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Devastating Feng Shui Blunder Didn’t Affect the People Living in the Said House: A Story of A Good Person with Good Karma!

Published October 22, 2015 by jptan2012

Slanted Ceiling.

Several exposed beams.

A wooden sculpture of “The Last Supper”.

Window by the headboard of the bed.

These are just some of the Feng Shui blunders that this house in Davao has. When I first look at the pictures of the said house, all I can say is that whoever lived in that house should have extreme bad luck. Sent the said pictures to my Feng Shui teacher in Hong Kong and he also said the same thing. Whoever lived in that house had or is having a bad life. In fact, what he said was ‘extremely’ bad life.

But here is the clincher. I know who lives in the said house. She is happily married, she has two obedient and intelligent children, she is financially stable if not well – off, she has several businesses are doing quite well, she owns several more properties both here and in Davao. So how is it that we’re wrong in our interpretation. I know the person so I was not that surprised, not as surprised as my Feng Shui teacher.


You see this will be a very long post if I have to talk all about her good deeds but needless to say I think her being compassionate, self – less, and generous person has prevented them to experience all the bad effects of the Feng Shui blunders of her house. Furthermore, when I talked to her about how being a good person had given her good karma that is strong enough to protect them from the most damaging effects of the Feng Shui blunders of her house, she would always demure and clarify that it is her parents that are really the kindest. And I’m sure that her parents good karma has also benefited them so it is also but fitting to give them the credit. But BM’s brother is not as lucky, and I hope BM doesn’t hate me for saying this because maybe he is not as good hearted as BM. He might have broken off the link of good karma and BM might have inherited all of it. Now people who are around BM benefits as well!

So remember that it is not all about Feng Shui or amulets. Next time that you see an extremely bad Feng Shui blunder remember…

A wholehearted donation to the church or temple…

A selfless prayer for somebody else…

A simple donation to the beggar…

Send somebody to school if you can…

Be kind…

Be generous…

Be thoughtful…

Be compassionate…

…these are Feng Shui cures or amulets as well. I know because BM is the living proof !

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Vajrapani Ruel Stories (23): Carnapping Case Dismissed Without Prejudice!

Published October 20, 2015 by jptan2012

Case-DismissedBefore you think that we are now talking about a criminal please read on, this is simply a case of a woman who took pity and wanted to help a friend and was later framed from a crime she didn’t commit.

We have so many stories about how the Vajrapani Ruel has given those people who has it great financial luck or wealth luck. But the following story shows that it is not the only thing that the Vajrapani Ruel can do for us.

I believe that NG, a single mother, is a type of person who will go out of her way to help a person in need, especially if this person is a relative or friend, before stopping to think what that help may cause her. And this is what exactly happened to her.

NG has a married girl friend who approached her for help to sell a car. NG without hesitation decided to help and was able to find a buyer. Part of the payment was given, and the buyer took the car. The agreement was that the buyer would give the full payment once the seller has given the proper documents to him, which is NG’s friend.

However, NG’s friend failed to come up with the documents because little did NG know that NG’s friend, let’s just call her F, didn’t let her husband know that she is selling or that she sold one of their cars. But she promised NG that she will be coming up with the documents, but requested for another help because she told NG that she has to tell her husband that it was NG who got the car, and requested her to write a note that she has the car. If I’m not mistaken she was even the one who drafted the letter. NG without malice and with clean conscience of wanting to help her friend so that F will not be physically hurt by her husband, albeit a very inane thing to do, signed the papers.

To make things worse, the one who bought the car refuses to return it unless F returns the money, which is a fair thing but F refuses to return the money, and instead decided to simply sue NG.

A carnapping case was filed against her, and they presented the paper that NG signed, and some false witnesses. On her side, NG was not able to present anybody; instead she took a leap of faith and decided to simply calmly state the truth. That was several months ago. Recently, a decision was pass by the judge. NG’s lawyer told her not to attend and instead stay at home to prepare a certain amount of money so that when she is found guilty they can appeal the case right away and pay the bail again. On that day and on the days leading to it, NG decided to keep on holding the Vajrapani Ruel, and they were almost sure that she will be found guilty because the evidence against her especially the paper that she signed is overwhelming.

