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How To Get Rid of A Very Jealous Boyfriend!

Published Setyembre 14, 2015 by jptan2012

jealous ex bfA reader wanted to know as to how she can get rid of an ex – boyfriend who happens to be working in the same company that she works for.

MR is a young beautiful bank employee. She dated this guy from his office and eventually became his girlfriend. They were together for a year. However, due to some differences in beliefs and priority they broke up with each other and after 4 months MR started dating again.

However, MR started noticing that whenever his new suitor and now boyfriend goes to pick him up in the office, her ex – boyfriend will make it a point to approach them and always talks about the time when MR and he are still together. As you can imagine this is quite awkward and very uncomfortable for MR and his new boyfriend. Eventually MR found out through a common friend that his ex – boyfriend has admitted that he still feels jealous whenever he sees MR with another man, but claims that he doesn’t love her anymore.

MR is afraid that this might further escalate and might lead to a bigger problem.

MR’s initial instinct is to get the Vajrapani Ruel but I told her that she doesn’t need the Vajrapani Ruel. She insisted on getting it because she wants this solved fast. Reiterated that I don’t think she needs the Vajrapani Ruel because there is a powerful cure against it.

Raw Black Tourmaline. For the purpose stated in this post a small one will do.

Raw Black Tourmaline. For the purpose stated in this post a small one will do.

I asked her for her ex – boyfriend’s birthdate and looked for his weakest section. Then I told her to print a picture of his ex – boyfriend and place the picture on his weakest section, then put a small black raw or rough tourmaline crystal on the solar plexus of his ex – boyfriend on the picture. Then take it off after 3 days.

According to MR, her ex – boyfriend has stopped bothering them!

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