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Better Business With The Help of A Juice From A Calamansi!

Published Oktubre 19, 2015 by jptan2012

calamansi2A reader contacted me to ask for the Vajrapani Ruel so that it will help him with his business. However, after analyzing his situation I realized that he really doesn’t need the Vajrapani Ruel and that he can simply use some natural cures.

Told him that every morning to sprinkle a very small amount of pure Calamansi (also called Calamondi or Philippine Lime or Panama Orange) juice on his cashier area. That was two months ago and he said that his sales have significantly increased.

This is a simple natural cure that shows that one should not despair if one can’t avail of the Vajrapani Ruel. The only draw back of this cure is that your place might smell like Calamansi. So I suggest cleaning the area at the end of the day.

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