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Vajrapani Empowerment Ritual, Sutra & Mantra Retreat, and Feng Shui Book: An Update

Published Nobyembre 10, 2015 by jptan2012

It was pretty obvious that I made a mistake by scheduling to post two articles yesterday. Namely:

As you know I write my blog articles in advance and I just post them via an automatic scheduled posting everyday. So even if you receive emails or get to see that I have articles everyday, it doesn’t mean that I’m online everyday. However, yesterday two articles was a mistake in the sense that the second article should have been posted today. So instead I’m making a short update about some things today.

First, the Vajrapani Empowerment Ritual, people are asking as to why it can’t be opened for everybody, the first and primary reason is because a big portion of the ritual is also to reenergize the Vajrapani Ruels, and second we expect that family members of the people who has the Vajrapani Ruel will want to attend also and an empowerment ritual will need to have a manageable group because it involves several dharma exercises that has to be closely monitored thus the need to limit it to the people who has the Vajrapani Ruel and their families and friends.

Second, regarding the Sutra & Mantra Retreat, my Guru Lama has instructed me to accept as many as I can, since it is being offered for free. However, I have explained to him that I will need to put a cap on the pre-registration because I need to talk with the temple. So it is in this regard that I announce that pre – registration is only until Nov. 30, 2015, after that I will no longer accept participants. Please note when you pre – registered it doesn’t mean that you are obligated to attend.

Again, I would like to reiterate that these activities are absolutely free! The Sangha offering and the materials for the offering mentioned previously are absolutely voluntary.

Lastly, so far the Feng Shui book with the Vajrapani Ruel Stories is still on tract, soon we will have a photo shoot with some of the people who shared their testimonials. We also hope to have a book launch where you’ll get to me some of the people who have experienced Vajrapani Ruel miracles, at any rate if you don’t get to make it to the book launch, you’ll get to reread their stories in the book, but this time will be a putting a face and real name to some of them.

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