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Do Not Worry Too Much…Be Positive…Be Good…

Published Enero 23, 2016 by jptan2012

One of my reader turned friend, who have been feature in this blog a number of times, BM, told me that sometimes it shows on my writing how concerned I am about a certain situation, especially when I wrote about my forecast and I talked about the Ox and Tiger sign and about the stronger #5 Flying Star (also known as Wu Wang or Five Yellow Star) in the Northeast.

If you’ve read the 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Feng Shui Forecast, you would know that the people born under the sign of the Tiger, especially the Ox, and the people born who stays in the Northeast sector of their house or office might be in for a challenging year because they are affected by the Wu Wang.

According to BM, my writing reflects that I was really worried. I think this got her really worried also. But true to her ‘BM’ fashion she said “We should not worry so much, we have to be positive, do good and have faith in God.”

Well, I’m Buddhist, so technically speaking we don’t have a God, but I think she hit it a very important point. We should keep ourselves protected, and then trust in a higher being!

But more than that, I firmly believe that in Feng Shui the first line of defense it to keep positive and naturally doing good, especially if one is sincere, will also earn a person lots of good merits that may serve as a protection.

I thank BM for reminding me this.


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