Four Years: A Reflection, An Apology, And A Heartwarming Gratitude!

Published Disyembre 19, 2015 by jptan2012

This month marks the 4th anniversary of this blog. I’m feeling a little sad because this blog as you know it will start to make some changes in the next few weeks. It will cease to exist as a blog that some of you and I definitely got accustomed with. The changes that are happening are because I want more transparency to happen on this blog. I have always been truthful about what I write, no matter what a few people might believe, but of course I had always maintain a certain level of anonymity and maintained the same with that of the people who have experienced some miracle in their life whether the miracle was through one of the items made available thru me or thru the recommendations I’ve made or more importantly thru their own experience not prompted by an item that they got thru me or thru what they’ve read here.

I still remember that I simply started this blog because I simply want to share stories. Stories that I heard or stories that read. I want to share my views regarding what’s happening. One thing was for sure. I simply wanted to write and not care whether people get to read what I write.

My biggest mistake, which prompted this blog to morph into something that I never intended it to be, is to write my first Feng Shui article, which is a forecast for 2012. Soon, people are emailing me asking me questions and then I started writing more Feng Shui articles and as most of my regular readers know this have become a Feng Shui blog.

I said biggest mistake because that single article that prompted me to take this path of being a somewhat reluctant Feng Shui consultant. I didn’t know how to handle the popularity of this blog and because I don’t care whether people read my blog or not, I somewhat don’t care also about my readers. Please don’t get me wrong, I do appreciate having readers and I try to accommodate as many questions and request as much as possible but I somehow didn’t institute a system only because I felt I don’t have a responsibility to my readers.

Furthermore, with the popularity of the WISH FULFILLING AND BUDDHA’S BLESSING MANTRA PENDANT, I further made some mistakes. There were so much requests that I accepted more than what me and my jeweler can handle. Add to that, my jeweler lost his ‘platero’ (the one who cast the jewelry). This causes some delays and failure to deliver some of the pendant and so some people got angry with me. Soon, some people started attacking me online also, some of them honestly has some ‘ax to grind’ against me but a lot of them are somewhat simply riding on the bandwagon.

This led me to take a back seat and reexamine myself and what I do. The very first questioned I asked myself as to why a person like me who writes about Taoism, Buddhism, and Feng Shui will experience these attacks. I do my best to practice what I preach. When I consulted my Guru Lama about this, he said, that while I take responsibility on the things that I write and while I do try my best to be responsible to my readers, I never took that responsibility into heart. Subconsciously I always have look at this blog as something that I simply want to do for myself. I still don’t care whether people read it or believe it or not. This, my Guru Lama said, is a wrong attitude. He further explained that some of the things that I was going through is because of karmic reasons, things that I did in one of my previous past lives is the root cause, and so I really have to go through it. On top of it, being online and read by numerous number of people there are things that simply can’t be controlled. He then told me to stop writing for a while and take a meditation retreat. I did follow all my Guru Lama’s advice.

I came back writing with a deeper fervor. I now believe I have responsibility to my readers and to myself. Trying to fix some of the problems, especially the ones I have unintentionally created. I’m also that a lot of those involved in the legitimate concerns on how I handled their request are now friends with me again. Some of them had even requested for the Vajrapani Ruel(1) and/or the Surangama Mantra Amulet(1). And speaking of the Vajrapani Ruel(2), my Guru Lama initially didn’t allow me to own one, but I’m really happy that he has since then given me the permission to have one. Of course, being the a small vehicle to be the source of the Vajrapani Ruel(3) and Surangama Mantra Amulet(2) is a blessing on its own.

Feng Shui expert or not, there are things that I still need to learn and I think I have learned some of them and hope to continue to learn more.

On the other hand, despite of some false accusations against me like that says I’m a self – proclaim master, which by the way is totally not true and I challenge anybody who thinks otherwise to read all my post here not one did I mentioned I’m a master of Feng Shui, and on the contrary you’ll read on several post that I clarified that I’m not a Feng Shui master and neither am I a professional Feng Shui consultant, there are still some people who believes in my sincerity. This has not been more apparent than the last few weeks.

I will not go into details because it might be sound self – serving, but I was really touched when several people who I thought has no knowledge about the bashing against me, admitted when I told them about it that they know of those things but they said for some reason they felt my sincerity. Some of these people I now consider as friends and a lot of them have worked with on some of their personal problems that have since been resolved.

I guess what I really want to share here is let all my readers realized the fact that while I studied Feng Shui since I was 19 years old, and while I may know more than most people, this is still a journey for me. Having an ‘expertise’ in Feng Shui, and I guess I speak for other Feng Shui experts especially those who are commercially available, doesn’t make us inhuman. We are in the end still humans. And like all humans we might create mistakes.

But if there were also one thing that I learned I think that would be accept that we are all humans and make mistakes. Our mistake doesn’t define us and that in the end people will see your sincerity and continue to believe in you.

Thank you for taking this journey with me. In the next few days a few more article will come out here on this blog as it is now, but soon some changes will happen and I hope this changes will be for the good. Please continue taking this journey with me.

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