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The Murky Reality of A Vivid Dream!

Published Pebrero 22, 2017 by jptan2012

The past few days two of my readers contacted me about their vivid dreams of making money. The business or work are basically different, but essentially the components of the dreams are the same.

They both saw themselves very realistically in their dreams that they’re making a lot of money through their business or work. They both saw themselves in their office or work area and doing what they always do but that money is coming in through higher sales or through the surging of stocks!

How do we determine whether this dream is prophetic or not? How do we dream interpret this? There is one single very important component that should be in the dream. I have decided not to write down this component so that you, my readers, won’t be influenced by this. In both dreams that component is absent so it means that the dreams is not prophetic but rather a ‘would have been’.

When we dream a very vivid dream that it is almost a reality, that can only be two things, it is either prophetic or a ‘would have been’. Usually when it is a ‘would have been’ type of dream it usually means that you were suppose to get that dream when you have push through with your promise or commitment or vow to a Buddha or Bodhisattva or Deity or Taoist Gods, but because you wavered, you didn’t get it.


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