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Did Her Feng Shui Charm Caused Her Bad Luck?

Published Setyembre 6, 2015 by jptan2012

On a plane, for a recent trip, I was seated on the plane beside an old lady. I’ll put her age around 70 – years – old.

She saw me wearing my Buddhist beads and some charms, especially my Surangama Mantra Amulet. She then asked me what are they, like always, if asked about my amulets or charms, I don’t normally answer directly that it’s an amulet or charm, as simply as possible I would explain what they are and let them conclude themselves that those are amulets.

She then told me that wearing a Feng Shui charm caused her bad luck once.

Jade Wulou Pendant

Jade Wulou Pendant

According to her, her daughter gave her a Feng Shui charm. She was not sure what the charm is called but from her description, I think, she is talking about a Wu Lou or Holy Gourd in English. She said she doesn’t believe in Feng Shui but that she decided to wear it as a favor to her daughter, and that act of love cause her some bad luck. Well, that is according to her.

I got really curious and decided to ask her the whole story.

She said about a month after wearing the charm as a pendant, she had to visit a friend in the hospital. When she was about to leave the house, for some weird reason, the Feng Shui charm which was hanging in a long cord around her neck, got tangled in the door handle of their living room door. Because of this she hit her head and almost fell. Good thing is her ‘nanny’ / personal assistant was able to catch her before she hit the floor. The cord snapped and the pendant dropped and it broke to two pieces.

She had a little concussion, and as a safety precaution because of her age, her son – in – law insisted that she go and see his doctor. Well, aside from a little cold compress, the doctor said she was perfectly fine. But this old lady forever blamed the charm as the cause of her accident.

In times like this, I would just keep quiet and not say anything. It’s useless convincing a person who obviously has already made up his or her mind.

Because it was a long flight, we got to talk again, and this time she told me that the day it happened seems to be a bad day, because her friend who she was supposes to meet at a coffee shop so that she can ride with this friend also had an accident that sent her to the hospital. What happened was when this particular friend got to the hospital, while she was on the stairs the fire alarm suddenly went off! Because she was also quite old, she was not as agile as the younger ones who are also in a panic, some people accidentally hit her and she fell. Well..Aside from some concussion and a cut, she also broke a bone and was hospitalized for a long time.

You see, I think her minor accident prevented her from getting to the hospital and she was there the two of them could have met the same fate. I didn’t say anything then, but just before we get off the plane, I asked her, “Ma’am, if you didn’t had that accident at home, would you also be at the hospital when the alarm went off?” She replied, “Oh yes, I could have had a bad fall also.” I then said, “That’s what I thought also.” And then she had that look that made her realize that the charm might have saved her.

Well, I think it did!

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