Fruition of Forecasts, Protection from Financial Crisis, Copycat Charms and Other Matters!

Published Setyembre 12, 2018 by jptan2012

The last time I was able to write and posted something was a little more than a month ago just before the Hungry Ghost Month came in. Today, allow me to write several topics in tidbits format.

First, it is pretty obvious that my forecasts about what is happening in the country are coming to fruition. As early as last year, I already said that US dollar will reach Php 54.00 and it is slowly coming true. But more than that, there are things that I have written that seems to be coming true also. Foremost of this is about the financial crisis we are currently facing. And yes, even the food shortage is related to the financial crisis. So, it is really important that all of us should protect oneself from the negative effects of this crisis. And one has to do this while we can. One of the easiest way to protect oneself is to ensure that one has the powerful protection and financial amulet. For this I highly recommend that you use your VAJRAPANI RUEL, or get the VAISRAVANA – DZAMBHALA WEALTH AMULET, and Guru Lama is making the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO(1) available again to the Philippines, that and a few more SPECIAL HOLY JADES.


Speaking of the SPECIAL GOLD PIYAO(2), there is a rampant copying of the designs made by Guru Lama. In fact, you go to Chinatown here in the Philippines or even online you’ll see these copycats. They even made it into different sizes, and maybe they are even more exquisitely beautiful. Admittedly, it irritates me seeing these copycats, but Guru Lama said that it’s ok for people to have copied it. So, will these works? Maybe, to the extent of the design, but remember that Guru Lama is using special empowered golds and it carries a lot of special energies from the pujas, mantras, and sutras performed by Bhiksus, Bhiksunis, and high lamas like Guru Lama.

Admittedly, real powerful amulets can get relatively pricey, and so please believe that mantras and sutras also work. For financial security chant the mantras of King Vaisravana and the 5 Dzambhalas 108 times a day.

Lastly, I just want to share a short story. I have a reader Shay Binluan, she has allowed me to share her name here. She recently has been calling up a good friend who has not been answering her phone calls and messages. She has started to worry, little did she know that her friend has been accused by their local government of sabotaging the peace and economy of their place by writing about the truth. Somebody warned her friend that he is being monitored, and so to avoid putting his friends in danger, he avoided responding to Shay Binluan because he doesn’t want her to get in trouble. Even Shay without knowing the real situation at that time, she began to worry why her friend has not been answering her calls and her text messages. She began to pray really hard for her friend. Gradually things got better.

I’m sharing this last story to let people know that sometimes prayer is enough. Prayer can change things, it can make things better. Shay doesn’t know what she was really praying for, but she is sending good energies and things started getting better for the friend.

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