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Should We Put ‘Salt Water Cure’ in the Center of Our House This 2016?

Published Enero 6, 2016 by jptan2012

The past few days several of my readers mentioned to me about the need to put a Salt Water Cure at the center of the house. From what I deduced from some of my readers this was recommended primarily because the water element is lacking this 2016 Year of the Fire Monkey and the #2 Flying Star, which is the also known as the Illness Star is an Earth Element, and from what I gather one will need to put 6 faux antique Chinese coins, because metal suppresses the energy of the #2 Flying Star.

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Regular readers of my blog will know that I am a strong believer of the Salt Cure and/or Salt Water Cure. In fact, I have personally recommended using this particular cure several times for different reasons. But should we put a Salt Water Cure at the center of our house this year because of the missing water element of the year’s bazi / Paht Chee and should we put the antique coins in it?

To avoid creating my own bias, I made it a point not to ask who recommended this cure, but instead I have decided to write my comment because I think this is a wrong cure, at best this will have no effect thus creating a false complacent attitude that the problem has been dealt with and at worst this might create more harm.

The salt water cure is made by putting a certain amount of salt in bowl of water, there is no specific amount of salt and it ranges from 2 tablespoon to filling the bowl with salt. I personally think 2 tablespoons is enough, while some Feng Shui experts believes that the saltier it is the better. I think for this one the salt water cure should include six or eight pieces of Chinese antique coins, supposedly to suppress the earth element of #2 Flying Star by the metal element of the coins.

I think doing this cure might be wrong because as mentioned at best it is useless, but worst it can make things even more harmful. Why?

First, there are several things that we have to consider. While there are areas of the house that we can use the Salt Water Cure or even simple Water Cure, or doing this temporarily might even be helpful, making it a permanent cure for a year is totally different from a temporary cure. Our houses, buildings, has it’s own birthday, which is base on when the structure was built, or when was the first filling cement. With that birth date comes it’s own bazi. Strictly speaking these should be considered, and so if the Paht Chee chart of your house has high water element, and then putting more water in the center house, making it the ruling energy of the house might not be good, even if the year is sorely lacking of water element.

Second, our house has it’s own internal Flying Star, which is still base as to when it was made. So for example the center energy of the house is wood, then we exhaust the main of energy of the house with water.

Third, if the direction of the house is Northeast, then using the salt water cure will definitely create more harm because it will cause the family to fight with each other. It will cause disharmony.

Fourth, water is not a cure, even for salt water, is never a cure for a bad star that has an element of the earth. The #2 Flying Star or Illness Star is an earth element star.

Lastly, putting coins inside it to help suppress the earth element of the #2 Flying Star. This might work at the initial stage, but remember, you are putting a faux antique coin, and as far as I know only gold, platinum, and titanium will not tarnished or change color if expose to the saltiness of a salt. Needless to say, once the metal has changed color or has tarnished, it is considered as ‘broken’ metal, thus it starts to create bad chi. So using that thus will create more bad chi for you. It is like it signifies that as a cure it lost the fight and symbolically speaking this will make the negative energy of the #2 Flying Star stronger. We wouldn’t want that to happen!

So what can one put at the center of the house aside from the Illness Suppression Amulet? An image of the Medicine Buddha, Medicine Buddha Sutra enclosed in a metal container, or Wu Lou made of metal.


The Wu Lou or Holy Gourd is one of the best tool to fight the effects of the Illness Star. As much as possible try to get something that can be opened and hollow inside. You can then place the following items inside-3 tablespoon of Rock/Sea Salt, 1 tablespoon of incense ash from a Taoist or Buddhist temple, small unburned incense, Medicine Buddha mantra, and an paper amulet from a Sun Wukong or Kuan Yin or Kuan Kong temple. After putting everything inside seal it and tie a red ribbon around the Wulou. If this is not possible an ordinary Wu Lou works as well, the addtional ‘ingredients’ is just to make it more potent.


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