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Robin Sharma’s ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ Is Almost A Book About Zen Buddhism!

Published Abril 25, 2015 by jptan2012

One of the very first objective of this blog before it had a life of its own was for me to write reviews about books that I’ve read. However, as you all know, the blog became a blog about Feng Shui, Taoism, and Buddhism.

However, today I would like to write a very short review thus going back to the basic origin of this blog but at the same time staying true to this blog’s ‘life’.

Robin Sharma’s book “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” was first published 15 years ago, but I really haven’t read it until recently. Sharma’s approach is really to write it as a novel, but one may call it a self – help book, only it is not the no – nonsense, impossible to follow, and incredible kind of self – help book. It is a self – help book that is very practical and Zen. In fact, a lot of the things that it stated in the book are basic Zen meditation techniques.

What is even more interesting, Sharma has addressed all the possible questions and excuses people make, and yet the book remains to be a light read. It is one of the best books I’ve ever read for a long time.

Drinking the Healing Power of Medicine Buddha, Avalokitesvara, and other Mantras: A Desperate Recommendation for a Desperate Reader

Published Setyembre 6, 2013 by jptan2012

All the wonderful testimonials of my readers who has requested and received and experienced a blessing associated with WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT(1), has inspired me to write again.

Today, allow me to share another personal testimony of a reader who has requested for some assistance in healing a sibling suffering from depression and diabetes.

MC was one of the lucky readers whose email I was able to read right away. She emailed me because she wants to have the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT(2).  However, as I always say, my greatest frustration with the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT(3) is that it is quite pricey and not all people can afford it. This is the case of MC. She can’t afford the pendant.WISHFULFILLING AND BUDDHA BLESSING FRONT1

MCs problem is her sister who lives with her. She is somebody that we can call an old maid, and according to MC her sister is really one of the nicest person in the world that is why it pains her to see her sister suffering.

MP, MC’s sister, both of their names starts with M, was diagnosed to be clinically depressed. Add to this problem is the fact that her depression is making her diabetes really bad. Her psychiatrist has prescribed some medicine but according to MC, MP seems to be in denial and refuses to take the medicines. Worst, is that she has stopped taking her diabetic medicine which cause MP to go hypoglycemic. She almost died because of it. MC feels that it’s MPs way of committing suicide.

Because MC is unable to afford the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT(4), I told her to chant the MEDICINE BUDDHA MANTRA, the MANTRA OF THE GODDESS OF MERCY, the WISH FULFILLING MANTRA, and the NEGATIVE KARMA CLEANSING MANTRA with her sister. Unfortunately, MP was not cooperative and refuses to recite the mantras. I then advised MC to print out the mantras and stick them in MPs room, so she’ll see them and benefit from it. As I stated in my post about MANTRAS one need not understand them to benefit from them.

However, that particular recommendation didn’t work as well because she would MP would take out the printed copies of the mantras and throw them away. I then told MC to simply chant the mantra beside her sister, if possible, let the sister hear her. But then again, MP would physically dragged MC out of her room if she chants the mantra.

At this point, I thought I could no longer do anything for MC and MP. However, MC was desperate and wants to make her sister well. She bugged me to help them. This is when I remembered the ‘energized’ water principle, which I call Temple Water that we used to drink. This was the subject of my last post called – CAN WATER INFUSED WITH OUR THOUGHTS AND WORDS AFFECT US?

I then told MC that there is something that we might be able to do for MP but I’m not sure whether it’ll work. But MC was really desperate and was willing to try anything just to make MP better.

Image of Medicine Buddha with Mantra. Seeing the image and symbolic script of the Medicine Buddha has the power to bestow upon us blessings from the Buddha of Medicine.

Image of Medicine Buddha with Mantra. Seeing the image and symbolic script of the Medicine Buddha has the power to bestow upon us blessings from the Buddha of Medicine. This is the image that I printed and used for MPs ‘Temple Water’.

I decided to prepare the ‘TEMPLE WATER’ myself. Remember, I just call it ‘Temple Water’ because we used to drink that kind of water from the temple. I bought five bottles of 1 liter of bottled water. I then took out the label, replaced it with a print out of the mantras that I thought will be useful for MP, the ones that I recommended MC to recite with MP. Then I decided to chant those 3 full malas each of those mantras everyday for 7 days. Whenever, I’m not around I will simply play my Medicine Buddha Mantra recording and the Mantra of the Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin, also known as Guan Yin or Avalokitesvara – OM MANI PADME HUM. I also did this for 7 days. Then I handed over the bottled waters to MC and instructed her on how to do it herself. The water was then served to MP without her knowing it. Little did MP know that she’s been drinking ‘Temple Water’ everyday.

Symbolic Script of the Mantra - OM MANI PADME HUM. This is considered as the 'national' mantra of Tibetans. All the Dalai Lamas has a special affinity with this mantra because they are believed to be the direct incarnation of the 'energy' of the Bodhisattva of Compasion Avalokitesvara or Kuan Yin.

