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The Power Position: A Natural Feng Shui Remedy For A Cheating Husband.

Published Setyembre 30, 2015 by jptan2012

cheating husbandA lot of women have been requesting for the Vajrapani Ruel to help cure their relationships with their cheating husband. Sometimes, I will accede to their request but not after first determining the problem.

Aside from the natural cures or remedies mentioned here on this blog, another way to stop your husband from cheating is to give him the “power position”. What is the power position? Power positions are the areas in significant rooms or sectors of your house and let him get the ‘first’ source of energy.

For example, in your bed, he should be lying on the side of the bed that is nearer the door. Of course, this depends on his Kua number also. In the dining table, he should be sitting across the door.

Recently, a reader wanted to get the Vajrapani Ruel and I suggested this cure instead and she just confirmed with me that it worked!

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