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Perfumed Water and Citrine Crystals As An Offering to Dzambhala to Enhance Money Luck!

Published Nobyembre 30, 2015 by jptan2012

Regular readers of this blog knows that the Vajrapani Ruel, though strictly speaking is not a wealth amulet, do have very powerful wealth luck and financial luck enhancing capabilities. As a result, a lot of people wanted to get one for them. However, I will be the first one to state that the while it is an extremely powerful amulet (although technically it is not an amulet), when it comes to wealth or financial luck enhancement; there are a lot of other things one can use. In the past few weeks I have written about several of these cures or ‘rituals’.

Yellow Dzambhala2

Yellow Dzambhala

Today, I will share another one of these rituals and this time it involves an image of the Yellow Dzambhala (also spelled as Jambhala) or White Dzambhala.

Again, regular readers of this blog knows that to enhance wealth luck or financial luck to help generate more money coming in, it will be good to make ‘water bath’ offerings to either Yellow Dzambhala or White Dzambhala or even to the other Dzambhalas. I have written about this before, but today I would like to add that it would also be nice that you offer perfumed water.

What is perfumed water or scented water?perfumed scented water.jpg

Perfumed water is ordinary water slightly scented with natural fragrant ingredients. Note, do not use artificial perfume. You can do this by putting a small amount of the natural ingredient to a liter of water, boil it a little so that the water is infused with it’s scent. My personal favorites are the following: cinnamon, nutmeg, saffron, rosemary or some fruits. You can also use some flowers. With regards to the fruits no boiling is needed, just infused it overnight.scented water

Making an perfumed water offering will definitely put an extra good chi or yang energy to the ritual which will greatly enhanced the wealth luck or financial luck it will bring.

Another thing one can do is put some citrine crystals at the base or in front of the image of Yellow Dzambhala or White Dzambhala. As you most probably know by now, citrine is a wealth generating stone, and putting them together will definitely boost this wealth luck or financial luck enhancing ritual.

scented water2

Although I rarely do it, mixing of different scent is also a good way of doing it. Also please note that while slight discoloration is expected please make sure that the clearness of the water is retained.

So remember, there are other ways to enhance your wealth or financial luck, especially when you really need money. Although I firmly believe in the power of the Vajrapani Ruel, it is not always the solution. Try the rituals I mentioned here or have written before. I’m sure it will work wonders.


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Using Technology To Help You in Your Buddhist Dharma Practice

Published Nobyembre 28, 2015 by jptan2012

They say too much use of gadget or technology hinders our spiritual growth. This is true only because that’s how we use it, but technology or gadgets can also be use to help in our Buddhist Dharma practice.


For those who want to chant mantras but are unfamiliar with it, I suggest you download some Buddhist apps that you can use. You can put Buddhist sutra or Buddhist mantra and it can help you with your mantras.


You can use these also when you go to hotels and you want to make sure that playing these sutras protects you. They are written in Chinese but there is a smaller English translation.image3

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Colorful Fruits for Slow Sales Day!

Published Nobyembre 27, 2015 by jptan2012

fresh-fruitsIf you normally have good sales in your business but experience slow sales from time to time, I suggest that you do this simple natural temporary cure.

If you normally have good sales then all of a sudden experienced slow sales, I suggest you do the following ‘ritual’ before after noon, buy some fruits, the more colorful they are the better, so you can play with red, orange, yellow, green, etc. Put some variety to it. Just bring it in to your store and then call your employees during lunch and enjoy the fruit dessert. That’s it!

Please note though that this is a temporary cure and can only be use if you are experiencing a unusual slow day, however, if it’s a perennial case, this cure is not for you.


