Chant – A – Mantra (12) : When You Find Yourself Getting Angry and Want Peace and Harmony to Prevail Chant the Prajna Paramita Mantra!

Published Marso 2, 2017 by jptan2012

Recently, a client got into a big fight with his brother, according to her it was fight that was brewing for long time and until she was unable to contain it any longer she burst out having one of the worst arguments and fight they ever had in their life, and things were said that she later on regretted. She said she is sure that his brother also regretted also some of the things that he said to her.

Her question is whether there is a mantra that she can chant to quell her anger or dissipate the energy that is brewing a fight.

As a matter of fact there is and this is something that I use also. You see it is an effort for me to be nice, because I have a temper. I cannot really say that I’m always nice, a lot of times I have to consciously restrain myself from fighting back and get angry.

So whenever I find myself getting angry, or if I notice that there is a bad chi that might lead to a quarrel or a fight, I always chant the Prajna Paramita Mantra. Obviously, you should chant this if you feel that there is a bad chi of fighting that is brewing up, and most especially if you find yourself slowly losing your temper. Not only it will act as a self – restraint mental mechanism much like counting 1 to 10, but it will also infuse the environment with energy of peace and harmony.

I actually have written about this mantra before and some of you might be familiar with it.

The Prajna Paramita Mantra is:


So you might be asking why I decided to write two Chant – A – Mantra articles in a row, something that I rarely do. This is because I was extremely inspired by the story of Evelyn, who only through the power of mantras was able to attract a miracle. When I talked to her husband, he said he really doesn’t believe in Feng Shui, or with the mantras of Buddhism. However, when their son had that issue with the bank in Australia, they know that it was a hopeless case, but because Evelyn did all the chanting of those mantras, the problem was solved. You can actually read about the story of Evelyn by reading the second part of the post called  – MARITAL PROBLEM FIXED, FINANCIAL PROBLEM SOLVED WITH THE UNEXPECTED COMING IN OF A HUGE AMOUNT OF MONEY / PROBLEM WITH BAND LOAN REVERSED: TWO PERSONAL TESTIMONIES OF TWO READERS WITH TWO DIFFERENT SOURCES OF MIRACLES! AND WHY DO I WRITE ABOUT MIRACULOUS PERSONAL TESTIMONIES?

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