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The Folly of Having A Slanted Ceiling!

Published Setyembre 13, 2015 by jptan2012

slanted ceilingToday, allow me to share with you another Feng Shui Blunder. We usually place a ceiling to cover the main roof to drive off the heat, but more than that for Feng Shui it is important that our ceiling is flat as to signify a balance of energy. A slanted ceiling is bad because it signifies a “falling” off of energy.

I remember when a former colleague said that when they moved into a new house, they just seem to slowly lose their luck. Those are her very exact words. Knowing that I do Feng Shui she invited me to their house.

As soon as I entered, I noticed that their ceiling is slanted, and this is what is slowly taking off their luck. They are unable to fix their ceiling at that time, so I instead suggested putting lights on the lowest part or hang some crystals to put in some energy. And it worked for them!

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