Give More Than Just Money. Add Some Blessings From the Heart!

Published Disyembre 16, 2015 by jptan2012

more than just moneyRemember my post entitled – THE UNSEEN MIRACLE – where I talked about the couple JC and TC that involved one of their friend who wanted them to help them gave them the world’s most powerful amulet in the Buddhist pantheon, Vajrapani Ruel. Although this friend remained unnamed before, today I am writing this post because of questioned she asked me.

This friend’s initial is EM, and I find her to have such a giving, compassionate and generous heart.

She recently called me because she said she felt frustrated when she give alms to streets kids or buys Sampaguita flowers from street vendors because she felt that the money she gives is just fleeting and temporary.

If like EM you have the same concern, what you can do is add some mantra for them. Simply chant the mantra of the Bodhisattva of Compassion Kuan Yin and dedicate the merit to them. In that case, you did not only give money but gave them something, for me, is more long lasting, a blessing from the heart.

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