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Act Now!

Published Nobyembre 10, 2016 by jptan2012

In the past few posts, I have written about how the ruling #2 Flying Star (Illness Star) is doubled this month, and more importantly how the dreadful #5 Flying Star (Wu Wang, Five Yellow Star, 5 – Yellow Star) is also doubled this month in the Northeast.

While I cannot go into details, as early as November 9, 2016 I have already received to calls from readers who were severely affected who thought that they wouldn’t be affected by this negative occurrence.

Yearly, I noticed that people only start to heed the advice they read on this blog or other Feng Shui sites only once they get affected. Remember, once you are severely affected there is no guarantee that the cure will work as fast as one wants it to be. Better to be aggressive in protecting oneself that hope nothing happens and seek help once something happens already.

It doesn’t work that way. ACT NOW!

Please read the following posts to understand this phenomenon better and to know what you can do.

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