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Did The Vajrapani Ruel Stopped the Ghostly Hauntings?

Published Setyembre 28, 2015 by jptan2012

Today, I just would like to write a short post of a reader’s experience about the Vajrapani Ruel. GA is a young mother of 2. She contacted me because she is desperate to get a Chung Kwei for her house because according to her, she, her husband, her house help, and children have been seeing a ghostly figure and have been experiencing some paranormal experiences.

Like one time they all of a sudden heard a weird sound on their baby monitor and her baby started crying. The helper would place something on their kitchen and all of sudden they just can’t seem to find it. Doors banging even if there’s nobody around, they can hear footsteps even if they’re all downstairs. Maybe the weirdest is hearing a person cry and her 2-year-old son saying thinking that there’s another house help in the house who is quite mean! Well… they have only one house help.

It’s a problem for them because all their savings were spent in building that house and moving is simply financially out of the question.

Unfortunately, I myself, at that time don’t have a Chung Kwei. So I suggested that she try the Vajrapani Ruel. She just called and said that the ghostly hauntings are gone!

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