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Husband Who Left His Family For Another Woman Came Back to Ask for Second Chance: Another Personal Testimony of A Reader About the Surangama Mantra Amulet

Published Nobyembre 26, 2015 by jptan2012

I believe one of the greatest fear of every wife and mother is that their husband leaves her and her children for another woman, and this is the case of YD.
YD is the cousin of a friend. My friend called me up requesting to meet so that I can talk to her cousin. After several attempt we finally got to meet, and even before YD started telling me about her problem she began to cry.
According to YG, she and her husband met when they were still in college, they were both freshmen then. YD claims that her husband always professed that it was love at first sight for him, and a year after they graduated, when they were both has found their jobs, which is 5 years after they first met, they got married.
Their life has been good, it was not always easy since they got married young and has not really saved much for their life, but with some help from their parents they were able to survived their financial problems. Aside from the minor financial problems that they went through, life has been really good towards them, and they were happy. They have two children, both boys, and while they are not honor students, they study hard and they’re both training to be athletes in their school.
YD’s husband now has his own business, which he inherited from his father. His mother moved in with them, and she is just a perfect mother – in – law. She helps YD but makes sure that she doesn’t really step into her role as the mother and wife. YD claims she is really just the perfect mother – in – law. She spoils the children but always know when to step back. But more than that she has become YD’s friend also. For a while, life seems perfect.husband leaving
Until late last year, YD’s husband seems to have grown cold towards her, and one day to everyone’s shock they found out that he is having an affair with one of his customer. He has another woman. YD’s mother – in – law was really angry with her son, their two sons was shock and really can’t comprehend how could it have happened, while YD was simply hurt. She said she felt really betrayed. It seems to her that her soulmate has just stabbed her repeatedly with a very sharp knife, and the saddest part is that she doesn’t die from the pain. They tried to work it out, but the pain was too much, that for awhile she was unable to look at her husband, and then maybe her husband got frustrated also that they seem to unable to work things out until January of this year, her husband left and stayed with the other woman.
When I first met YD, I already have the Surangama Mantra Amulet with me, although I really haven’t written about it. She wanted to get the Vajrapani Ruel, because like a lot of my readers they simply believe that this amulet, which is considered as the world’s most powerful amulet in the Buddhist pantheon, is the solution to their problem. However, instinct tells me that what she really needs is the Surangama Mantra Amulet.
I think reluctantly, she agreed to get the Surangama Mantra Amulet, and after 3 weeks my friend called me because she said after several months, YD and her husband has started to talk again. Although YD’s mother – in – law still refused to talk or even allow her son to see her. Whenever he goes to their house she locks herself in her room and refuses to go out. All throughout she is the one who kept on apologizing to YD for what her son did.

Surangama Mantra Amulet N

Pure Land Buddhists believes that when you wear a Surangama Mantra Amulet, heavenly beings that has an affinity with you will hover over you.

After that initial update I didn’t hear from them anymore, until recently, it was YD herself who called me up. She said her husband has left her mistress 3 months ago, and he has beg for her to accept her again. He even courted YD again, and just recently YD felt that he is able to forgive her husband already and has agreed to let him back into her life. Her mother – in – law although still a little angry for what her son did has also started to talk to him again.
YD believes that all these were fixed because of the Surangama Mantra Amulet!

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Vajrapani Ruel Stories (26): Raising Enough Money to Finish One’s House And An Unexpected Additional Business!

Published Nobyembre 25, 2015 by jptan2012

house-with-moneyI’m a little hesitant to write this story because it might appear that it criticizes a certain image of a major religious sector. However, I have since written about it and the response was generally positive with several affirmations from readers that they did experience some bad Feng Shui because of that particular image. You’ll soon see what I am talking about but here’s the story of PL and SL.

PL and SL a married couple who both works as a Overseas Filipino Worker in the Middle East. Throughout their married life their biggest challenge is being separated from their 5 children because they both have to work abroad. However, this was somewhat tempered by SL’s mother presence and she was able to raise PL’s and SL’s kids properly.

According PL and SL their kids are great kids, and they would never ask for anything expensive. In fact, unlike the children of their Filipino colleagues abroad, their kids never asked for mobile phones or any other gadgets. Their school grades are average, and their middle child is even an honor student. To some extent their family although they are miles away from their children are almost perfect.