The decision of the court is CASE DISMISSED WITHOUT PREJUDICE! Meaning they cannot file or appeal the case against NG!

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It's important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless. The Vajrapani Ruel itself is only about 1 to 2 inches and it varies from one ruel to another.

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It’s important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless. The Vajrapani Ruel itself is only about 1 to 2 inches and it varies from one ruel to another.

NG believes that her prayers and her Vajrapani Ruel are what saved her! Well, I think it did.

And remember we should stop looking at the amulets like the Vajrapani Ruel as merely a financial or wealth luck booster.

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Better Business With The Help of A Juice From A Calamansi!

Published October 19, 2015 by jptan2012

calamansi2A reader contacted me to ask for the Vajrapani Ruel so that it will help him with his business. However, after analyzing his situation I realized that he really doesn’t need the Vajrapani Ruel and that he can simply use some natural cures.

Told him that every morning to sprinkle a very small amount of pure Calamansi (also called Calamondi or Philippine Lime or Panama Orange) juice on his cashier area. That was two months ago and he said that his sales have significantly increased.

This is a simple natural cure that shows that one should not despair if one can’t avail of the Vajrapani Ruel. The only draw back of this cure is that your place might smell like Calamansi. So I suggest cleaning the area at the end of the day.

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Etiquette for Mistresses: A Feng Shui, Taoist, and Buddhist Perspective!

Published October 15, 2015 by jptan2012

Several of my friends have watched the movie of controversial celebrity and presidential daughter Kris Aquino. They said that the movie was nicely done; but that they all seem to have agreed that it might give the wrong notion that the life of a mistress despite of the difficulties is a glamorous life. On top of it, they all said that it might connote that once you leave the relationship mistresses will most likely have a good life such as the movie has portrayed.mistress

Now, as a Feng Shui blogger, I have received several emails, text messages, and calls about wives whose husband has a mistress, or mistresses that are having problems with their partners or with the family of the partner. Trust me when I say that I have heard both sides.

In our society, it is easy to take sympathy to the wife and condemned the mistress. But the truth as in everything, it is not always black and white. I’m not condoning mistresses but there are times that a mistress is as much as a victim as a wife and also sometimes beneath the uncomfortable set – up they are really the protagonist. However, I’ve also seen and talked to many wives (not to mention their children) who have suffered so much because of mistresses. What I’m saying is judgment should not be easily passed and if possible it should only be passed once we have truly understand all sides of the people involved.

However, let me say something, that in Taoism and Buddhism and Feng Shui, being a wife whose husband has a mistress, or being a mistress, and even being a husband who has a mistress has some reasons. It can be karmic; it can be because of a flaw on your Feng Shui or bazi. But that doesn’t these things make it right, but it doesn’t mean that it makes it wrong either.

One of the basic precepts of Buddhism is NO SEXUAL MISCONDUCT, while technically speaking in Buddhism there is no marriage in the strictest sense of the word, having sexual relationship with a person you don’t love or out of lust or physical attraction or money counts for sexual misconduct. Furthermore, although there is no wedding or marriage in the strictest sense of the word, sexual relationships out of marriage or extra – marital affairs are considered sexual misconduct.

Does this mean that a mistress is bad? To answer that I would like to say that both in Taoism and Buddhism a person is not judged by its actual and final action but by its deepest and most sincere intentions. There is a big difference between being a mistress because you want a comfortable life and love a married man, as being a mistress because you truly are in – love and truly believes that what is happening won’t hurt anyone. In Taoism and Buddhism, no one can judge but fate and we are all judged by our deepest intentions.

However, I would like to post some Etiquette for Mistresses in asking for help thru Feng Shui or amulets to better your situations:

  1. Admit that you are a mistress and trust that if you are talking to the right person you shall not be judge.
  2. Do not white wash the situation. Just state the situation, as it is base on your side.
  3. Do not speak for the guy. Do not say that he had you because the wife is evil, which leads to the next etiquette.
  4. Do not speak ill about the wife to help better your position because the bazi or the chart will show the truth anyway.
  5. Acknowledge your situation and accept it.
  6. Realize that sometimes it is really not your fault. That what you have may be really true.
  7. Most important of all, while you may ask for an amulet to better your situation, do not ask for the world’s most powerful amulet like the Vajrapani Ruel because you want your partner to leave his wife, or you want the wife dead.