Symbolic Script of the Mantra – OM MANI PADME HUM. This is considered as the ‘national’ mantra of Tibetans. All the Dalai Lamas has a special affinity with this mantra because they are believed to be the direct incarnation of the ‘energy’ of the Bodhisattva of Compasion Avalokitesvara or Kuan Yin. This is the image that I printed and used for MP’s ‘Temple Water’.

According to MC, a week after MP started drinking ‘Temple Water’ she started taking her medicines, gradually she became better and has started going back to work. Her diabetes is also better.

But more than that, their mother who suffered from a stroke is also so much better now. She has since then started walking. I was previously unaware of the condition of the mother, but MC has decided to give their mother the ‘Temple Water’ as well, and now three months after she has started to walks again.

As for me, I have decided to make ‘Temple Water’ for us here at home and we all started drinking ‘Temple Water’ again!

NOTE: I do not in anyway recommend that one replace medicine with the TEMPLE WATER. If you’ll remember MP still took her medicine. Also, depression is a serious problem. If you think you or somebody you know is suffering from depression, seek professional help ASAP.

‘Si Amapola sa 65 na Kabanata’ – A Book Review Daw Debut Post

Published Enero 2, 2012 by jptan2012

I will not attempt to do book reviews, because I know I can’t write well. Kahit pa madami akong gustong sabihin. Kaya naman this category is called ‘Book Review Daw?!’

Hindi talaga ito book reveiw kasi alam kong karamihan ng isusulat ko dito ay maikli lang at will not count for a real review.

I think it is only fitting that the first entry should be about Ricky Lee’s latest novel – SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA. Since its the book and the writer that inspired me to start my own blog – SANA AKO SI RICKY LEE!

Photo copied from Isra Mallari's blog - IT'S A NOOK IN A BOOK

Hindi ako masyado nakakapagbasa ng mga nobelang isinulat sa Filipino. Bilang na bilang mo pa lang ito – ALL LUALHATI BAUTISTA’S BOOKS (‘BATA, BATA…PAANO KA GINAWA?’, ‘DEKADA ’70’, ‘GAPO’); CUBAO na sinulat ni Tony Perez, at ‘PARA KAY B…’ na siyempre isinulat ng iniidolo kong si Ricky Lee. Dahil siguro sa bibihira akong magbasa ng Filipino novels, parang medyo hirap ako na basahin sa umpisa. parang hirap akong intindihin agad.

Pero iba ang ‘SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA’ dahil parang walang ‘transition’ na naganap. Bigla na akong hinila nito sa kuwento na pinangungunahan ni AMAPOLA isang Bading na Aswang na may multiple personality sa pagkatao ni Isaac (na brusko at sobrang macho – na imagine ko parang heartthrob) at si Zaldy (na closet queen na may pagka-nerd).

I think it will be unfair for me to summarize the story here, dahil hindi ko mabibigyan ito ng hustisya. But what’s so nice about Ricky Lee’s book ay hindi siya ordinaryong nobela, hindi siya basta kuwento, may malalim siyang sinasabi. Pero at the same time, hindi siya ‘literary snob’ na may mas malalim na kahulugan na sinasabi ang libro pero kailangan mo pa yatang maging philosopher o literature major para malaman ito. Sa librong ito matindi ang pinakitang ‘magic’ ni Ricky Lee dahil you’re entertained but at the same time kuha mo ang malalim nitong kahulugan.

Isa itong librong magpapatawa sayo ng husto pero at the same time magpapaisip. Baka yun iba diyan sumalamin pa sa buhay mo.

Dahil unang nakilala si Ricky Lee bilang isang script writer sa pelikula, hindi ko maiwasan isipin na sana maging pelikula ang – SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA. Ganun din ang naisip ko sa una niyang nobela na – PARA KAY B.

Actually, yun iba doon may artista na akong naisip.

Si NanayAngie si Cherry Pie Picache, si Homer si Jericho Rosales, si Lola Sepa lagi kong naiisip si Gina Pareno (pero teka bata pa si Lola Sepa kaya mali na si Gina Pareno ang gumanap dito) eh kung si Angel Aquino kaya(?), si Bev without an S nga eh naisip ko Marian Rivera (feeling ko baka hindi na kailangan umarte), pero hindi ko maisip kung sino gaganap na Amapola. Kawawa ang artistang gaganap na Amapola ang hirap nun noh. Mahihirapan silang kumuha ng gaganap na Amapola siguradong mapipintasan lang ito.

Sabagay, naisip ko hindi dapat gawin pelikula ang – SI AMAPOLA SA 65 NA KABANATA – kasi sayang ang ganda ng istorya. Paano nila ilalagay lahat ng detalye, lahat ng kulay, lahat ng emosyon sa pelikula?

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