Their eldest and second child are now also working and without prompting they also contributed to the expenses at home, and because of this it was easier for them to built their own house. Since they are both working abroad it was their eldest, their second child and SL’s mom, the maternal grandmother of the children, who took care of the building of the house. And so little by little they built their home. It took them almost three years to finish their house not because it was big but because they really have to save up and build a portion, then save up and build another portion, until October last year they finished their small but loving home! The only thing left to do is decorating it and putting the section of the house where they’ll put up a small store and small computer shop and the dirty kitchen.

Their kids and SL’s mom decided to hold off finishing the decorating because they want PL and SL to finish the decoration of the house. But their eldest thought it would not to put a picture of their parents in the biggest wall of the house, which is in the dining room. They initially wanted to do it in the living room, but there is no place for it there. But as agreed they will wait for their parents to come and wait for their decision.

November came and PL and SL came back to see their new home, and also to finish the small store, small computer shop and the dirty kitchen. They were really happy to see their new home almost finished. The kids told them of the blank wall in the dining room and having the picture of their parents there. However, SL has always been fascinated with the image of The Last Supper and so they decided to place The Last Supper on that wall. In less than a week’s time they had it there.

PL and SL plans to go back abroad for their last term of contract before they settle here in the Philippines by late January, unfortunately, SL was informed just between Christmas and New Year that contrary to what they initially agreed on she won’t be renewed by her employer. This came as a shock, and she was told that because her employer is having some business problems and they are terminating the contract of several overseas contract staff and since SL is in the Philippines, she’s among the first few contract workers to be terminated. Although Pl and SL got really worried, they took it as a sign that she has to stay home and it will just be PL to leave and work abroad, they made some financial calculations it’s going to be a little risky but they should just make the small store and the computer shop work and they will survive it.

But after New Year, they got another shock! PL will also not be able to go back to his employer because his brother who works with him, embezzled some money before he came back to the Philippines, which was just 3 days before Christmas. And it was only discovered after New Year! Furthermore, he has some money that he remitted through his brother to avoid being questioned why s he remitting or bringing a big amount of money and this seems to have been stolen from him by his brother. His brother also didn’t went home for Christmas, instead he went directly to province of his wife where his wife and children lives. They initially didn’t get worried because they were able to talk to him during Christmas, but when the news about his embezzling the money of the company broke out, they were unable to get in touch with him, not even his wife or any of his wife’s family.

They’re at a lost as to how this can happen to them and it seems that they got their bad luck because they SL was betrayed by her employer that she has faithfully served for several years and PL was betrayed by his brother. He was unable to go back by virtue that the one who embezzled money is his brother. For the Arabs it doesn’t make any difference, for them they’re one and the same.

All of a sudden their dream house although built already won’t be finished because they have to save the money for what seems to be an uncertain future. But still they pursued and instead of being sad tried to look for here in the Philippines. But they find it hard to get a good job primarily because of their age.

Their eldest who happens to be my reader took pity on them and contacted me. She said although her parents are trying to be strong. At that time I really haven’t met PL and SL and I still don’t know about the image of THE LAST SUPPER that in Feng Shui may cause betrayal.

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It's important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless. The Vajrapani Ruel itself is only about 1 to 2 inches and it varies from one ruel to another.

The Vajrapani Ruel looks simple, maybe even rustic, but this simple amulet is packed with a special talisman paper inside, with various ingredients, which includes Namtso Salt, soil, various herbs and plants, crystal, and a relic from a high lama. It’s important to put the ruel inside a amulet holder or something sturdy as to not ruin it. If the cloth had tear which exposes or spill the ingredients inside, the ruel becomes useless. The Vajrapani Ruel itself is only about 1 to 2 inches and it varies from one ruel to another.

Anyway, their daughter decided to get the Vajrapani Ruel and I told her that since it’s her parents who are having the problems really it’s better if she will give it to one of her parents. And so she gave it to his father who is more open in trying out these kinds of things, her mom, SL, is very religious and a devout Catholic and might not be open to trying out Feng Shui, especially amulets of Buddhist origin.

Soon after carrying it PL experienced his first miracle, he got a job whose pay is even more than what he gets in the Middle East, then after that some money was ‘mysteriously’ deposited in his account, which correspond to the amount that he remitted through his brother. Because of these developments they’re able to finish their home!

