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Published Nobyembre 2, 2015 by jptan2012

Because of my busy schedule there would be some delay, but I hope that the changes in this blog will be implemented by December or before the Western year ends. One of the change here is to help implement more transparency.

I’m happy to announce though that the book version of this blog, which will have a different title, but will contain primarily the collection of my blog posts plus a few more article is still on track. My Malaysian client, turned reader, who is publishing the said book wants to have a section on the Vajrapani Ruel Stories, the difference is that the articles will be written using the voice of the reader or person who experienced the miracle (at least that’s the plan) and several of them has agreed that they be identified on the book. Meaning it will have their full names and pictures. I’m so excited about this and really happy that some of them have agreed to be named a pictured for the book. As most of my readers know that I value my reader’s privacy, even if by putting their name and picture on the blog, will earn me more credibility and greater number of readers, however, I value more the privacy and friendship of my readers more than anything else, something that my detractors has used against me. However, with the coming book several of them has agreed to come out because they simply want to share the wonderful blessings that they got out of what they also firmly believe as one of the most powerful amulet in the Buddhist pantheon which is the Vajrapani Ruel. Target release date of the book is around Chinese New Year of 2016.

My Malaysian publisher is also suggesting that we come up with a book simply about the Myth Busters and different Buddhist Gods. I’m now working on the book about the different Buddhist Gods but for the Myth Busters, I would like to ask your help. Hope you can send some of your myths via email and I will try to answer them and hopefully I’ll have enough to come up with a small book.

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