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The Reader Who Proved That Staying Positive Is Indeed The First Line of Defense!

Published Oktubre 8, 2015 by jptan2012

stay positiveI had a very interesting conversation earlier (please note the posting of this article is not the same day as it was written) with a reader who wanted to get the Vajrapani Ruel.

MA is a 41 – year – old wife and mother of two children. According to her, about a year ago, her family experienced a tremendous problem so big that it seems like there’s no way out of it. I don’t really remember it but according to her she emailed me to inquire about the Wish Fulfilling and Buddha’s Blessing Mantra Pendant but that she was deep in a middle of a financial crisis she was unable to afford it. Everything seems to be working against her and her family. In fact, when a friend found out about their problems, all this friend had to say was there is no solution to MA’s and her family’s problem!

But MA refuse to give up and instead did her best to stay positive. She admitted that there is times that it is easier to give up than stay positive but she said she fought really hard to be positive. She also would chant some mantras found on this blog in the morning and evening just before she sleeps. And it paid off. According to her they still have some problems and debts that they need to settle but somehow they’re over the worst. Furthermore, they’re in the process of building their house, albeit slowly, but still on they’re on their way of having their new house. And now to expedite the process recovery, she has decided to get a Vajrapani Ruel because she believes it will help makes things move faster. And she has the money for it now.  But before then all she has was her family and being positive!

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