PL and SL through their daughter contacted me because they want to get another Vajrapani Ruel, while we’re talking she inquired as to what can cause the betrayal, to which I replied all the possible reasons that I can think of. I haven’t written about the image of THE LAST SUPPER then and although I was hesitant to mention it to them, in my experience a lot of people experienced some form of betrayal and sadness when they have the image. If you want to know more about it you can read the following posts:


PL and SL decided to simply donate the image of THE LAST SUPPER to a church, and replace it with the image of the HOLY FAMILY.

Meanwhile, SL did get another Vajrapani Ruel and although she has decided to simply manage their small store and computer shop, an unexpected opportunity ‘landed on her lap’ when two different people contacted her to help sell their processed meat and cooked meal respectively. This also proves to be a very good additional business and now they have added some tables outside their small store to serve food!

Their daughter, PL and SL all believes that it is because of the Vajrapani Ruel that they all this good luck!

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Myth Buster 38: Three Persons On A Picture Will Lead to the Death of the Person in the Middle!

Published Nobyembre 25, 2015 by jptan2012

There is a very common belief amongst Filipino and Filipino – Chinese here in the Philippines that you should not have your picture taken in 3s because this will lead to the death of the person in the middle.

Is there truth to this? What started this belief?

For the first question, base on Buddhism, Taoism and Feng Shui beliefs there is absolutely no truth to this. Simply put this belief has no basis whatsoever.

So what started this belief? Well, I’m not sure but if I were to believe what my father’s Feng Shui consultant said when I was still a young boy, this belief started for mundane reasons.

According to him, this belief simply started out of jealousy. Normally the third person in the picture is the third wheel, somebody who doesn’t really belong with the couple and who wanted to be part of the picture. Since pictures are pretty expensive in those days, and some couples simply want their picture taken, to get rid of the third person they will say that one of the people in the picture will die. Then people started taking this as the truth and somehow it evolved to being the person in the middle.

Anyway, there is no truth to this belief.

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Enhancing Wealth Luck Through the Combined Image of the Happy Fat Buddha and A Citrine!

Published Nobyembre 23, 2015 by jptan2012

PR is a reader who is having some cash flow problems. She said that technically she is not poor because she has several properties under her name that was left to her when her husband died. However, she needs some cash so that she can expand her business and that is what she lacks. Lending money from the bank is not an option for her only because she hates paying the high interest and she knows that her options is selling one of her properties, especially the one that she believes that she doesn’t need and want. However, the problem is that she has been trying to sell it but is unable to find a buyer.

As a solution she insists that she needs and want the Vajrapani Ruel(1) because after reading the testimonies about people solving their money problem when they got the Vajrapani Ruel(2) encouraged her to get it. However, upon looking at her bazi/paht chee, I realized that she has very good wealth luck or financial luck and that money is not a problem, it is simply a question of enhancing it for her to benefit from it. I was about to agree for her to get the Vajrapani ruel(3) when she decided to email me pictures of some of the charms, amulets, or Buddhist images that she has accumulated throughout the years, and lo and behold I found the solution.

In one of her collections, I found an image of the Happy Fat Buddha or Maitreya Buddha carved from a Citrine that she can wear as a pendant. This is quite rare and so I made sure that the Citrine is real. She said she doesn’t wear it because it is quite expensive, and I believe her, because although Citrine is a pretty common stone, and the Happy Fat Buddha is common image, a Happy Fat Buddha Citrine is not that common!

What PR has is similar to this. Photo uploaded from Google Image.

What PR has is similar to this. Photo uploaded from Google Image.

I suggested that she hold off getting the Vajrapani Ruel(4) and just wear the Citrine Happy Fat Buddha, and she did. And she just contacted me again saying she has solved her cash flow problem without selling her property, it seems that collection became quite easier, which solved her cash flow problems, and this happened when she started wearing the Citrine Maitreya Buddha!

But she still insist on getting the Vajrapani Ruel(5) and since she doesn’t have a cash flow problem now she wants two each of the Vajrapani Ruel(6) and Surangama Mantra Amulet so that she and her daughter can have one each!


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