Perfumed Water and Citrine Crystals As An Offering to Dzambhala to Enhance Money Luck!

Published Nobyembre 30, 2015 by jptan2012

Regular readers of this blog knows that the Vajrapani Ruel, though strictly speaking is not a wealth amulet, do have very powerful wealth luck and financial luck enhancing capabilities. As a result, a lot of people wanted to get one for them. However, I will be the first one to state that the while it is an extremely powerful amulet (although technically it is not an amulet), when it comes to wealth or financial luck enhancement; there are a lot of other things one can use. In the past few weeks I have written about several of these cures or ‘rituals’.

Yellow Dzambhala2

Yellow Dzambhala

Today, I will share another one of these rituals and this time it involves an image of the Yellow Dzambhala (also spelled as Jambhala) or White Dzambhala.

Again, regular readers of this blog knows that to enhance wealth luck or financial luck to help generate more money coming in, it will be good to make ‘water bath’ offerings to either Yellow Dzambhala or White Dzambhala or even to the other Dzambhalas. I have written about this before, but today I would like to add that it would also be nice that you offer perfumed water.

What is perfumed water or scented water?perfumed scented water.jpg

Perfumed water is ordinary water slightly scented with natural fragrant ingredients. Note, do not use artificial perfume. You can do this by putting a small amount of the natural ingredient to a liter of water, boil it a little so that the water is infused with it’s scent. My personal favorites are the following: cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron, rosemary or some fruits. You can also use some flowers. With regards to the fruits no boiling is needed, just infused it overnight.scented water

Making an perfumed water offering will definitely put an extra good chi or yang energy to the ritual which will greatly enhanced the wealth luck or financial luck it will bring.

Another thing one can do is put some citrine crystals at the base or in front of the image of Yellow Dzambhala or White Dzambhala. As you most probably know by now, citrine is a wealth generating stone, and putting them together will definitely boost this wealth luck or financial luck enhancing ritual.

scented water2

Although I rarely do it, mixing of different scent is also a good way of doing it. Also please note that while slight discoloration is expected please make sure that the clearness of the water is retained.

So remember, there are other ways to enhance your wealth or financial luck, especially when you really need money. Although I firmly believe in the power of the Vajrapani Ruel, it is not always the solution. Try the rituals I mentioned here or have written before. I’m sure it will work wonders.


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