pero ang pinaka tumawag ng aking pansin ay ang Adobo nila sa Casa Filipino. Adobo, any kind of adobo at that, is my favorite food. Kahit pa adobong kangkong lang yan. Pero because its my favorite food, pag sinusubukan ko ito sa restaurant, ang basehan ko kung masarap at worth it ay dapat may kakaiba dito at talang masasarapan ako.

Ang chicken adobo nila ay talagang nilampasan ang akin panlasa. Ang sarap niya…at sa ngayon ito na ang favorite adobo ko…

Chicken Adobo Pepper Sauce....Kakaiba siya! Masarap talaga.



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