Writing this because I have had so many encounters with mistresses who ask for amulets and wishes the wife of their partner ill. While it is not wrong to help better your situation be it due to the fact that your partner is really miserable with his wife and that it will help everybody if they simply separated, it is wrong to ask for an amulet simply because you want them to get separated so you can be the legitimate one.

Again, there is no judgment, I know that in some cases a mistress is really the one that is loved and deserves to be the number one. I have one or two readers who consulted me that in my honest opinion base on their charts they are really destined to be with their partners. But in the end, this should not be abuse, and that in the end no can judge and decide if this is the case except the people involve and fate.

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Empty Vases and Empty Jars Causes Misfortune and Hauntings!

Published October 14, 2015 by jptan2012

At the beginning of the year one of my cousins called me to ask for help, his brother – in – law, the elder brother of his wife, is having some tremendous financial problem and they believe that this is cause by the bad Feng Shui of his father – in – law’s burial site. He initially wanted to get several Vajrapani Ruels, believing that it is the only solution to their problem. But he also requested that I check on the burial site.

I was hesitant to take on the problem because Yin Feng Shui, which is the branch of Feng Shui that concerns burial sites or graveyards, is not my expertise. This is a very difficult branch of Feng Shui. However, my cousin insisted that I help; he said he is worried that he and his wife are also going to be affected soon. So I agreed, but when I ask where is the burial site they told me the name of the temple, and I found out that my cousin’s father – in – law was actually cremated and I knew right away that his ‘burial site’ is not the one that is causing the problem because if a person is cremated you actually kill all the chi and is the best way to ‘bury’ a person.

So what is causing the problem?

I decided to look at their chart, and it seems that everything is fine so I decided to do a Feng Shui audit.

They live near us, which is very good because I’m able to go to their place easily. When I entered their house, I notice that they have a lot of antique vases, which looks really looks beautiful and expensive. I commented on this and they said that they got it from their parent’s house (my cousin’s parents – in – law’s house) and when their father passed away and their mom moved in with them they got all the vases and big jars.vases

I decided to finish first the Feng Shui audit before I told them that I think that it is the vases and the jars that are causing their problems. I told them that vases and jars in Feng Shui symbolize good luck only if you fill them up with coins or faux gemstones or even faux gold. Without those things inside it, they may cause bad luck because it signifies emptiness. They questioned my finding because they said it has been with their family for quite some time and obviously their parents didn’t have any financial problems. This is when the matriarch of the family, my cousin’s mother – in – law clarified that back in their house they filled up those jars and vases with coins or crystals but she had her helper removed them when she moved in with his son and daughter – in – law. She didn’t realize that it would make a lot of difference.

I also added that sometimes empty jars will attract some spirits and make it their dwelling place, my cousin’s sister – in – law was surprised because she said her house help has been complaining about seeing a lady beside one of the jars! They thought that she was just either making up a story or that she might be imagining things because she can be quite superstitious.

My recommendation was for them to fill up with the jars and vases with coins or crystals or faux gold, and for the one where their helper saw the lady, they added a Vajrapani Ruel.

Sharing this now because they said they’re now back on their feet!

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Counting Money and Counting More Money: Simple and Short Vajrapani Ruel Stories About Readers Who Increased Their Wealth Luck!

Published October 13, 2015 by jptan2012

countingmoneyToday, I would like to share some simple and short Vajrapani Ruel miraculous stories shared with my by readers who have requested for the Vajrapani Ruel.

First is that of a senior citizen reader whose retail store is experiencing low sales income. ELH requested for the Vajrapani Ruel and a few weeks ago she sent a message saying that the Vajrapani Ruel seems to be working because she kept on counting money (implying that sales are good). Apparently her sales seem to have improved when she got the Vajrapani Ruel. And I’m not sure whether it has any effect or whether it has influenced her decision to get more 3 Vajrapani Ruels for her other family members.

