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OM AH HUM (2): Constantly Tapping Into the Power of this Mantra Without Chanting It!

Published Abril 15, 2016 by jptan2012

In my preceding post I talked about this short but very useful and powerful mantra ‘OM AH HUM’. I suggest you read the post to completely understand this post. You can click here.

As mentioned, OM AH HUM is a very short mantra but quite useful and powerful. It is a mantra that helps cleanse one from an immediate negative karma. At the same time it helps cleanse an environment or a room of negative energies.

Om Ah HUmlarge_1410_014016400122

This particular OM AH HUM pendant was designed by Lillian Too and is sold on her Feng Shui Mall site.

However, the truth is not everybody can always chant the mantra, although this is the most preferred way of tapping into the energy of the mantra. And so if you need to tap into the power of this mantra, but unable to chant it continuously, one other very effective way is to wear the symbolic script of the said mantra OM AH HUM.

Simply wearing the symbolic script of the mantra OM AH HUM, one can constantly tap into it’s power. The best way of wearing this mantra is by fashioning it into a pendant made of gold or silver.OM AH HUM pendant 2.jpg

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