A Reader Experienced A Goddess Green Tara and Cundi Avalokitesvara Miracle!

Published Nobyembre 6, 2015 by jptan2012

Today, allow me to share with you a story shared with me by a reader, I’m posting it here verbatim.

I have experience Green Tara’s effect within me like keep me calm from my fears and protect me, but I never thought Green Tara will manifest.

This past July 2015, I worked at a local public school and my goal was to commit for 1 year. I ended up working 1 year and 8 months. I work with at-risk children and this means they live in a neighborhood with great financial help from tax-money related programs and housing assistants. These students I work with are grade 2-5 with family background that does not make a perfect family.

The summer 2014, I began to chant more frequently and create time to chant, due to a aggressive curse. I added more mantras as I learned from a contact through a website.

I found your blog in December 2014 and I saved it on my tab to visit twice a week and sometimes everyday. I learn to know when to chant for situations. One day in July, I felt something suspicious and did not want to deal with my supervisor’s way of using his authority power and sending negative energy to me.  I work with at-risk kids and they are very expressive, if they found out an adult doesn’t believe in God, then they will tell the adult “you’re going to hell.” The kids will create “problems” along with my supervisor and then I get written up for not able to control the students or mishandling the students.

So back to July, I chanted the 4 mantras the morning before I go to work (usually I chanted 5-8) Around lunch time (before lunch) my left leg felt different and I felt like chanting plus a little wind blew on my hair in a classroom with sealed windows, no way of opening. I felt something suspicious in the classroom that I was monitoring and few kids went outside the classroom to cause chaos. I chanted Green Tara & Cundi to make sure I feel safe because I overheard my supervisor did plan something on me if I were to give any answer and no answer at all.

He came in the classroom, asked me 2 questions and I answered appropriately. Then he took 2-3 few steps where the light hit his feet. I saw a shadowy figure of Zhunti/Cundi because of the arms and I saw Green Tara with the sword.  I don’t know if it was just Cundi because I saw a fainted gold color. I felt there was a wall of barrier preventing my supervisor to send dark energy to me, then about 20 seconds later he walked outside the classroom.

 When the shadowy figure came, the lights in the classroom got brighter. 

There was 2 students in the classroom that saw it and 1 student in the hallway that saw the figure. The student in the hallway say “wow a green face.” 

I believe all of us can experience some miracle as long as we open our hearts to it. And this is what exactly happened to AT.

Goddess Tara is also known as Green Tara because of her green color.

Goddess Tara is also known as Green Tara because of her green color.

Cundi Avalokitesvara is another manifestation of Avalokitesvara or Kuan Yin.

Cundi Avalokitesvara is another manifestation of Avalokitesvara or Kuan Yin.












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