The second story is that of EP. EP is a 53 – years – old store manager who aside from her salary gets a commission if her branch sales are high. However, the past 2 years, they only hit their monthly target once and that was December of 2014. Her employer has already called her attention for the poor performance of her branch several times and she is afraid that she might lose her job. So she got the Vajrapani Ruel. She said that the sales on her branch have significantly increased, and she also quipped that she even has to help accept and count money! Although they still didn’t hit their target on the first month that she had the Vajrapani Ruel, the second month they surpassed the target and they continue to do so since then. In fact, they have constantly surpassed it that much to her chagrin, their employer is now contemplating increasing their target. Well, she is now hoping not for higher sales but only that her employer will not increase their target so that her commission continues to be high.

The third story is that of PL. PL is another reader who said he needs the help the Vajrapani Ruel to help him increase his financial luck or wealth luck. PL is an insurance agent, and he said that it has become increasingly difficult to get a lead and at the same time to close potential deals. But when he read about the post entitled – Vajrapani Ruel Stories (15): 90 Million Pesos Mutual Fund Deal Closed Without A Sweat! – He decided to risk it and avail of the Vajrapani Ruel. Now PL says that the Vajrapani Ruel seems to have worked and is working for him. He now gets leads and is able to close more deals than his usual.

These are just three of the several Vajrapani Ruel Stories or personal testimonies that I get. I hope to be able to write more of these stories in the next few posts. But what I would like to stress here is that although the wonderful, astounding stories are stickier in term of people remembering them, they are more simple Vajrapani Ruel stories that are simple and yet no one can deny that they are still miraculous.

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The Amulet From Within: A Story About How The Vajrapani Ruel Failed to Work and How Forgiveness Did!

Published October 12, 2015 by jptan2012

Given that there are a lot of testimonials about the Vajrapani Ruel, it is certainly living up to its reputation as the world’s most powerful amulet in the Buddhist pantheon.

However, today I would like to share with you a simple story wherein the Vajrapani Ruel didn’t worked and was over powered by something else.

KA is young man in his 20s, his father was a famous actor before, while his mom used to a model. His mother and father never got married and he has other siblings from both his mother and father.

KA grew up with his grandmother and with his aunt, his mother’s elder sister who never married, who treated him like her own son. KA admits that although they all tried, he simply can’t get along with his mother and his father. He said that both are bad parents who are not capable of rearing their own child.

KA got to know about my blog through his aunt who happens to be the reader of my blog. She convinced KA to try the Vajrapani Ruel because he has been ill and doctors seem unable to find the real problem. While spending so much money for different diagnosis, he also gets weaker and weaker and thinner and thinner. According to KA the Vajrapani Ruel helped a little, but for months he continues to be ill. His parents were concerned and wanted to see him but KA denied them that right because he said whenever they’re in the same room they always end up fighting.

When the Vajrapani Ruel didn’t really work for KA, his aunt and grandmother became desperate and went to consult fortune teller and “albularyos” (Filipino shamans) and they told him that there is an evil spirit out to get KA and that this evil spirit is so strong that they might not be able to stop it.

Despite the absence of a conclusive diagnosis and the absence of the confirmation of the doctors that KA is going to die, his aunt and grandmother decided that KA’s father and mother should talk to him even if KA doesn’t want to see them. And it was the catalyst that will make KA better.

His parents thinking that KA might soon die, not only because of what his aunt and grandmother told them, but also because of how he looks, decided to pour their hearts out to him. They decided to say everything that needed to be said and KA said what he always wanted to say, their were blaming but it all end up in forgiveness, and just like that KA started to get better in the next few days. Soon he was back to his old self.Forgive

All that he needs is learn to forgive. KA said that his relationship is still a work in progress in the sense he is trying to get to know his parents and his siblings from both parents but it is a new chapter. He is now enjoying his “big” family!

KA’s aunts believes that it is really the Vajrapani Ruel working its magic because the miracle for her is that both KA’s mother and father wanted to see him at the same time as soon as KA got the Vajrapani Ruel, and this is a miracle because they’ve always avoided being together, but KA didn’t see that, instead he was only seeing the miracle of being cured of his physical illness not realizing the illness is not physical at all.

What KA’s aunt says may be true, but for me, it only shows that sometimes the most powerful amulets are from within us!

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