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Vajrapani Ruel Stories (27) : An Actor Experienced A Downpour of Financial Blessings!

Published Enero 25, 2016 by jptan2012

The first time I introduced the Vajrapani Ruel to my readers last January of 2015, in a post called – WORLD’S MOST POWERFUL AMULET IN THE BUDDHIST PANTHEON CALLED VAJRAPANI RUEL, I have received so many wonderful and miraculous stories that I decided to write about in a series called Vajrapani Ruel Stories. The journey of the writing about the Vajrapani Ruel Stories has been mostly wonderful, but of course true to the fashion of a lot of human beings, they will throw criticisms on something that they don’t really understand and yet has become quite successful. A lot of these criticisms about the Vajrapani Ruel also stems out of its uniqueness and other issues that they associate with me. However, having said that I believe that true vindication comes from the continuous personal testimonies of a lot of readers who got the Vajrapani Ruel. Believe me when I say that there are a lot more that I haven’t written about here on this blog. To top it off, some of these people will be ‘appearing’ with there full names and pictures on my upcoming book. Furthermore, when I first wrote about the Vajrapani Ruel no Feng Shui writers or experts are talking about Bodhisattva Vajrapani, now I heard from other readers and friends that several Feng Shui experts have started to write about Bodhisattva Vajrapani and have recommended the chanting of the mantra of Bodhisattva Vajrapani – OM VAJRAPANI HUM. These I think are testaments to the great power of not just the Vajrapani Ruel but Bodhisattva Vajrapani himself.

Raining-moneyToday, allow me to share a short wonderful story of a reader who had a miracle that he calls ‘a downpour of financial blessings’ after he got the Vajrapani Ruel. The person who experienced this miracle is another Filipino actor and because of that let’s just gives him the initials FA.

FA is a young actor who temporarily left the industry because his career was not taking off. However, after a few months he decided that he wants to give the industry a second try because acting is what he really wants to do. His mom is averse to this decision because she wants him to have a more stable job. Nevertheless, FA is bent on going back to the entertainment industry and so his mother decided to simply contact me and get him a Vajrapani Ruel because while she doesn’t like the idea that his son is going to be the same industry, she felt compelled to do the only thing that she can and that is to support him and provide him with things that she believes can help him.

Vajrapani Ruel

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It’s important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless. The Vajrapani Ruel itself is only about 1 to 2 inches and it varies from one ruel to another.

After getting the Vajrapani Ruel where I got to meet FA and her mom, I didn’t hear from them again. I haven’t watched TV for almost 2 years now and while I would hear FA’s name from friend from time to time, I didn’t realize that his career has taken off. And just recently FA himself called me because some his friends from the entertainment industry wanted to get the Vajrapani Ruel, and it was during this conversation that FA shared with me that his career has been taken off and that there was a downpour of financial blessings for him!

No longer a struggling and starving artist, he totally credits the Vajrapani Ruel for his success!

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