Chanting the Mantra of Bodhisattva Vajrapani Creates A Powerful Energy Akin to the Wish Fulfilling Mantra & the Negative Karma Cleansing Mantra!

Published Abril 6, 2016 by jptan2012

Namo Vajrapani Bodhisattva

The title says it all but I still want to write this short post because it seems like it’s the one that is top most in the minds of my readers, especially after I wrote the preceding article yesterday called VAJRAPANU RUEL STORIES 28, that talks about Sarah one of my readers who happens to be an Overseas Filipino Worker.

The post seems have prompted whether the Vajrapani Ruel is like the Wish Fulfilling Mantra. But it also created a lot of people wanting it. But the truth is the Vajrapani Ruel because of the process of bring it here can be quite pricey, and therefore not everyone can afford it.

Vajrapani Ruel

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It’s important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless. The Vajrapani Ruel itself is only about 1 to 2 inches and it varies from one ruel to another.

I remember that I have written an article before that share that chanting the mantra of Bodhisattva Vajrapani is almost as good as having the Vajrapani Ruel itself. This particular post today is just a reiteration and expounding of that article.

My reader Sarah got the Vajrapani Ruel and because of that her wishes came true, although she didn’t vocalize them to anybody. What’s even more important, I believe, while she has some wishes she never really dictated as to how it will happen. She just jumps into any opportunity that came across her way. I’m truly happy for her; especially she and I have been through a lot. She was also affected by the people who have been bashing me, and I’m not sure whether she even participated in the bashing or not, but all is well now because we got to meet each other and she experienced the miracle of a Vajrapani Ruel.

But as I mentioned, the Vajrapani Ruel can be quite pricey because of how it was brought out of Tibet and brought to us. But as I have said, one need not despair if one can’t afford to have the Vajrapani Ruel, because one can simply chant the mantra of Vajrapani Bodhisattva and it shall work wonders.

Of course, chanting the mantra with the Vajrapani Ruel is better, but if you don’t have the Vajrapani Ruel, simply chant the mantra of Bodhisattva Vajrapani – OM VAJRAPANI HUM – and it should work wonders for you.

The process in chanting it is to find a quiet place, and go into a deep meditation, and chant the mantra 108x. The deeper you get the better. My Guru Lama said, and also base on my experience, you should go to the level wherein you’re almost no longer aware of your surroundings. That is the level wherein the mantra is most effective. Having the Vajrapani Ruel is good only because you need not go very deep but the good thing here is as long as you have the heart to connect with Bodhisattva Vajrapani and tap into his power you can always properly chant his mantra.

What’s more?! As people who have the Vajrapani Ruel will testify (or at least most of them) chanting the mantra OM VAJRAPANI HUM creates an energy that is almost similar to chanting the WISH FULFILLING MANTRA and the NEGATIVE KARMA CLEANSING MANTRA. In fact, successively chanting the three mantras will make each mantra even more powerful.

So if you can’t have the Vajrapani Ruel, know that you can still tap into the power of Bodhisattva Vajrapani.

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