“The Last Supper” in the Dining Room: Good or Bad Feng Shui? (Part 1)

Published Oktubre 2, 2015 by jptan2012

last supperI’m extremely hesitant to write this post because it might be misinterpreted but I thought I should do it because a lot of people have been asking about it.

The question is “Is THE LAST SUPPER a positive image to put in the dining room or anywhere in the house?”

To answer this question, allow me to share a short story that happened a long time ago. Back when I was young and still had time to do home Feng Shui audits, I came across a wife and mother whose problem is that her family seems to be breaking down. This lady, DS, is a friend of my aunt. She’s a devout Catholic and have been doing novenas and walking on her knee in Quiapo Church to petition that her family gets the peace that they used to have.

DS blames money as the cause of the family woes. Their business was doing better, they have moved to a new house but as her children grow older they have become more stubborn, they fight each other, they betray each other’s trust, and it has come to point that they fight a lot over money. Her children are all college graduates and still living with her and they all have joined the family business.

She was desperate to make sure that her family doesn’t become a broken family or a chaotic one. When she was crying her heart out to my aunt, my aunt suggested that she has her house Feng Shui-ed. Then my aunt volunteered my services saying that it’s free!

I agreed to check the Feng Shui her house and aside from minor blunders I didn’t see anything that will cause the problem, neither did I see anything in their birth charts or Bazi or Paht Chee!

We were discussing her family problems and my findings or the lack of it to explain her problems when something inside me stirred and thought that it may be the painting of THE LAST SUPPER in her dining room that is causing the problem. I was hesitant to mention this because (1) she is a devout Catholic; (2) and I was not sure. How can a religious painting cause problem. But I slowly broach the topic and I can see the disbelief in her eyes. But out of desperation to have peace in her family she agreed.

Two months after that she called and she said she thinks that my recommendation to take out the painting of THE LAST SUPPER seems to be working. Several years after, even until now, she still claims and tell her friends about it and while she remains to be devout Catholic, she would always tell people to take out a painting of THE LAST SUPPER whenever she sees one.

Is this an isolated incident? No. I have encountered this kind of concern several times and whenever I can’t find any obvious reason base on the Bazi or home Feng Shui, I would suggest that they take out the painting or image of THE LAST SUPPER and it seems to always solve the problem.

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