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People Born Under the Sign of the Ox and Tiger and People Who Stay in the Northeast Should Constantly Do These Things This 2016!

Published Enero 11, 2016 by jptan2012

If you’ve read my posts about 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey Feng Shui Forecast, you should know already that people born under the sign of the Ox and Tiger are severely afflicted by the dreadful #5 Flying Star (also known as the Five Yellow Star or Wu Wang).

As you may know already the Wu Wang is one of the most dreadful star in the Flying Stars Formula of Feng Shui, and being afflicted with this star means that one has to go the extra mile to be extra cautious and vigilant because this star brings different kind of misfortunes. It can make you ill, it can bring you tremendous loss of money, or even worst it can cause death. To make things worst, this star is much stronger this year because it lands on NorthEast sector, and the energies of the sector contributed to its strength. For this year, since the #2 Flying Star (also known as the Illness Star) a star that brings not only illness but accidents lands on the center of the Flying Star chart, and since people born under the sign of the Ox and Tiger are already afflicted by the Wu Wang, then their over-all chi becomes weaker also, thus making them more susceptible to the #2 Flying Star or Illness Star.

As early as now, I have had several Ox and Tiger friends and readers who have been complaining that they are experiencing some body ills. It ranges from simple headache, body ache, to a more serious freak accident where a small chandelier fell of the ceiling with no apparent reason and hit a person in the head. The only good news is that none of these were serious enough to land them in the hospital for more than 2 nights. But yes one was rushed to the hospital and has some stitches.

But it is not only the Oxes and Tigers that are affected, people who have the Kua Numbers 2, 6, 7, and 8 (please check online by typing Kua Calculator), and those who stay in the Northeast (bedroom/office) or whose house or apartment/condo door are facing the Northeast are also severely affected. So whip your compass out and check your directions.

Remember if you belong in any of the above, you should remember that you should do these the following:

  1. Put a 5 – Element Pagoda in the Northeast empowered by different powerful holy amulets like:
  2. Wear a gold Five Element Pagoda pendant and empower it with the same powerful holy amulets by carrying them with you.
  3. Be charitable. Be as sincere as possible.
  4. Be positive. Always look for the positive side and the best in any situation no matter how bad it is.
  5. Constantly chant some mantras. I suggest the following:
  6. Recite the following sutras everyday:
    1. Medicine Buddha Sutra
    2. Diamond Cutter Sutra
    3. The Universal Gateway of Bodhisattva Kuan Yin Sutra
  7. Go to a temple and light some incense or candle. Make offerings of fruit and flowers.


Note 1: Obviously, asking you to do everything everyday might be overwhelming for some people but I do suggest that do these things as often or as much as you can.

Note 2: The Five Element Pagoda remains to be the most effective and only cure for the #5 Yellow Star. All non – commercialized Feng Shui masters and Feng Shui experts agree that this remains to be the best and only effective cure. While looking for the Five Element Pagoda that one should put in the Northeast sector of the house or office, or entrance of the house, is quite easy to find, it is quite difficult to find the 5 – Element Pagoda gold pendant. The ones that I found online are from Lillian Too’s online store (click here to be directed to her store), and from another private seller. However the one from the private seller’s design is flawed. The second part of tier of the pagoda is extremely wrong. Luckily, another reader from the South volunteered to make one. Since the Ox need both the Kalachakra pendant the Five Element Pagoda, she was able to make one and she has nicely offered it for readers who might be interested. I have seen the prototypes and they are really nice. Will let you know more about this as soon as she has sent me the final products.

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