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A Simple “Illness Suppression Amulet” Miracle and Other Stories: A Reader’s Personal Testimony!

Published Setyembre 13, 2016 by jptan2012

Today, allow me to share with you another email from Angie.

Angie, as some of you may already read about before and must know already is a reader who has requested for the Vajrapani Ruel and the Illness Suppression Amulet. Her stories has been shared on this blog several times, you may want to read it about by clicking on the following posts:

As you can see she has shared several stories already and there today (the email was sent to me about a month ago), you will get to read about another of her miraculous story. This time she talks about the Illness Suppression Amulet again and she gives us a bonus by sharing her other stories from base on her experiences.

I have copy pasted her email for an easier read, but as usual I include screen photo of her email.

Hi JP,
Thank you for your post on the Ullambana Ritual and Sutra yesterday. However, I can’t find the link for the Ullambana Sutra in the email. Kindly post it again so I can print the sutra.
My son and his wife drove to La Union to surf last Friday afternoon, Aug. 5. That was also the day I gave him my Illness & Accident Suppression Amulet. Although it was already stormy that day, he said that their trip went very smoothly with very little traffic and they had a great time in La Union. At their hotel, they were upgraded to a De Luxe room for the price of P4,000. per night when the actually rate of the De Luxe room is P7,700. They did not ask for the upgrade and they were pleasantly surprised when it was given to them. They also attended the worship service that Sunday of Christ Commission Fellowship in La Union of which the Head Pastor was the one who officiated at their wedding in Manila 2 years ago. All in all, the pleasant and happy events during their brief vacation were very synchronous. I would like to attribute this to the Illness & Accident Suppression Amulet that my son got from me.
Thank you also for your post about BM and me. I am very much flattered to be mentioned in your post. And I would like you to know that I am learning a lot from your blog. As regards being positive and shifting to a positive space from negative space, here is a technique I learned from my other teachers:
I send white light and bless the person who is negative, who says negative things to me or does negative actions to me or other people. I know that this is easier said than done because the natural reaction is to avenge by wishing negative things to happen to the offensive person. It is difficult to do, but I bless and send white light thinking that God is in that person. My affirmation is: “(name of person), I bless you and bless you and the good that is working in you.” I’m told that this enables the good in that person to expand. Whereas, if I curse or wish negative things to happen to that person, his negativity will be energized and expand some more aggravating that situation. It also helps to shift to the positive by thinking of things that I love, happy events, looking at photos of cats or things that make me laugh (in my case, I love cats) recalling funny jokes (I write them down so I can refer to them when I need them.) and not dwelling on the negative thing that was said to me or done to me. In my experience, this always works and I have seen negative people turn around 360 degrees and become positive; they apologize to me for what they did, make amends, etc. I was also advised to say this affirmation whenever we encounter negative experiences: “Thank you God for this and a million dollars!” instead of cursing or complaining. After I affirm this, I usually receive money or gifts from unexpected sources. They may not be a million dollars, but surprise money or gifts. Who wouldn’t want that in place of more negative experiences?
It is said that we have to always stay in a positive manner of thinking because our thoughts, positive or negative, attract similar thoughts, events, circumstances or people. So, if no matter what happens, we are always positive, we only attract more positive thoughts, events, circumstances or people. As Charlie Barretto used to say: “Wala sa octave, (Not in the frequency or octave)” when asked why some people don’t get to talk to her even if they have made appointments with her or why some people who were supposed to attend a big prosperous event didn’t make it to the event. Since everything is vibration, we match thoughts, events, circumstances or people, according to the level of our consciousness or to the level by which we vibrate.
Many years ago, an American friend who owned a vegetarian restaurant in Baguio told me that he was going to accompany a visiting Tibetan monk to Iligan City that weekend. At that time, Iligan City was a dangerous place; the Abu Sayyaf were abducting foreigners there. He asked me if he should discourage his monk friend from going there. I told him that either they will not be able to go at all for one reason or another or that even if they went, they would be completely safe and secure from negative experiences. When I said this, I was assuming that the monk would be the holy, positive person that he should be; who would be shielded from any negative experiences because nothing in his consciousness would match any negative thing or experience. Their trip didn’t push through.
Wishing you success in all that you do and thank you again for your wonderful, informative posts. May you be blessed with all things good. You can post this email if you wish.
In love and light,

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