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A Good Person Becomes A Blessing To Others Whether They Try or Not

Published Marso 19, 2016 by jptan2012

In my preceding post I posed the question as to why bad things happen to good people, and how there are questions that are meant not to be answered and all we have to strive to look for is the lesson that we can learn from within. That particular post is unique in the sense that it is more of a discourse to myself because of the suffering I saw that happened to a good family.

After witnessing and partly experiencing that particular pain, I came back home feeling down,  I sort of develop a fever. I understand that it is mostly because I became the absorber of the negative feelings that happened in the hospital and in the wake. I locked myself inside my room to rest.

After three days of resting not much has change, I’m still feeling a little down. Then I got to talk with BM. Somehow along our conversation, I felt better and started eating again and even went out the following day. You see, what I experienced was BM’s positive aura. She’s in

  1. Another Lesson From My Reader BM.

Davao and I in Manila, but simply talking to her got me boost of her positive energy. How did this happen? Because she is a naturally good person from within. So whether she try or not, she will help the people around her. Being simply with her or in my case simply talking to her gave me the boost of positive energy that I so much needed!

Well, I hope I don’t get used to calling her every time I needed a boost of good chi!

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